Square Enix pre-order heavenswaird

Yagudo and Antican pls. The ones that look like Urutan-Yensa! I'll check the end rewards and I'll go with the one that has the better stuff for my tastes. Not interested into their lore or anything..

I will protect them with my 2-H sword by making sure higher authorities won't interfere and cause mayhembuy FFXIV gil . Will the moonfire faire event return? because I missed the chance to get a yukata. I'm more interested in the Gnath as a beast tribe, but I like Bismarck more than...the new primal, I forget its name.  i wish you would lift the character creation restrictions on popular NA servers . Whre's the fuckin Yagudo? I wanna kill Yags again.  Still waiting for psn pre order news.. We have patience but can you at least give us something ;  Is that a Prothean onFFXIV Gil the right? So the reapers have invaded Eorzea now lol. Never thought Square Enix would do the "like to cure cancer, share to end world hunger" crap.  I dont really care for the Beast Tribes. All I care about right now is .... When is SE going to post anything about PRE-ORDERS on PSN ? June1st? June18th? Like i mean come on already... even FFXIV2.0 wasnt this bad on giving us release dates ;

You people are morons. What sort of fuckwits don't allow you to update a client ad-hoc?? Stupid cunts. I actually would not be able to tell which ones you like more, The one on the right, but it was a close call. The ones on the left are Bismark's though. More people are going to like than to share, not because of their favorite, but because liking something is much easier and not everyone wants to share something in the first place. It is unfair for the one that has to be shared compared to the one that has to be liked... lol .

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collectors digital items

It act matters to some of us since SE already ran out of the ps4 COLLECTOR'S EDITION and now have it on waiting and since SE them self don't have the best track record on telling fans whats up. Some of us want to have it paid for piece of mind i held back since i was hoping psn have it sooner.  Larosa, I sent an email (SE Eu) and they replied that most likely they will restock before release however there is no confirmation as of yet. Worst case you'll have the preorder available to you by the 17th or 18th and have a day or two to pre-load. Have some patience, buying it now does not benefit you in any way over buying  it then. The expansion is ready for the date they have set cheap FFXIV Gil, and it's widely known that console games are more expensive than PC games, they always have been, so you can't complain to SE about that when you chose to play the game on console rather than PC. :T

do you hear your self jam? SE them self just a few weeks ago flat out said that ff a realm reborn was the main reason there stock is up. So i guess not putting the cash to get it out to all ps4 users is smart? how are we to blame for buying on something they support ? you sound like a big pc fanboy. Im act in shock you did not put pc master race at FFXIV Gil the end of what you said tongue表情符 moving on i do have patience witch is why iv waited for it to come out on psn. All we want to know is when it will hit psn but seeing as how japan psn has it up live we now know it will only be a week or 2 {we hope} but it be nice for SE them self to tell us this.

I am hoping we receive an upgrade for collectors digital items too, I am a big Final Fantasy fan but I refuse to pay £130 for a physical edition when rest of world paying £80-90 for it. I am a fan not a mug.


an upgrade for FFXIV collectors digital items

I am hoping we receive an upgrade for collectors digital items too, I am a big Final Fantasy fan but I refuse to pay £130 for a physical edition when rest of world paying £80-90 for it. I am a fan not a mug.I'm gonna guess that the digital download thing for psn all comes down to localization problems and languages. But who knows. I see the Heavensward DLC on steam but I dont see buy FFXIV Gil a pre-order button or anything. Is it only going to be available once the game comes out? Was really hoping on pre-ordering it for the mount and other in game content but it looks like thats not happening?

Not 100% Andy but id say it will be for per order it's FFXIV Gil prob a bug right now. And who knows Juan but if Japan has there's i cant see why it be held back any longer for us. Just release more PS4 collectors editions on the market I forgot to get one early I NEED A PHYSICAL COLLECTORS EDITION!!!!It's not SE fault consoles and steam still don't allow preorder, it's steam and psn themself, so turn your complains to those. SE got the game out, that's what it had to do.psn japan has it up so you have no clue what your talking about do your homework a lil bit. Btw it's up to SE to work with psn and steam so we are talking to the right ppl. I'm a huge FF fan...I have finished them all...except FFXI and this was my first and sure last mmo...I'm used to do everything in a game and depending so much on others suck...a single game is where a gamer show her or his true abilities.


ffxiv Dragon quest for the west

We are excited to announce that Life is Strange Episode 3: Chaos Theory will be released May 19! Dragon quest for the west!

Anybody that wants to help try to bring dragon quest out, do #DragonQuest4theWest since square enix will ignore these comments. We are tired of final fantasies give the west dragon quest!  Ill get the witcher 3 the 18th the gamestop y go its going to give it before grin emoticon. You srsly need to sue for copyright infringement.


Its a Mexican politician using The song "to zanarkand" for eleccions.From the depths of sleep I heard someone mention [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker] Excuse me.. Did I happen to hear a little murmur of the gloried past? I think it went something like [Thunderufry, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker] I think lore wise, he died between the second and third wars and cheap FFXIV Gil the movie is about the first war, so he'll be in it throughout. yeah im just mocking the stupidity that was killing him off in WoD after the few minutes of screen time he had. This is based off Warcraft 1...Anyone who maintains continuity knows...he's pretty much gonna live until the Thrall: Lord of the Clans movie.


No DFO wipe is comin

Maintenance that will wipe the servers? or is that for a future patch at LIVE release? There is going to be no wipe get it NO WIPE neople havbe already stated there is no wipe, yet you keep saying there is.

Proof to everyone right now where they have said it otherwise drop it. the idiots that dumped all of their pay checks on gold from gold farmers will have tears when the wipe comes.  No wipe is coming. I'm surprised you're still going on about this nonsense after being beaten down so many times. You are 1 stubborn, cowardly troll.

No it won't, cowardly troll. You've been proven wrong so many times and you're too scared to admit it. There's no need cheap DFO Gold to say sorry to you. All we did was prove you wrong over and over again.

 I was wondering if the dragon weapon event will still last for 1 more day because I was only 2 more away because I thought the event lasted til the END of the 12th buy DFO gold, not the beginning.  Nope, it'll last until maintenance. You better hurry if you want to finish it (remember to run Tau x2, use fp pots (all 3- 30 mileage, 15 mileage, and the gold-buyable one) and run ghent outskirts if you have to).


discuss FFXIV DirectX 11

 Trying to preorder the digital collectors from the website but on page says $59 but when info to the order page it says &129. Is there something I'm doing wrong?
 Now if only I could preorder the PS4 Digital CE FFXIV Gil . There's nothing on Square's website. I wonder how the new healer will work with the other two. FFXIV gil As a WHM main a SCH is my best friend cheap FFXIV Gil.

I can't frikken wait!!! Especially for DirectX 11...Oh man, it looks drop down gorgeous.Like the new race but its not going to get me to change my main character of cat looking like race. I have made two players so far who is high level and my another one is low level sense i start but haven't put time into that character yet. So i'll take my low level character and use the item to change the how my character looks along with the race so i don't have to leave my guild friends.  Plus i love the Dark Knight, i can't wait to see both my characters in Dark Knight armor.

Found pricing info on a download version of the ps4 ce Heavensward but no purchasing information. Make out happen please.
FFxiv was okay. I'm not a huge MMO fan especially when you have to pay monthly which is why i stopped playing this for Dragon Age Inq. Will the next FF be an offline RPG by any chance?


 its a fantasy game everything is possible

Yoshi-P was so thrilled from all the birthday wishes from players he even let a few things slip...
making those poor fat chocobo fly......the hell is wrong with you people. Exercise is good for him. Reward is a cake.. so don't worry about them getting thinner. The cake is a lie.  its a fantasy game everything is possible. FFXIV gil I wonder if the flying mounts will be limited by endurance? If so, perhaps the fat chocobo should only be able to fly short distances before having to stop. Dont underestimate the fluffy chocobo !  I just feel bad for any chocobo that has to fly the Galkas. (Sorry, old FFXI player, so I never remember the new race names.) When it comes to Cake, it will do anything for it..
FF the best game in the world.

Should've strapped a magitek jet pack to its back. It can barely jump, how could it fly. whit the right food maibe?, if you look closely, on the pole, theres not a green, but a... cake? Oooo incentive. You know a Magitek jet pack would be kind of cool FFXIV Gil ! fat chocobos flying after cakes! BEST THING EVER!

This is literally the best thing ever.  So no one sees the island flying in the background making the chocobo look like it's chocopooing? They even upgraded the food you dangle infront of it to a more fat food, I love it. Thats where the power to fly comes from. He KIND of wants the Gyashal Greens, but he REALLY wants cake. FFXIV GilI have to start playing this again luv it. That should be an attack! Fly that fat bastard over a target and let it drop. Chocobos and gravity had a fight... gravity lost