buy FFXIV Stormblood with it's "job actions

Presenting the new job action trailer! Which action are you most excited to try out? FFXIV had one final chance to get me hyped and ready to buy Stormblood with it's "job actions" video...It failed, so no buy which means I'm retiring from the game.It's too different from 1.0 (Which despite it's flaws did offer actual adventuring and teamwork), it's too simple and is constantly lacking in any adventuring outside the box development wise.  Bye faded gandalf! Good bye, no one will miss you. Cheap FFXIV Gil Jeremy Based these decisions off of the key notes and videos and information since US Fan Fest. UI looks interesting but really nothing at all that makes me go "Wow I wanna pay for that".Probably pick up expansion in 6 months to try it out because its just gonna be the same repeat of the last 4 years.

Legion was and is 10x the expansion that HW was. Nothing innovative, nothing outside the box. Just the same thing with a different skin. Jeremy As Cody says, not to mention the fact the the development cycles that we've had since 2.0 launched have basically made the same stuff EVERY time, with the odd small different things.I've been playing the game since 2010 and yeah, it's pretty damn stale now and it doesn't appear to be changing for the better come June onwards. Anton Barbieri People will just lunge at you and justify LoV and Khloe as "new innovative content" and all the glamours and promotions. London St.Andrews It's not the casuals ruining the game, it's more the devs only catering towards one crowd because they create easy work.

 New nin action creates a box you stand in that lets you cast jutsu with one hand sign each. I'm conflicted on this because I main nin for the mobility (drg rotation is too rigid and i have to be in the mood to deal with mnk positioning). The real question is whether you can leave the aoe marker and return to it or if you lose it when you move. FFXIV Gil Reeeaaallly looking forward to Samurai. If nin is slippin I could have a new main.  I main ninja and I agree with you. I'm liking Red Mage though.  It looks like it wears off after the third jutsu. I can't remember the signs but let's say you were to cast Huton you cast the first sign, throw fuma, second sign, raiton, third sign, huton and then it goes away. And if that's the way it works the mobility should just be stopped for a moment to get all three out. Also if that's the case I'm just as excited for my NIN as I am my WAR.

I thought it was some sort of shield! Thanks for the explanation! I was hoping ninja gets shadow clones or something. Yeah a clone would be cool. I was hoping for a new jutsu that could add a hand sign for 4 total and combines abilities. Like fuma throws the same single target shuriken but with katon fire around it for added aoe explosion. Fire frog is pretty sweet though! The ground aoe could be really cool if you can choose the same jutsu all 3 times. Hitting a crowd with fireball / kassatsu / fireball / new skill / fireball fireball fireball. I could dig that. It would be nice if the nin could have the toad as a summoning companion instead, together with a snake and a slug.


BNS Grand Phoenix Costume Sweepstakes

The Grand Phoenix Costume Sweepstakes winners have been chosen! If you see your name on this list you'll be contacted this week with details on how to obtain your Grand Phoenix bundle. Thanks to everyone that participated! isn't supposed to be there a code in my account today?, i've sign up my email months ago and there's not any code .   Sign up BY today, not receive code today.  when do i get the code then? The newsletter rewards will be sent to your NC Account tomorrow. Buy Blade and Soul Gold  Still haven't received mine!   I like the winners are from all over the world and to Ncsoft and staff at Blade & Soul thank you. For me you gave us a lot of goodies and you do listen I know it takes time because you cant program over night ha ha keep the good work and I wish there was type of housing or a Clan area like in Revelation that would help Clans gather and meet up just a thought.

There already is a way where clannies can group up. It's called the summon function. Has to be rank 11. this game is FUCKING AWESOME~!! ILOVE THE STORY LINE! ifeel the onePiece Bleach Naruto ETC BEST GAME EVER!!!!! South American discriminating in all events. Ty ncsoft, u have more latin's playing ur games and can't participate. Unfair ,.. If I'm wrong someone tells me pls. What are you talking about i see winners from south america listed here.   I saw a guy's char wearing it in Musin's Tower last night . Just more RNG from Blade & Soul and getting Soulstone Crystals are quite difficult . ss crystal is one of the basic mats.. its about the easiest to come by.. Vince Verrette Could you tell me how to get more ?

Welp... Another day that i tried... Blade & Soul Gold Good for the winners =) maybe next time i won something else that an outfit... At least a pet? Ha, as i expected. No love for Romania. (SoulChroma, cardinal gates-in case you change your mind) (whale donations are accepted.) xD. Sadly, I see no one from Romania won something.Somehow, I'm disappointed! Well we may have luck next time mate. Is this suppose to be NA and EU region only -.- Oh well. Yep, just like the two regions the game is in. North America and Europe. Wait... Did I missed this? When? Oh well. Grats to those who win. Wait, when was this event announced? or how was i supposed to enter and participate?

 IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: I just attempted to make an account and before even getting in the game. I've been locked do to suspicious activity. Now, I'm not sure how I can do ANYTHING suspicious given I haven't even been in game. I sent an email to the address it had given me but have heard nothing back. Can SOMEONE please explain to me what's going on? its just a freaking outfit with a emotes.. hahahahah i aint gonna buy that :D haha.Not a single asian won. Blade and Soul NA/EU lol were basically , refugees here . Maintenance in progress??? Never heard of it. How long will it take? B&S please priv me. Of course no Danish winner, sigh. Haha omg no Single Asian won...so sad.Not even in Dublin, Ireland lmfao. welp join everything and gained nothing . Congrats to the peeps.