a level 85 hybrid shield

NEW elit reward

a level 85 hybrid shield.
Name: There's another way in?!?
Description: Enter Daemonheim via the wilderness
Levels required to complete: None
Other content required (if known): None

1275.. life bonus
800... defence
-5....... prayer bonus

Absorbs 25 % of incoming damage en 1 on sell runescape accounts 25 the next hit will reflect. the shield will not degrate. when a dark energy core attack you,it will heal you instead of damage you. you will not get poison when you wield the shield it is anti stun/blood the shield help you stop corpeal beast devour your Summoning familiars

you need::
1 spectral spirit shield 1 Chaotic kiteshield rs accounts for sale 1 Eagle-eye kiteshield 1 Farseer kiteshield
1 regen braclet: 2.000.000 gp + 250,000 dungeo tokens + Summer's End. 85 prayer en smiting.


it’s time to complete runescape BaconQuest now

 I thought this quest was hysterical, and I loved the humor. Particularly Eli.   im in the mood for some bacon now New Runescape = Farmville. Welcome to Facebook game. e fed the addicts to the pig D: i love the part of when i beat up the guy that was funny.  If you want the "runescape that sell runescape accounts you remember" go play old school the is the new rs3. will it ever be non member? because i feel like everyone would appreciate the bacon. Its a easy quest, did it right after the update, now i need 84 construction for tier 2 piggy .

sell rs accounts

Jagex, every chef knows you don't need cooking oil when making bacon! Bacon produces so much grease you don't need it. my account prem banned how i can back it !! or that a dream.  I laughed so hard at the pickpocket part! Haha! It's nice that Jagex is getting more humorus! And with bacon buy runescape accounts? Favourite quest by far! (Although, quests like ROTM, and The World Wakes are better :P) he's just upset because he doesn't have an apple in his mouth.  I found something that needs fixing - Whenever we make pie shells using pastry dough on pie dish, the message "You can't cook bacon products until you have completed Bringing Home the Bacon quest" shows up. Please fix this problem, I can't make any pie because of it.  what happens if you're kosher are you allowed to do quest? What name shoud i call him... 2sec later ... MOD MARK ! 84 construction and summoninh for a 18 minute tortoise?


I have a couple of questions about campfire

Hey  I have a couple of questions...

1) To what extent will the new website using new technologies, such as HTML5? I mean, I know the main game will be powered by HTML 5, but the website? Or is it PHP?

2) Where can I view a high-res image of the RuneScape 3 page sell rs accounts 
 ? I want moooooar detail! dont rush it if the game is not ready dont release it i would like a game that work not one that was rushed to come out also the game keeps freezing then losing connection is it you guys trying to work on geting rs3 up? How is logging into the game going to change? Just wondering because I play from different computers, one will use HTML5 and one will use Java. Just want to make sure that the account will be the same and not like the betas.
Love the game, play with my kids everyday, thanks. With yet another new website will there be another font change? A font change may seem trivial, but it essentially ruins the ascii community buy runescape accounts. If possible could the font either be kept the same or changed back to arial 9? I know we artists would appreciate an answer."

 I’m responsible for testing all the software Jagex makes except the game itself. This means everything from the Adventurer’sell runescape accounts s Log to the forums, as well as things like setting new character names and recovering access to a lost account. I’m currently working to ensure any bugs in the new RuneScape 3 website are found and squashed before July 22nd.

Yeah that'll happen. You're still about 3 years behind on rs2.


I play runescape for fun

I disliked much - the old way of having to carry tele runes (unless i home tele to lumby and run up to the bank) Very tedious.  I also had to walk to school 5 days a week, what really sucked is each time it took us 3 days to get there!

I play games for fun, not to go through tedious processes and pinching for inventory space in case I don't feel like running 5 minutes back and fourth - to enjoy the game-play. I don't support this. This makes many teleportation options obsolete and really will take away from the feeling of being far away from other players in remote locations. This game doesn't need to Runescape accounts sell get much easier. I do appreciate you trying to help us out though!

Less running is cool with me but I agree that it should be no simple task to possess unlimited loadstone rights. I use them 100 times a day and the value is nothing. Make them worth more to us. You are too ignorant to buy runescape accounts understand. If people who hate new lodestones won't use em doesn't make a difference. When new players are able to "complete" the game twice as fast as the veteran players have. This update makes the game too easy for new players and this update has no use for veteran players because we have earned our teleports etc.


it is a little harder to install RS html 5

Definitely way too soon.

I have a great computer and it takes at least 10-15 minutes just for my character to load onto my screen, let alone be able to move around. Yes, I know, change my graphic settings. I HAVE. Lowest settings possible, still can't move, let alone get into my bank. I'm pretty sure that Jagex will be able to sell runescape accounts handle the bugs, it's still 19 days, which is almost three weeks. I think they must've been busy reworking all the bugs and should probably have fixxed 99% of them when the HTML 5 beta goes live to all players.

Regardless of me having premium membership, if this is released without fixing loading errors and lag issues, I'll be leaving Runescape permanently. I've left plenty of times in the past. Why pay to play when I can't even play? i cant access the html5 forums anymore but i can still access the html5 beta, can this plz be fixed bofore the launch rs accountts selling?

Runescape has come a long LONG way from when I first started playing, watching the video and thinking back to the graphics we had back in 2006, it's amazing! I'm certainly looking forward to the launch and will have a glass of Champers at the ready - I hope you all at the office will too!

As always - Have a great day!


my current PS3/XBOX 360

Um who cares about the PC gaming market anyway ? Id much rather play Ni No Kuni, Halo 4, Far Cry 3, Super Meat Boy, Braid, Dishonored, Tomb Raider, Assassins Creed III, The entire Mass Effect Series, Borderlands 2 diablo 3 gold, NBA2k13, Far Cry 2, Metro: Last Light, BioShock Infinite, Crysis 3, Dragons Dogma, The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings, Dark Souls, Batman Arkham City, Darksiders II, Kingdoms of Amalur:The Reckoning, Prototype 2, Max Payne 3, Sleeping Dogs, ES V: Skyrim, Xenoblade Chronicles, and so on and so on (between Wii/Wii U -

 my current PS3/XBOX 360 (no need for ps4/xbox one ANYTIME soon reguardless which outsells the other doesn't matter I prefer to keep my ps3/xbx360 (not like they are going to discontinue making games anytime in the next 1-2 years not to mention ALL the games I haven't finished or yet to play that are still high quality highly rated games that are CURRENT (between those 3 consoles + handheld) i.e. 3ds XL (and going back and playing some of the great Diablo 3 accounts RPGs missed on the initial ds/dsi/dsi xl, 3ds (etc) I have no (or almost zero) interest in PC gaming keyboard plus mouse combo was great for d2 (and I spent 10 years on d2) and 4-5 years on WoW...and several months on D3 (and prior to d3 but after d2, a year or so on FFXI Online) but outside of the MMORPG market and occasionaly RTS / type games, strat (Sid Meiers Civ's) I have no reason to play the PC (outside of email/youtube/etc) and that I can do on a tablet...everything else is for console/handheld gaming I realize the potential to pump up the best graphics is done on the PC if you have a high dollar custom built current gen rig...but no thanks too much money spent rather spend 300-400$ USD every 7-8 years on a new console (a good year after its been out and theres some quality titles for it to be purchased) not 1,200 on a PC (or far more if its not built by you if its purchased IE alienware etc 2grand, 3grand above) no thanks ...

so honestly if they produce/release/promote d3 for the consoles go for it not like it can "hurt" the sales for blizz any more D3 items for sale  w/ the release of this game and honestly I enjoyed d3 but it does have a lack of end game content even after the 100 additional paragon levels added way back in that previous patch...but still bringing it to consoles isn't stupid on the companies part (Activision) lol far from it.


Low Monster Power Builds

It seems that there are lots of people that have Diablo III accounts for sale began playing their DH again, with lots of questions about gearing, paragon leveling, and loot farming. Right now, I will talk about something about the basic gearing.

Because of its higher eHP requirement, many players feel like Strafe requires expensive gear. However, you can actually sacrifice quite a bit of DPS as long as you meet the eHP requirements. Even a low budget set costing under 20m gold ($5) can farm well over 50million exp/hour.

For low budget Strafe Gearing, I would suggest at least 400 All Resists, 40k HP, 3.5k Armor, and 80k DPS and at least 7 Pickup radius (preferably 14+ if you can afford it). As you upgrade gear just get more DPS and pickup radius without dropping the defensive stats sell Diablo 3 account.

Please note that Strafe DPS gearing should be focused around Crit Chance and Dex and Average Damage d3 items. Crit Damage is of slightly lower importance due to increased chance of overkill, and Attack Speed is low priority because it drains hatred while increasing chance of wasted grenades due to overkill.

Removed Gear list because it depends heavily on the stats you end up with on your account bound items. Simply aim to hit these stats:

- 80k DPS MINIMUM (don't bother with the build if you are under)
- 40k HP
- 400 All Resists
- 3.5k Armor
- 7+ Pickup Radius
- 24% Move Speed (Boots+Innas Pants)

Make sure to get +7 to 8 Strafe Crit on your Cloak.