Training Magic in Bounty Hunter

To use bind and Bounty to train your magic up!

As most of your opponents are fierce when using ranged attacks, it is not effective to train Magic in Bounty Hunter.

If you want to try this way, it is suggest you buy a runescape account to join a member of runescape. Or you can read Magic training in Runescape on Farmer100 blog for you to train Runescap.

You can go to a bank to sell the drops that from attack and strength training. Store all the items except for the amulet and withdraw your staff of air, chaos runes and mind runes to start training Magic in Bounty Hunter.


Runescape round-up

You can follow a bidoor’s Road to maxed zerker in order to have good time on Runescape Old School servers, which are working well due to the efforts that many rs players sell rs accounts or buy a runescape account voting for its coming back.

There will be a video on Youtuber for you to updated the works towards a zerker in the Old school runescape. May you good luck!

Follow RuneScape YouTuber’s Old School progress in this first of many video updates as he works towards a maxed ‘zerker’ in Old School RuneScape. Good luck, Bidoof!


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Runescape Queen Black Dragon

The Queen Black Dragon was once the most strongest and toughest monster in runescape before the Kalphite King quest released. Now the Queen Black Dragon is second to the Kalphite King which has combat level over 120. If you want to find how to buy a runescape account to complete the Kalphite King quest, you can find many articles in wikia or runescape community. If you have trained your runescape account with combat level higher than 120, you should be confident to kill it fast and get the rich rewards.
Queen Black Dragon

However, after the recent revolution of Combat, her combat level is the same as Nex’s, therefore the Queen Black Dragon is now the second toughest monster to tackle. Even though, perhaps, unlike killing Kalphite King, it is not so necessary to form a group to tackle her, it requires quick reflexes and fairly high combat level to defeat her. If you can train combat level high instantly and kill monster fast and more, you can sell rs accounts to earn a decent amount of rs gold or money. In the quest, the most difficulty challenge is to slay her.

When you succeed defeating the Queen Black Dragon, you can get rich rewards in return without questions. The rewards contain exp, rs gold, weapons so that you can kill almost every monster in Runescape.

If you are searching for players to kill the Kalphite King, you can be a leader of a team so you can train combat level fast in short time. If not, you are more likely to be chosen as one of the member to form a group to kill the toughest monster! But I have to remind that both of these strong and tough monsters are available for paid Runescape account.


Runescape events

As Jagex said they would made great efforts to keep runescape hot, there were many activities held for every member that buy a runescape account to join it. If you don’t want to miss any event happens about runescape, you can know how to buy a runescape account to participate these activities.

In February 2013, there are some changes against a handful Jmod in Clan Wars! This week, Jagex want to take on those players that are brave enough to face in a free battle in the safe Clan Wars portal. If you want to find more information, you can access Farmer100 runescape news for more runescape update and activities. Sell rs accounts to Farmer100 to level fast!

Old School Server Q&A is now hot in runescape community. If you have any question about runescape Old School Servers, you can feel free to ask them in that thread or you can leave messages on Twitter or Facebook. A handful of popular questions will be solved on this live Q&A answering your questions tonight, live on the RuneScape forums.. If you have several accounts, you can sell rs accounts to others, which can help them vote for the 2007 servers and determine the membership fee. The Old School Server Poll quickly gained 50,000 votes, which is an assurance for the servers' release.


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Free Bank Booster for Runescape Members

Jagex promised that the Bank Boosters would be available in the Loyalty Shop, but this didn’t happen. Now the Bank Booster is available, and all members that paid runescape accounts monthly can get a free Bank Booster +50 for their loyalty. You can find this item near Bank Booster in Solomon’s General Store. 

The bank spaces given through bank boosters are added to your free bank space allocation, which means they can be used to store both free-to-play and members' items for all players whoever buy runescape accounts or create free runescape accounts. Also, this is not the free monthly item mentioned here.

You can access Farmer100 News for more runescape news. Or just click http://www.farmer100.com/news/news-id-401/ for details.


Strict policies for Runescape accounts

With 2012 fading into the past, Jagex will take a series measures to resolve against cheaters and botters and ban runescape accounts that use exploits to get unfair benefit over other player. If you want to buy runescape accounts this year, you should be carefully aware of cheap runescape accounts with high levels who are gained by unjust means. 
runescape accounts

Jagex banned a great many bots users, including some high level players’ runescape accounts last months. And Jagex detected a small number of players had engineered an exploit to abuse the God statues content.

For developers who want to make profits by runescape accounts selling, 2013 is a hard year for them with the serious policies to keep runescape fair competitive game.