all the final fantasy games should have cloud support on ios

I think that all the final fantasy games should have this on ios. nearly beating 3 on my first gen ipad and then upgrading to my 4th gen and losing all that data was a pain. glad to see progress is being made though.  FINALLY! you guys are the best! Final Fantasy 5 and 6 remastered on 3DS and/or on Wii U please. I just take my save data and move to different device. I only use android.
buy FFXIV Gil

everyone's talking about ffxv and here i am getting excited over 4.  I used to play this game every day after school. This is your chance to have a FINAL FANTASY artist convert you into your very own FINAL FANTASY-style character! 

All I saw was a picture of Cloud and buy cheap FFXIV Gil the words "Excited To Announce" and then I saw the rest, and I felt those same feelings I got when you guy's presented FF7 on PS4 only to reveal we were getting the non-remastered PC version again..


FFXI had WAY better music

What a complete useless and utterly crap copmpany FF turned into the last 10 years... Trials don't work, confirmation codes aren't sent, support is totally missing from all their websites.. Just making money selling proiducts that half of the time don't even fucking install... WHAT A STINKING FRAUDE OF A COMPANY... SHOULD BE ILLEGAL....!!!!!

FFXI had WAY better music!&buy FFXIV Gil ; Even though I didn't play Ffxi very much. I have listened to the original album and it was very good. It had a different feel though than xIv.  Bayonetta meets Assassin's Creed?

This is why this game will always have my interest and many others because they release new content every couple to few FFXIV Gil months! WoW on the other hand does not have that feat like FF does! Here is to another good year FFXIV players!  I guess it helps to space out the content in small spurts like this. Sort of like cookie crumbs. Sooner or later they will lower the amount of content updates, though. A game can't throw out like 10 big updates before a expansion every year.


pay for our FFXIV sub

 And yet if you had a i90 relic and say u hit max lvl the amount of content that was added since then would keep u busy for a while. The question is is it enough content i tend to play games more then i should i could go 48 hours straight no sleep no FFXIV Gil problem with the people i play with and we tend to fly through games that is why we struggle to find games that last...

It has plenty of content especially if u played for 2 months only....reason why we get patches cause we pay for our sub , not to mention they did added more pvp crap which I don't care about and like everyone says if u hit 50 and was bored then their's something wrong with you lol oh and having a lvl i90 weapon doesn't make you a ilvl90 on gear. Think u just wanted everything handed to you maybe? I got 6 animus weapons and almost 3 nexus and 1 zodiac and all jobs past ilvl110 and still not working on them lol so I don't know what you talking about not having content.

 if you only have played for 2 months then havent really scratched the surface of content... did you finish all extreme battles buy cheap FFXIV Gil ?? finished coil??  I hope it never goes free to play. I don't want the constant content to drop.  Id love to see u fly through final coil matt XD


relic enhancement

I don't use it but think i should now lol because my ip keeps changing because of my fiber modem.

I'll be back when 3.0 drops. It got annoying logging in when new content dropped and finding myself done with it in a day.Well, yeah, that's true. When 2.0 dropped, I was already at 50, so that probably didn't help much. Don't get me wrong, it's a great game cheap FFXIV Gil, but I apparently lack self-control when I see shiny new quests and dungeons lol.You got all the new gear from tomes, beat the new dingeons, new crystal tower raid and all 4 turns of coil after each patch. In one day? Not to mention primal extremes. And relic enhancement.

 thats why gold sacuer is coming give su somethin else do to and if chocobo breeding is anything like ff7 gonna take forever to get a nice choco.
I hear that. The endless grind is starting to grind on my nerves. I rarely play anymore.


Beginner's Guide For FFXIV

1. career choices and city of birth, depending on the chosen career when creating a character, players born in different cities. Before completing 14 tasks to unlock the airship can only reach on foot through the other main city of the big map.

2. After the end of the opening animation, players will face a question from the NPC, there are four options, according to the player's answer is different, will give players a different ring hair 一 property.

3. After coming to the main city, recommend novices to all of the city's first Ethernet transmit crystal are touching down, so in addition to the rapid transfer between the regions outside the city, you can also turn transmitted directly to a few low-level map of the surrounding area function. In addition to the large crystal Favorite, pay later use ffxiv Gil the "Transfer" skill here, the transfer fee will be directly halved.

4. Whether you are ready to savor slowly casual game, or want to leveling soon recommend that you do not place the main city and around the city all the main low-level quests are cleared away, many novice students are born in the vicinity of the city The complex quests and headache, which is a novice misunderstanding. One is because it costs time and effort to do so, and the experience to obtain efficiency is relatively slow; the other is that if you put all the low-level quests are cleared away, then transfer back to wait for you to practice other occupations (including production, acquisition occupations time), after the transfer can only choose Daguai boring or hard making the acquisition, no task can help you transition. Suggest that you first do the main quest and followed professional tasks in the task the way watching the strange career crusade manual, clean the manual, 10 start every 5 there are two new lines will make, as long as the completion of these would be sufficient to maintain Your character level ≥ grade of the main quest. If you see someone in a mission on the way to play FATE, then, to actively participate to it, just need to invest a little time you can get a good experience.


original FFXIV was incredibly awful

The original FFXIV was incredibly awful, but they have been remaking it into a completely different game from the ground up, with a new UI and everything. So until you have a chance to buy FFXIV gil play at the open beta, or after launch, there's no real way of saying one way or the other currently if you'll like it.

As someone who has played from day 1 of the original game's alpha, I say wait and give it a shot. They're implementing a lot of stuff to please hardcore fans of the series (like Gold Saucer, Crystal Tower, chocobo raising, etc.), as well as a lot of modern MMO elements (player-created UI add-ons, smartphone app, auction house, so on).

The game itself is not bad it's the servers and all the glitches they are not improving the story or anything they're improving the quality of the game. I hear the story is excellent as the gameplay, just too many problems with the online part, and I'm guessing they noticed so they are making a better version called A Realm Reborn.


I perfer keyboard and mouse to play FFIXV

Having played with both, I perfer keyboard and mouse hand over fist.
That having been said, using a controller is intuitive, straight forward, easy and quick. There is no detriment outside of socialization with the controller taken a little time to adjust.
Oh, and they altered quest handins with the keyboard and mouse, right click the slot for the quest hand in, it'll pop up

the item that goes there.

Personally I hate keyboard/mouse. I mean, I DO play on laptop so I must plug in my mouse, however I also must plug in my controller so it's no big deal.

Personally I just find fighting, movement... pretty much everything except precise targeting and chatting much more easier with a controller. It's really down to your own personal style.

At the moment I even really have more of a hybrid set-up...much of my HUD I control with my touchpad however I actually play the game with my controller. (And, obviously, I chat with my keyboard.)

While I do think the targeting could use a bit of....adjustments... it's not enough to make me switch back to using only keyboard/mouse. If I'm really in a pinch and for some reason the controller has wigged out and won't give me my target I need, I just reach over and mouse select it like a lazy bum. Whatever.