Final Fantasy and has Chocobos

I was not whining about not being the best. In fact I was one of the best. but my static fell apart and finding another one was difficult. and I know it is an MMO and your experience is different than mine. Or you have very few games to base what a proper community is based on. I have been playing mmo for 16 years. have seen many community and by far FFXIV Gil the most mature community was and will be LOTRO, Vanguard, and FFXI. FFXIV had good players, sure there were a few, but the elitist were boastful, loud and made sure to be seen everywhere they could be hence why I quit, I got tired of dealing with them, and the broken economy and red script failure.

Lmao wow look at everyone offended cause someone doesn't like the game. Maybe people like you are why he quit in the first place? It sure sounds like you guys are the assholes he's talking about lol. Sorry FFXIV, you lose out to Fallout 4 on that day. FF never lose its just you are one of the few ships following the "most popular crap of the moment" NOT THE BEST just must popular.

Yup, Fallout is just a passing fad. It doesn't have huge critical acclaim and a long standing legacy as one of the greatest franchises in video gaming. Not matter. If a lot of fans like Fallout 3, then it was best game. I don't care if they never play 1 and 2. If fans love it, then it's the best. If a lot of fans preordered Fallout 4, and rated 5-stars for it then it's the best.   I love when losers type 4 paragraphs of crap. Noone reads that... It's called knowing how to write and building an argument that actually makes sense/can be taken seriously. Different from yours.  Just because it's named Final Fantasy and has Chocobos and Moogles doesn't mean Buy FFXIV Gil it's the best ever. I'll agree that the devs did a fantastic job on 2.0 and the story is top notch, but let's be real...The content has gotten so predictable that you can anticipate what's coming in a patch before it even shows up. The time between patches is becoming longer and longer while the amount of content per patch is shrinking. Worse yet, they don't give enough to complete to justify the wait times between patches.

The open world is stale, the entire game can be played in a queue, and the same dungeon is mindlessly grinded for months before being replaced with a "new" shinier dungeon that drops a "new" shinier tomestone.Whatever innovation they had at 2.0 has been lost. The game is the same game that was released on Day 1 and has not grown at all. It appeals to new MMO players, but veterans who have been playing MMOs for years are tired of the same old crap.


GW2 Patch download

It'd be nice if we could start making GW2 Gold our Revenants, even if we couldn't play them till the expansion comes out Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold... You can already make your revenants and play with them. how big is the patch? just running in 100kbps connection. My patch is still downloading, but I heard that it's over 3GB for the full patch...  people with slow connections should probably take a nap while it downloads. My connection is 90meg and iv'e been downloading for about 10 mins now. only at 45%. Patch download rate roughly 1 meg. took me about 30 mins to do at 3mbps this morning.

I want Halloween but I also want to run in the jungle. Timing is horrible. Should have just launched HOT on the 1st. Unfortunately I do not have the will power to wait till the first which is why ya should have made us wait another week. You hurt my last feeling. I was saving that feeling in case I ever had a child and now I have no feelings left for my future kid. Geez thnx Obama. Is this HoT as well? Smart bringing them both out at once... squint emoticon

"Due to the weight of players, boxes surrounding the Golem Mark II have collapsed. Workers have carted their remnants away." WTB Faster Internet connection. 3000 ectos or best offer. (Only half joking. Glad I'm able to download this overnight!) hold the launch! i am not home yet !! Tyria needs me!!! As someone who hates change, the new launcher looks pretty decent. Omg I'm so excited!!!! I'm 57% done with the download! Wait.. So.. when is the EXPANSION out..? Wasn't it meant to be out like .. now? Sixteen minutes time! So many things, so little time, such bad pc.

I hope we don't get a repeat of "lost shores" this week when released. Fingers crossed. Please guild wars 2,give me one key,please,i don't have money for buy him this year...please,help me!! I'd be downloading it right now if my system HDD hadn't borked the other day. this install is taking for ever for me. quick question. When do we get the character slot if you pre purchase standard but been registered since beta?


GW2 Matthew Masinelli Agreed

William Goff I'm not disagreeing with you - I think the whole thing wasn't well planned from the start. But in the end they _did_ try to fix the situation. Refunds were offered to those Cheap GW2 Gold who paid before they made the changes, bonus slots were given to veterans. I think after the community's toxicity towards their decisions, whether planned from the beginning or otherwise, they still made amends. And, although I can't speak for all, the majority of the veteran community (and many of the new players just entering the game) are content with their solutions and I feel the game is heading in a good direction.

Matthew Masinelli Agreed. I've been a customer of ArenaNet, Inc. since 2006. Very few complaints. I've been around playing GW2 since launch, but unfortunately for this time i wont be joining HoT 'cause currency exchange rate is waaaaay to high.  where is the countdown timer Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold?? Try to lower the prices and give something significant for the old players and maybe the sales will be better!  I don't find it fine. And last time o checked I'm allowed to have my own opinion as well. A weak argument, you're entitled to your opinion, and to defend it. I'm also entitled to disagree with your opinion. In a day where loads of new games charge in excess of £49.99 for their games, especially on console, £34.99 is reasonable. Standard Edition price is fine, don't be so cheap.

Of course the sales will be better if the price is lowered, that would be the case with most products - but if ArenaNet had a hard time selling their expansion for $50 they would have already lowered it by now. I can't wait.. and I also can't wait to see how well the expansion does..
and I also can't wait to see what comes after the expansion..
and I also cant cantha cantha can cantha cantha can cantha canth.


Craft gather level extra classes

Dont get too excited, 2months of gameplay then you will be back standing in town with your thumb up your asses like normal. I dunno, I'm so far behind, I think if I start again now Buy FFXIV Gil , I'll still have plenty to do after the next two patches. 2 months of gameplay is being generous wink emoticon Probably more like 2 days. Depends, if you havnt cleared alexander savage 4 thats still a goal. I gotta get back in this game, I've missed so much!! All the cool kids are still playing it. ! Ill be back soon enough. smile emoticon I love the game and all the new content is crazy.  I haven't had as much time to play recently so you'll probably catch up to me pretty fast FFXIV Gils . Then you can carry me through the new end game content .

He he yes will do ha ha idk though I havent played in a year I have a ways to go. Ha yeah it took me forever to level cap after the expansion. But I only played like an hour s day. I believe, let me know when you start back up. It will give me a reason to do the older content.  Craft while you wait and make money. There is plenty to do between patches. Like helping new people who just joined. Not everyone wants to spend all day crafting and doing favors. It's not a lot of content for $15/month. Delay another 3 months so I can play fallout 4, thanks. Yay more female inspired clothing to make my character look like a drag queen.... sick of the female looking gear yaaaaawn. So much salt lol no one cares about your Whiney asses. Ppl cry nothing to do yet let's look at the A4s clear rate lol.

 I'm on A2s, and we raid three times a week..still isn't enough to do every day...Just the same 2 dungeons over and over forever. Craft, gather, level extra classes, I'm always able to find things. Dude I'm done leveling. It's been months with no content. Well 3-4 weeks isn't a long wait. After all the work the devs put in this game a few months isn't asking a lot. They needed that vaca.

I'm 60 on my main PLD FFXIV

Been done in game already...go do your dark knight quest. I main DRK, I know... just a more exciting prospect than Derplander. You could also argue that our clone in the DRK quest line was just our darker thoughts given form, not really a separate person like WoD supposedly is. That would be freakin sweet. Warriors of Darkness were in Final Fantasy 3 Buy Cheap FFXIV Gils and were literally just counter opposite you, they fight to shroud everything in darkness you fight for the light of the world, You guys just keep on delivering!! Amazing. Thank you! Welp time to renew my sub. Homework is getting boring anyway.

 Yes Square, I know you very specifically checked to make sure that *I* specifically had cancelled my subscription before deciding to announce this update. You don't have to deny it!!111111 RUDE. Lol they want you regret it..than to re-subscribe and never leave again!!! haha. Uh...we knew about this stuff for 2 months . Colter Cole who is this "we"? i can't believe we didn't notify me of this. we had one job,  i just came back a few weeks ago and i heard this patch was coming out when i came back lol. Colter Cole We should have sent a letter, an email, and at least 5 phone calls and text messages to everyone to let them know. We isn't doing his/her job right clearly. Beth Ford you mean to say that you knew all this time and you didn't even think to FFXIV Gils tell me about it? come on, beth. this is clearly vital information you were keeping from me. D;I just bought this game days ago... im still thinking about continue playing... I stopped at level 59 then taken King on destiny dropped, might need to start this back up.  I'm 60 on my main PLD, I'm 58.5 on my DRK, which now I'm tending toward making this one my new main bec I love the skills sets and animations.. the grinding is what makes people who have limited time to spend to lazy their way out, and I understand them.

My EX-Guild leader has all jobs including crafters and gatherers to 60, so it's doable, having the freedom to spend our time in the game.