Is Blade & Soul worth is i watched the anime on Hulu is it that great

Is this game worth is i watched the anime on Hulu is it that great ? Just enter to see the whole buncha of stupid questions. Yes that was way sooner than I was expecting I loved doing cbt 2 now I can't wait for full release literally in less than 2 months. I've been subscribed to the newsletter since around 2013, and I signed up for the beta as soon as I was emailed. Here I am, sitting two months before the full release, without a beta key in my email. That's ridiculous. As soon as I saw the pay-to-play post on facebook I knew I wouldn't be friends with the global devs. Finally. I gave up on the Chinese server because the English patch didn't translate side quests and I ended up behind in level. i see. what r the different of those server? game gonna reset anyway so i can switch there BNS Gold.

Your English is not OBT either. I just want to ask, ask! do you know the different from ask and asses? By your English style, I know who try to answer my question yesterday with the same way. I'm not good in English but I will try to fix my grammar as best as I can.
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Buy BNS gold (gold for Blade and Soul) - guaranteed delivery for the service of BNS gold purchase on T. Closed betas are like this in any/every game. Closed beta is meant for testing the game, and reporting bugs, not for playing and keeping progress. The features of the Master Pack was not an early access pass for you to play, it had closed beta access and many other features you will get once the game begins. They had a closed beta access for the $25/$75 and the $125 founder packs...Not just the $125 pack. Learn to read before you buy.


both CR7 & LM10 will sweat before doing FIFA 16

Vardy needs an inform or you waiting to give him a record breaking card. Mesut is my boy but Vardy is doing a madness. Jamie vardy hands down. .and also jess lingard. i think mahrez will not shine next seaso his performance is limited till this season only. c bcz he scored goal and created many chances. What Vardy has done so far is sometihing both CR7 & LM10 will sweat before doing... The dude is oncourse for a record. Özil because he's almost averaging two assists a game. FIFA 16 coins In my opinion that's world class. Also I'm a Liverpool supporter so I'm not being biased towards Özil. Özil: the most intelligent player in Europe.

Got to say A, Vardy as a striker as really done well considering not being in professional football that long, incredible player. The fact that their is two Leicester players here is unbelievable! I'm an Arsenal özil has been class but probably mahrez goals cheap Aion Kinah and assists. Mahrez because most of the goals vardy scored came from mahrez he got some mad assists. Gomis' 24 offsides is clearly the most impressive state. I'd give it to James vardy is being a real goal predator . Jamie vardy then mahrez then ozil.Vardy has also got assists so overall hes been in more goals Then its mahrez.

Vardy and Mahrez because we all know what Ozil can do A just has to be cuz of his past in the lower leagues. Vardy, he do all for his Liecester. He played with his heart . Might aswell add in the Leicester manager for getting the very best out of these two! A , because if you heard the story about vardy then you will be surprised. A/ Purley because just shows u dont need to be worth Millions to break records. Ozil is the heart of they arsenal team. Vardy and Mahrez have both been class. A, and being a man u fan a dnt wnt him to brake the record ahaha but what a player.


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 I may sound crazy to alot of fans of xiv, but I found the overall experience of xi much less tedious and more enjoyable than xivs grind fest for tomes and gear. The memories will last longer than Buy Cheap FFXIV Gils any drop will /sappytruth. Michael i 100% agree it's sad that people want instant gratification and it ruined these kind of games for me. The community in XI was one of - if not THE best gaming communities I've ever been a part of. So many people always willing to lend a hand and much more patience than anyone in any other game has ever had. I haven't played for a couple of years but I miss it dearly - even recreated my Taru in XIV because I couldn't let go.

Steph Turner, I made my character look pretty much the same as well, I'm still hoping they'll add the haircut she had. This makes me all nostalgic. I actually met my partner in XI, among a bunch of other people from all around FFXIV Gils the world that I try to visit as often as I can. However, as nostalgic as I might be, early XI was incredibly unforgiving, and I would never have the time today to get anywhere in that game.  I do wish there was an option to get primarily grouped up with people from your own server in duty finder, since party finder doesn't seem to be very popular.

I am one of those people, i really tried to play xi but i missed out on its prime, didn't really have the money to pay for the sub continually and had lower then average dial up speeds.  Lucie could be right. It might just be because it was of an earlier time. Both for the genre and us the players. Oddly enough though, the closest thing I got to the same experience I heard was in LoTRO in its prime. Which is also post-WoW, incidentally. It might be something with the franchise. Both Final Fantasy and Lord of the Rings I think naturally attract people who are into the lore and the world itself.

Lucie you didn't happen to play on Caitsith? Sounds like a few friends of mine from back in the day. for people who had the time to spend 5 hours trying to get half a level at 20 it was a blast. looking back at the game now while i have things to do, it wouldnt be so fun waiting an hour to get a group or not being able to do any of the content without getting run through it by higher level guildies.