Squeal of Fortune should be more rewardin

I could be killing a certain monster waiting for a drop, only to find out monster doesn’t drop them. I’m not a fan of this anyway but if I’m going to do this I’d rather not waste more time than needed... thanks

Up to level 60 SHORTbow, is it?

Tzhaar Whip was somewhat acceptable since there actually existed an equivalent item in the live game, and the value of it was something the average player could afford.

HOWEVER, there is NO level 60 shortbow in the game at all, and now you introduce one as something you can BUY and is LIMITED? I just wondering this, and maybe I will sell runescape accounts if it still release update like these.

Not only that, but there seems to be no stated cap to the exp conversion on the Starlight ore. This means that a person could INSTANTLY buy their way to 99 Mining or Smithing with ZERO training, provided they have the gp or real-world currency for it. Many children can’t afford to buy accounts for sale runescape, so the rewards should be more.

Well, as always the concerns of us players will most probably be entirely ignored because we pay you, and this entire thing will be forgotten in a month. 


Photos of Runescape Annual Gathering

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If you look for more details about this activity, you can read runescape events 4-25.

Hunter Charm Sprites

The new combat is being enjoyed by lots of players and whilst we do release improvements to existing content we are still working hard on epic new content you can enjoy. If this update isn't your thing then there will be content in future for you to look forward to.

If you want to hunter Charm Sprites, you need to be members. Therefore if you are free players, you should buy runescape accounts .
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You need to train Hunter to level 72 +.

For details about this news, you can read Charm Sprites available now.


expected dance of vampire diaries

The highly anticipated prom episode this Thursday, "Pictures of You" is a little different than any episode of dancing we've seen before. The shadow of death still hangs over jeremy Mystic Falls High, and is even perpetuated by the theme of the dance. Photos of the characters in happier times - including a bit of fun, never before seen photos of the cast - are projected throughout the ballroom, but instead of being endearing, is quite tragic.
Stefan and Damon decide to spend the dance trying to remind Elena that emotions are good. Damon talks to her about his love, while Stefan tries a more practical. Meanwhile Bonnie finds a way to enjoy the prom even under the shadow of it, without knowing that the danger is much closer than she thinks. Rebekah finally arrives to attend a dance, but there is a caveat. Elijah has decided to give the cure, but only if she can stay one night hears without using any of his vampire powers to prove that a man is what he really wants to be.
Carina Mackenzie rebelled some details through a debate in your account of Twitter. Here are some of the most important things.

Find out who is the queen and prom king. We will also see Elena do some, uh, "campaign" for Rebekah, her new roommate and only friend.

Well, Matt is the appointment of Bonnie and Caroline, but they are strictly in the friend zone, so I can not confirm or deny whether bought corsages. I mean ... Uncle now can live in a huge mansion, but still have to eat their dinners Kraft. Maybe picked some flowers or something.

Only one wounded innocent. Although a lot of not-so-innocent teen supernatural creatures will hurt. Silas lurking, and you're using all the bodies of the city. That leaves the most vulnerable of our favorites.

About Delena. Shhh. Inner voices. This is what you say - Someone uses the word "boyfriend." But do not get too excited! Of all the school dances he attended amiss, we're pretty sure this will go down in history as the least favorite of Damon.

I can tell you that the opinion of Matt on Rebekah changes in this chapter. Since she can not use any of their "benefits" of vampire - speed, hearing, duress, force, etc. - it is in a completely new position.

Elena does not have an official appointment, but they are not there just as their nannies. Stefan and Damon are determined to convince her to turn his humanity - and they have a Plan A, a Plan B, and Plan C ready to put up.

Yes! Bonnie gets a dance. In fact, Bonnie is pretty spectacular in this chapter. Kat Graham makes a remarkable performance as Bonnie gets on a roller coaster of pain, anger, and power.

Caroline and Stefan share a dance ... and she suggests that maybe he will know someone who will help you move from Elena. They are the sweetest.Oh, our girl Katherine definitely make your voice heard.


customizations for runescape

Adjustable color schemes applied to all cosmetics, similar to how players can customize Herald capes.

Ability to adjust skin tones and incorporate available skin tones from Makeover mage to Solomon's General Store, plus "premium" skin tones with a variety of colors. I just hope to be more playability. I started to buy runescape accounts since 2007. I hope this the most. As sometimes I want to get money back by selling runescape accounts.

Fairy, Elemental Fairy, Angel, Seraph, Archangel, Demonic.

• Cosmetic wings, exclusive hair styles, exclusive character customization (hip to waste ratio, bust sizes, height, etc.)

Example: Demonic skin tone - provides a red demon like skin tone to an avatar.

• Additional "Resting" stances.

• Wings:

Adjustable tail count (Related to Kitsune, or Fox with multiple tails)


Relate feline outfit with "nekomata" or "Forked cat" with two tails.

Relate fox outfit with "Kitsune" or "Spirit fox" with up to nine tails.

The combat input interface and Combat and herbicide xp Spoiler

This interface allows you to choose what weapons you use for monsters of each weakness. The cost for runes, arrows and repairing weapons will be determined by what you put in here.

Options appear in a drop down box. Click the cell you want to change and then click the small arrow that appears beside it to see the list. Runescape accounts for sale are cheap if you need use this interface system.

Combat and herbicide xp

Combat xp shown is based on an average gotten on task. In the combat input you can choose to get Ranged xp or Defence xp or Ranged and defence xp, and likewise for magic and melee. If you select to not use a steel titan this will adjust your ranged xp gain accordingly but it will always assume that you use a cannon (except for monsters in the polypore dungeon where a cannon isn't useful).Are you searching for sites Runescape accounts selling?

The amount of xp gotten from the herbicide is typically based off of a sample of 1000+ kills- more for tasks that drop a lot of herbs (e.g. Spectres), less for tasks that rarely drop herbs (e.g. Wyvern).


thoughts about General Discuss on Runscape forum

At first, Discussion of the week was a huge success. It was great to see so many well thought out, and posed discussions being posted. As time progressed, however, it just became a popularity contest, even though some people will not admit to that, they would only vote for people they knew, or have seen before. That wouldn't care about what the discussion was about. They just cared about who posted it. As for it's future, I have no idea, to be honest. 

Just wanted to point out that as I said in my post, runescape has a limited amount of discussion value, or at least the topics with the most discussion are often spun off. New ones rarely arise, although they do. 

If the General Discuss becomes popular, there will be more players buy rs account.

Now to be honest, the only discussion I seem arise today that are seemingly original are those that are what-if topics. There are an almost unlimited amount of those, but I've never truly cared for them since they are "what-if" topics and do not discuss aspects of runescape, but discuss what you would do if something happened.


List of rare weapons on Runescape

This is a list of rare weapons on Runescape, from the most rare to least.

Steel Battleaxe
Black Sword
Black Axe
20 Adamant Javelins
5 Rune Javelins
Abyssal Whip
42 Rune Arrows
150 Steel Arrows
Rune Spear
Rune 2H Sword
Rune Battleaxe
Dragon Spear

Hope you can enjoy it and make full use of it when you need to buy runescape accounts.


HTML5 looks nothing more than a graphical

Just Daern's post, thanks for the info! Gunna look at getting that set up tomorrow!

This left me incredibly disappointed especially due to the lack of reason. You are not looking at putting a dynamic day/night and weather cycle? Those two things alone could help Runescape truly come alive!

With all due respect, HTML5 looks nothing more than a graphical touch up right now.

That's exactly what HTML5 is. It's a graphical upgrade with a bit more power. That means better graphics with supposedly smoother transitions. What did you think HTML5 was supposed to be? Content updates sell and buy runescape accounts?

It sure is. After reading your post I went back and watched with the captions. Some were quite hilarious actually.

Thank you so much to the Jagex developers for putting all of this together! ;)I really look forward to the better graphics and improved gameplay. I can't wait to try RS3 and HTML5 :DI'll be checking on my iphone on Runescape News Feed.

All gold and silver members of the premier club will be given first access to the pizza summer. I am dying of laughter oh my guthix.... Really looking forward to the pizza summer buy runescape account

How will you think about Runescape html 5 beta coming

I know I won't enjoy 90% of it because 90% of what makes me play this game is the combat gameplay, and pvp, both of which are nearly dead.

It is 100% true, I don't like the idea of just button mashing and using the same abilities for the same monster over and over, but I still do enjoy doing everything I usually do, which is PvM, skilling and questing. The 07 servers does have its perks too, with better PvP and EoC, and the old graphics,(Which I love alot.)

I am actually. I don’t have access to flash on my main computer so html5 will allow me to play again.

If you really like it, you need to buy runescape account to join it. Cheap Runescape accounts selling are here and there.

If Runescape is so bad, how come you've got it Liked on facebook? You can leave your comments on runescape facebook. It is up to you to support accounts for sale runescape.


Vote for 8 untradable rare items return to tradable

If there are some rare items in your runescape accounts, do you want them to be tradeable?

No matter your answer is yes or no, you can join Official Rares Discussion Thread to create your topic about rare items in Old School runescape, or you can vote for some topic.

Some untradable rare items are below for your reference.

Bunny ears
Rubber Chicken
Zombies Head
Easter ring
Skeleton set
Jack lantern’s mask
Reindeer hat
Hats and Scarves from Christmas 2005
War ship
Wintumber tree

For details, you can read


EoC is not sucks!

Jagex has been updating Runescape for so many years now, constantly updating. they do that to keep us happy. i don't get why you're all complaining if you don't want to have to use 1% of your brain capcaity to press 1-9 to activate an ability, activate momentum simple as that. If you don't want to use momentum go play 07....

If you have known that Jagex made great efforts to develop runescape a popular game, you will decide to buy runescape account. If you take it into your shoes, you will not want to sell runescape accounts and complain EoC.

07 was added to allow all of you to play non-EoC and yet you are all still unsatisfied...
Instead of complaining about EoC think of it like this: 

EoC is not a simple oh lets make images and make them perform moves. Jagex puts effort into the updates in a time limit. personally i do some java coding and i can assure you it isn't always easy to write a script up and get it working perfectly. let alone within a time limit. that's just the Coding side of it. then the Animator's start animating all of them, they brainstorm ideas for moves etc. this is all just for EoC.

Now, with me having said that, take that onto a massive scale, that's just my simplified way of explaining an update. if you think about it also: i have a social group of about 30 who all play rs, we were all going to quit because the combat was getting pretty boring, same inventory layouts etc every single time.
EoC has changed that, with known ways to do everything...

Why can't you all just be happy that Jagex is updating RS, we're all privileged to have a game with constant updates...

Sorry about my rant had to get it out...

Thank you Jagex for consistently updating RS!


how do you feel about old school runescape 2007?

I find it funny that jagex even says that we needed 700k votes for free to play 07 or 500k when they dont even have that many register member accounts.

Jarod new Jagex is corrupt and turning into an American-Owned Company by each passing year. Slowly it will root out us long-time scapers and I've been playing for quite the many years. I don't consider myself a Veteran; mostly because its' nonsense especially with new content coming and old content disappearing it really makes no sense. Eventually everyone will have to be P2P to play RS. F2P is coming to a grinding halt amigo. if possible, earn money is easy by selling runescape accounts.

By the way, I was a member in 2008-2009 and I didn't get a say in how my dues were spent. I certainly would not have supported GE or EoC had I been asked. However, despite funding features I dislike against my will I don't get a say in implementing a feature I do like because I wasn't a member in 2013, long after I'd decided not to continue giving you my money to use on bad decisions.


Noblegarden in Aprial

lol... u stupids, did u know, that if u r on high populated realm, as Outland or Kazzak are. You can create 1. lvl char on pretty low realm (RPPvP#lowpop#bestchoice), type "/who 90" in chat, spam all the 30 online people for grouping and adding ID. For sure one good soul will be there and then simply go and collect what u want to! I made like this in one day whole Noblesgarden, 720 eggs collected in 3 hours.... I bought mount, rabbit polymorph, egg and I ate like 100 eggs. Also in that day, i killed all rare mobs in Outland and Northrend and also i got the mount from Stormpeaks and Deepholm. SUCH EASY SH$%.! dont be pus^$3s.
This was my first Noblegarden and on day 1 I figured it would be a waste of time as so many people were camping the egg spots. Switched from Alliance to Horde toon and had so much fun farming eggs. Everyone was playing as I imagined it should be played, running around and having fun. Never thought I'd see that in a Horde territory, but it made it far more enjoyable than any Alliance zone I'd tried. Completed a lot of the Noblegarden quests in a much shorter time than I'd anticipated.
The ONLY way to get eggs effectively now is to farm a spot THAT'S NOT HOW YOU HUNT EGGS! You should be running around and having fun! Please make an opt-out option for xrealms.
There are other games that have cross realms but also implemented server channels. If your stuff is ganked by said lame other side or over population you can change channels and leave the bags of vinegar and water behind.

noblegarden in Aprial


Runescape weekly Community round up

Yea, this was one of the entries for the Players' Gallery.  Very, very cool.
I wasn't sure if Seren was a real god but I added the symbol anyways. Btw, did I forget any god? If you need more information, just click http://www.farmer100.com/news/news-id-430/

Executioner's Outfit is now available

Actually there was a whole series of Knight Batman toys made back in the day (yes they had suits of armor and one figure even had a horse) so this totally reminds me of him lol, and I agree Mod Crow, there's no criticism when you're comparing something to the Caped Crusader

sell runescape accounts

It looks like batman xD whit

Castle Wars an epic new overhaul

Anyone think new castlewars is any good? Can't find a good reason to play it yet.

The graphics are amazing. Few issues. The door is easlly easily destroyed. Its gone from too long to too short. Would it be possible to make the interface transparent or will you let us move it around in RS3 as it is in an annoying place.

About time mod mark seen one of the most unchanged and untouched features that is a pretty big part of the game lol.

 Looks like CW will finally be active. No one has been playing it recently.

2007scape yes!!! but im sorry you allowed summoning in castle wars...worst decision you have ever made! well maybe the 2nd worst decision...EOC was a wreck.

As long as you buy runescape account, you can enjoy this mini game.


Some popular Runescape trading items

Items in Runescape are varying as time goes by. If you want to earn some money from trading items, you should be aware of runescape market.

Kebabs could be found at Al Kharid from the Karim. Each Kebab just costs 1 gp to buy, but you can sell them for 50gp if you are good salesman.

Another worthy item is lobsters, it is of great use to level high Fishing and earning rs gold so you can buy some from GE and go to Edgeville to sell them for a decent amount of money.

In World 1, you can get some weapons and armors cheap and sell them at higher price if you go to other world.

You can buy flax at the Grand Exchange and then turn it into bowstrings which you can later sell them for profit.

These are some easy way to earn money from trading items. I think as long as you master market analysis, it is as profitable as selling runescape accounts.

How to save money in daily life

With the fierce pressure from job, it is of great importance to save money. If you are good money-saving people, you are able to save thousands of dollars in a year, which means it is a sum of money that is equal to a month of salary.

Make a list before shopping. It is especially useful for girls or ladies. Ladies are impulsive than men as they like fashion and beauty. For those housewives, making a list is equal to setting budgets for your daily expense. With the list, not only can you not forget what do you need in urgent, but also prevent you from purchasing things that you actually don’t need. If you insist, you can save money from those daily necessities which are not so necessary at that moment. Some markets make some promotions for housewives to buy daily goods. If you have a list prepared, you should obey that list to avoid buying too much on sales good.

Cook for yourselves. On one hand, the oil and some condiments are not healthy at all. The vegetables are not so clean, so if we cook for ourselves, you can try your best to keep them clean and healthy, which is good for our health. On the other hand, this is a great money-saving method. Meals are profitable business around the world. They earn double as their cost. If you find it difficult to cook every day, just start to cook every two or three days at first, when you get used to cooking by yourself, you will enjoy cooking and help you save a large sum of money.

Sell game CD-key or account. If you are super gamers, you may buy some CDs or game accounts to play some games. While if you are tired of that game, you may throw it away. In my opinion, you can sell runescape accounts to those sites that need to sell runescape accounts to earn money. There are many online websites running business on runescape accounts for sale. Or if you are talented players, you can level high and earn a lot by selling them. Some home-based businessmen start to sell runescape accounts with thousands of dollars a month.

Sources share. If you like MP3 and DVDs, there is no doubt that it will save money if you share DVDs with your friends. You can burn them onto discs if you borrow from your friends. Moreover, you could find some resources from library.

Hope these methods are useful for you!


simple methods to earn rs gold

If you are free players of Runescape, you can earn some easy money as long as you have high cooking and fishing. If you are good at selling, you can sell cooked lobsters for 250 gp each.

Or you can earn some money by high level fishing which may be more complex than cooking but is much profitable as long as your Fishing level is high than 40. As you can fish lobsters when you arrive level 40 Fishing. For members, it is quite easy to level high fishing as they are accessible to all Runescape world. If you think it is quite bored to earn rs gold, you can buy runescape accounts to join members and easiest ways to earn rs gold become possible. You can search for where to buy runescape accounts or selling runescape accounts to find some cheap rs accounts.

If you are patient, you can earn a fair amount of gold from Mining and Smithing. As you can min ore and sell to a near-by bank to earn money, you can get ore and melt them into bars and smith them. It is suggested you mine coal at Dwarven Mines which is close to Varrock bank so that you can save time from returning.
e='mso-bookmark:OLE_LINK95'> and members who buy rs account to become members or join Silver or Gold Premier Club. You can teleport back and store essence in a bank till they are full of your inventory.

Hope this can be helpful and good luck on your way up for millionaires on Runescape.

Avoid your runescape accounts blocked

It is strictly to play runescape. In 2013, Jagex is committed a fair gaming for all players who have free runescape accounts or buy rs account as members for a better development of Runescape in the long run. You should carefully avoid below scams it may result in runescape accounts blocked.

1.      Account Sharing/Trading
Each account should only be used by one person. If you want to sell runescape accounts to other people, you should not let your passwords out to other gamers.

2.      Real World Item Trading

RuneScape items must only be exchanged for other items/services within the game.

3.      Encourage Other gamers to break Rules

You must not encourage other gamers to break any of the RuneScape rules. In 2013, the policy gets stricter and stricter.

4.      Misuse of Official Forums
We should use friend words in forums and the forums respectfully at any time.

5.      False Representations
This service must be used appropriately and treated with respect at all times.

6.      Asking for Personal Details
You must not ask for personal information in order to protect players’ safety and privacy.

7.      Advert Blocking
Please do not block the Adverts in F2P RuneScape. If you get your runescape accounts blocked in this way, you may not get it back in any way.

Please log in your runescape accounts at the same place as you log in your account at another place then the ip address will be varying and Jagex will consider maybe your accounts logged in by others who don’t have the ownership of this account. If you can prove you are the same person, you can recover it, but the process will be a little trouble and you won’t like it.

Hope you can obey these basic rules and make Runescape a harmonious environment to gaming. 


How to make your new site faster included by Google

If you are searching for good ways to make your new sites included by Google fast, you can submit your URL to following list, your domain replaced with your domain name, and then open the link in a browser. This method allows you to quickly included by google, someone said within a few hours or even less than an hour, the sites can give you a few of back links. Some websites directly using the following URL may not be opened, it needs you to open the website and submit your site. Once I worked for Farmer100 website which is a professional website for gamers to sell and buy runescape accounts. When I am a SEOer for my website, I submit my website and blogs to those links to get them included by Google fast with three days and blogs get traffic within a day! In 2007, I am the top seller who runs business selling runescape accounts.

These domain names in the google update are very fast, or some special way to let google Indexed their pages very fast. So that the newly created page of your site is also very easy to be included, that is, your site can easily be included.

If you possible, you can write a small app or programs run automatically, php, perl, imacros, etc with this method.