Zalera is the place

How about you fix the servers then maybe we can log in and "take to the skies".  There's nothing wrong with the servers. Nothing wrong with any data center but Aether.  Drk night is now my main lvl 42 such an awesome character can't wait to get to 60. Sadly no... ): but I'm I've been working on it... Best mmo I've played ever although people are anti social in the game but that's fine. Anti social is a understatement. Need
cheap FFXIV gil membership cards for information in this game lol.

What server are you guys on people are pretty social in Zalera. I am in odin and whenever some1 asks how to get to a current or hiding moggles theres instantly 20+ replies on shout within a minute or 2 lol played alot of mmo's and ff14 community is close to the best ive experienced.  U are playin with the wrong ppl my friend! Maybe it's the server (granted, there will always be the a**holes anywhere ya go). I agree...Zalera is awesome...from day one when I started on that server I was so lost..went up to a random person they gave me a tour some items to help me get going and invited me to their FC....been loving it ever since. Gilgamesh, thank goodness for my free company.

Zalera is the place to be buy FFXIV gil . i used to play in Faerie and had the same problem. Dont join Gilgamesh or Balmung, the fact theyre so overly populated is the reason we are having 2002 and 5006 errors all over the damn place. Join low or mid pop servers. So far I am a 52 BRD and I have unlocked Dusk Vigil and I can fly in one zone. I have played a total of 18 hours in the last 3 days.

My husband on the other hand has unlocked DRK and MCH (MCN?) He is a lvl 59 WAR and he is almost done with the main scenario quests. He has probably played 42 hours in the past 3 days.

So far I am having losts of fun, but I am chomping at the bit to change my cat into an AuRa! Sad that the in-game preorder bonuses don't go out until Tues!


Collector's Edition or Heavensward

I don't get it, this early access thing. From SE website it says that after the early access period the account needs to be registered with the full code, who will give me this second code buy FFXIV Gil? The seller from which I bought the early access code or SE itself? You'll get it from the company you purchased from. If you bought a physical copy it'll be in the box with the game disc. If digital purchase you'll get it on release day I believe via email.

Steam lists two product keys as well. What I had to do was redeem the code I got from gamestop on squares site, then redeem the code square gave me in the psn store. After you enter the first code scroll down and you will see the second code. And on the instructions square posted, it said do the same thing but redeem it for Windows.

 It's out, but says Early Purchase. Doesn't say Collector's Edition. Not sure if it's the same or not.. Two questions: 1) Do people who got the CE get the in game items tomorrow or official launch day? I've seen mixed responses, so I'm confused. I'm through steam as well, if that means anything.2) Is it true we can get on the servers 2 hours earlier than expected, or was that just a rumor?& buy FFXIV Gil; Items will be mailed on the official release date. Probably a rumor, but who knows! Anyone have any details about early access for People that pre-ordered off Amazon? You should recieve early access code (or pre-order code used to redeem your early access code + in-game bonus items) more sooner than later. Check out your e-mail form time to time and don't forget to check your spam folder too. They sent them out yesterday, but a bunch of people didn't get them (myself included). Contact Amazon support. They have a ticket open for it.

My code didn't work for early access. if its ps4 or 3youmust use the code at their site to generate a ps store codde you see snap snap cool cat. was for pc it went from validated to next page said something went wrong to no longer valid code. Kyle Bridgeman did you show anyone the code?

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PC version of FFXIV Steam

I own/play the PC version of FFXIV, but I run it thru Steam as a Non-Steam game. But yeah, the PC version and Steam version aren't compatible. But your acct will work just the same, as mine works on my PS4 when I don't feel like playing on PC. Each platform requires its own purchase to play. Just treat the steam and pc version like the pc and ps4 version. It's like going buy FFXIV Gil bankrupt cuz I gotta do the same thing.

 I'm not positive but I think if you just buy ARR for PC not Steam then you can still use your same character and have it for the expansion. Your character is tied to your mogstation account so it should work no matter what platform you're on. Like I own ARR for PC and PS4 and play the same character on both, so I imagine you could play with the same character on a PC copy as you do on your Steam copy. You just can't play the PC version of HW without a PC copy because I don't think it will recognize the existence of your Steam copy. It's the same between PC and PS4. Like if you have ARR for PC but buy HW for PS4 if won't let you play it on PS4 if you don't have ARR for it too. You basically have to treat Steam like another separate platform. So in your situation I'd just recommend buying a PC copy of ARR and downloading it etc before HW arrives. I think you can get it for a decent deal now in some places.

 If you do what leslie says and buy the pc copy of arr tell me if you can still log into you account. I have a friend having the same issue.  You can still log in to your account, it doesn't effect your mogstation. whem u login in ur mogstation and see ur version u see PC or STEAM.. if u see PC then, no. u cannot use pc and steam version toegher.. if u read steam or something similar u can use it both(like me that have pc and ps4 version)  I was told in the past that since I got arr through cheap FFXIV Gil steam and my mogstation has access to my steam (such as wallet) that I would not be able to log in from a normal pc version. Id just get the steam version.

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Preordered heavensward retail PC version from the SQEX store

Not sure how you got your code. When I ring them up they just keep telling me that they will release all of the code in one go closer to the date (which they can't comfirm or tell me when) so much for spending buy FFXIV Gil $300 AUD. Thanks EB Games AUS. That's unlucky, I feel sorry for everyone who preordered the CE. I only preordered the SE instore and got the code then and there. Still have not received my early access code!

Does anyone else experience problems with the early access code? Preordered heavensward  retail PC version from the SQEX store (nonsteam version) What do the Baron items do? I can't find the answers so I'm asking here? Are they just dumb trinkets like the egg earings? Should we bother with the expansion if we haven't played through 2.5 yet? CHOCOBO RACING!!! I am like... almost want to come back but then i here, this time this day every Tuesday.. i work for a living... so forget that..

I would like to get my demon DRG armor befor heavensward not NIN EVERY TIME I RUN!!!!!! It would also be helpful if I get it befor I die of ripe old age!!! 20 runs and NOTHING! Only Item level 76 and have not done Steps of Faith. Started in the beginning of April and well I have been taking my time and now have to put my nose to the grinder and get past this wall or else I wasted money on preorder purchase EEK! Anyone wanna "recruit" me? I purchased the game, but have not purchased game time so I am eligible for RAF benefits still. I'd like to have the exp boost, but I also wanna start playing ASAP.  GameStop. Code on receipt. Redeemed. Ready. June 19. Can I download the client during early access so I don't have to install on the 23rd? Where can we pre-download at? It's probably gonna take me a week to DL on my speeds.  I think it says that it will automatically download, but not 100% sure.

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