FFX Aurons outfit

ichael Patmore The process man, watch from start to finish dude. ik kreeg gwn kippenvel van het einde xD. Why is it that it kinda remembles FFX Aurons outfit. Wish I had something like this, it would be awesome. Next make the Red Mage Chocobo Sword \o/.  Yoshi P is worth it - the whole FFXIV team work so hard. Amazing work on that costume! Cheap FFXIV Gil Amazing This Samurai Costume For Stormblood Okay.  What's the instrumental called? Love the DD music. Check out this gallery with some of the finest moments of the European #FFXIVFanFest2017, amazing cosplay and fantastic activities!

Final Fantasy has affected my life since I was a little boy. I remember receiving for my birthday the first Final Fantasy on Nintendo when I was barely able to speak and read English. I played Mystic Quest and throughout the years I was granted the opportunity to experience Final Fantasy II, III and so on. I always look at my life and reflect Cecil's and Edgar's personality.. and sometimes I reflect the life of Cloud. These heroes with all of the others, the amazing storyline have marked my existance and loyalty to the Final Fantasy world. I daily listen to all of the game soundtracks from Final Fantasy 2-3-7-8 and 9. My dream in school was to become a game developper and join "SquareSoft" at the time and add to the creativity of the series. That is why I play FFIV. I am Paladar Alexander on the Excalibur server. Believe in the dream.

I had a blast in Frankfurt! I hope there will be another FanFest in the future!  I really think we need Yoshi P's samurai outfit as a glamour. It is absolutely beautiful. If you'll be playing SAM in SB you will xP. I am very much looking forward to red mage and samurai xD Spending the past fees days getting up to date with everything. Will someone help me? Buy FFXIV Gil I have final fantasy xiv-the complete experience-on ps4. I have a enough space, I changed the dns server to Google on my ps4, and I still keep getting unable to download patch files. What am I doing wrong? I had this issue when I switched from PS to PC; if the DNS solution doesn't work, message me and i'll walk you through some other options.
Xusuje Jxst if you're there contact me. Walk me through step by step, okay? Can't wait for PAX East!! finally I can meet Yoshi-P.


I don't have the source, but I do remember reading in an article that samurai's fighting style would be most similar to monk's stances without all the positionals. That's going to be sick as hell then!  is it to much to ask for this kind of armor?   I'm sure this will be added, lord knows so many want the classic style samurai armor. Cheap FFXIV Gil I think Yoshi's view of samurai is more a Kenshin Himura style Samurai. technically they have headgear like that during those certain seasonal events. The worst part is when your all done and sword fight the couch and the sword breaks or theirs a stain after the party you can't get off lmao.

I think it's fucking GREAT and the amount of passion that goes into his game is admirable and should be a goal for ALL Game designers, artist, producers and so on. Be proud and take passion into your creation instead of making a dumbass cash cow.  wish they would have shown a slow close up of the outfit after it was completed, all of the work and detail that looked like was put into the costume is inspiring. The fact that Yoshi did this shows how passionate he is about the game. Jan as someone who appreciates costume design, this might be of interest! Fantastic! I'd love to do something like this.

They should make it so that you could buy Aurons outfit heck everyone would pay to have that. Gisele, além de ser o melhor diretor, ainda é o melhor cosplayer! And it would only cost 20k to buy it for regular folks Buy FFXIV Gil.....  I just started getting into EVE Online.... Fkcin' hell, I'm not ready for Samurai in FFXIV. This is REALLY AMAZING in a way it remember me of Oron outfit in FFX.I think we need to buy a workshop...Check out Maul Cosplay and Maja Felicitas in Defcon Unlimited! They do very talented (and hot) cosplays. Maul is actually the guy who made Yoshi-P's katana for this cosplay. The fact it says samurai costume and not auron costume niggles me..but it does look great. The costume to be included as a paid extra from the mog station (SE logic).  I would buy it along with the black mage outfit.

Maybe if he spent more time working on a new tank job vs a DPS costume.  look alike a lot of work for something he'll only wear once to bad he didn't so a Red Mage one at one of the others.  Don't worry guys. It's still blue mage. Wow, Ciska! Dit vind ik toch wel heel gaaf hoor.  I don't know much about Defcon Unlimited, but I knew as soon as I saw Maul, it was going to look badass. ichael Patmore The process man, watch from start to finish dude.


FFXIV literally prints money

Well have fun and waste your hard earn money then this is a complete waste of money if it was $7 for both emotes then thats $3.50 putting it alittle cheaper then minions the way it should be.  If it's a waste of money don't complain about it :P I'm a university student, I haven't bought the emote, I kinda want it, but since I don't have money to spare at the moment I dont. But I'm not bitching around everywhere am I now?  It's because we pay a sub which should cover stuff like this. XIV literally prints money and it feels incredibly cheap when they ask for extra money for an emote.People in Latin America only make .50 cents to a dollar an hour. Cheap FFXIV Gil That's barley anything :x.

 Courtney Pineda, then I doubt anyone in Latin America would be able to play this game at all, so such a comparison to the notion of someone like that complaining about the price of optional stuff, as opposed to people who either work a full time steady job with somewhat decent hours and pay,,with a mind of their own to make the adult decision to buy this game, either because they like Final Fantasy, or MMORPGs in general, only THEN deciding to but a totally optional thing for the game that COULD'VE but WASN'T made free in some minor patch....You get my bloody point? If you got the money but don't wanna spend it, shut the hell up about it.

It's like complaining about the state of government, but you're far too above everyone to even vote. If you don't vote, you don't get to fucking complain!!! eah yeah, so lets buy the game, Cheap FFXIV Gil pay the subscriptions, pay the cash shop pay pay pay. Isn't enought? Is that REALLY NECESSARY FOR THR GAME TO SURVIVE A CASH SHOP OF ITENS WE CAN NOOOOOTTT HAAAVEEE INN THE GAAAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE????? I'm thinking of leaving now. It's bullshit.Giacomo Nazario Bez Fontana Go for it, you're not obliged to stay.  Some people really don't understand what "optional" means, do they?  What exactly is the sub fee and money payed for dlc put into if they slap together emotes to sell them in a cash shop, something small like this should be free.Why should it be free? They already give you lot of free stuff in game?

We just received new glamour, new emote free today. You want more? And do you know how much hosting server cost? The staff that survey the game, that came on if there is a sudden bug, the developping, etc. They need cash shop or it will be a downfall.Monika Carette Girard FF11 didn't had a cash shop so get out of here with that bullshit and the sub was the same prices or around there.....


FFXIV Morrowind is coming in June

Can't wait, I don't care what the new job is, whether it's blue Mage or samurai or fucking "spider Webber" as yoshida said, I just want to know what the new "Revamped" battle system and what changes it will have, also I want to know the new areas a bit more, not to mention the full trailer/opening of stormblood, ahh come on February 18th I can't wait anymore Cheap FFXIV Gil .... idk about anyone else, but 'spider webber' sounds more like puppet master then either blue mage or samurai....  yess get here soon so all the bullshit posts of people grasping at straws of some weird far flung connection means certain jobs will be in the game. will stop.

Has anyone been able to purchase from the pre-purchase website for the european fan fest? My friend and I have been trying I don't know how many times at this point. We've tried both of our paypal accounts, our cards, like 5 of my moms credit cards, and even my cousin's card who is from Germany. Idk what to do anymore. Nothing is wrong with the cards so I just don't know why it's not accepting anything. Sam can mean sample but hey it could be i wont hold my breath or make bullshit posts saying its ' confirmed 'David Rodríguez Guerrero I will too if Yoshida follows what his opinion for it was. If not well not so much.

Has anyone been able to purchase from the pre-purchase website for the european fan fest? My friend and I have been trying I don't know how many times at this point. Buy FFXIV Gil We've tried both of our paypal accounts, our cards, like 5 of my moms credit cards, and even my cousin's card who is from Germany. Idk what to do anymore. Nothing is wrong with the cards so I just don't know why it's not accepting anything. Finally gonna get our yuna/tidus outfits after like 6 months.... Dont understand why they couldnt sell all the tickets at the same time.

ESO: Morrowind is coming in June and I'm no longer interested :3.It did, actually. I was in Beta and couldn't play for more than a few days. It was very bad. The game has actually gotten better. It's pretty fun though thats an opinion.  Maybe cash your servers online how bowt dat? What's the general consensus on the Spiderman shirt?  Samurai after a datamine and a dialonge in the 3.5 story. Either blue mage or samurai from what I've been reading. Leaning more towards samurai though.  Exactly. Microsoft made a very dumb move when Sony and square Enix approachd them with the opportunity to play cross platform back in 2014 . And Ms refused


FFXIV Stormblood Collector's Edition

We've posted an extensive look at the FFXIV Stormblood Collector's Edition and details on pre-ordering! Collector's Edition only from the SE store, as I feared. Sorry, but I've heard a number of horror stories about people ordering things from the Square Enix online store and dealing with their customer service. Hell, Cheap FFXIV Gil I was supposed to get my Cindymobile Regalia skin code by December 12th......didn't get the email until January 20th, which said that I'll be getting the code in 3 to 5 weeks from now! I've ordered from the store and it went fine.  It can be a bit scary as they don't give you a tracking number but things do arrive, I got the encyclopedia from them.

 I dunno how it is in US but here in EU it went very smoothly and fast. I got both Collectors Edition (Asia) and I have Zero Problems.I've had bad experiences myself.  Never had a problem with thier store except for Heavensward CE Preorders, the traffic was so intense it broke the site but people still got thier copies Hopefully it doesnt end up the same way this year. The physical and digital both? Because I just want the digital collector's edition and mine is Steam. Am I SOL? I ordered Heavensward CE from the store. Was fine however the artbook was trashed. Contacted support they asked for pictures to help describe the problem Buy FFXIV Gil. 1 week later brand new book sent out. Now I have 2 one I keep in the box and the other (broken one) I use when I feel I need to look at it...

Apart from that no other dealings with customer service as they normally deliver within the time scale. Bought various CE from both US and EU stores and they've arrived faster than I thought they would even after having them shipped to NZ, the bad stories I've heard always had a root problem.. the buyer themselves didn't do things properly lmao. ordered my HW collectors edition from the SE store and there were no issues. If collectors is only SE store, what do I do as a steam game owner?  I've ordered multiple items multiple times from the SE store and had no problems.

Their customer service is the absolute WORST. Be very careful ordering from the store. I ordered a Collector's Edition from them and never received it. They eventually refunded it but the process took over two months!!! Trying to reach anyone there and finding a resolution made me feel like I was running around in circles. Ordered both Heavensward and FFXV collectors editions and never had an issue. Weird... No issue with my FFXV UCE order. entioned something about wanting a Cait Sith plush on a Wednesday and it was delivered by Tuesday. No need to fear lol.


Yoshi-P offers up a New Year's greeting to kick the year off

But yes Brittany Marie McDonell, PS3 is getting its support dropped by Stormblood. I would keep an eye out for, and watch the Live Letters where this information is mentioned.  Just got back, so much catching up to do and have another patch in less than two weeks!!! Woot. Been debating on getting this but not sure if it's worth it. Buy FFXIV Gil Opinions from people who play would be great ty.  If it's on sale I would definitely give it a shot. You get a free month when you first buy the game and that's plenty of time to see if you like it. Personally I think the story is really good and the community is pretty helpful. Give it a shot.

Get the 14 day free trial 1st and level as many classes to 30 as you can in that 14days then buy the game because the free trial progress carries over to the full game so long as you use the same account as the free trial. Thanks I will have to do that. Will this ever be on xbox one? Nope. Ms are being dicks about exclusivity and making you still require live gold to play it on top of the games monthly sub and only having it on xbox and not cross play with pc and ps4. And wanting exclusive in game stuff just for xbox. O well of to buy a ps4 wanted one anyway thanks .

They seem to go back and forth with the idea. As of July of last year, SE was waiting to hear back from Microsoft about it. Can't say where it went from there, Cheap FFXIV Gil but I believe Microsoft did recently lift restrictions on cross system play or at least announced they would be. So who knows. Maybe it, like FFXI, will show up five years late to the party. They still want it to have exclusive stuff for xbox and require live to play it so it's not going to happen rob. It's doesn't require PlayStation plus to play online so why should people be forced to pay for xbox live to play it. Cuz Micro$uck is all about gangbanging their customers to get as many of those almighty dollars as they can.

Happy New Year, adventurers! Yoshi-P offers up a New Year's greeting to kick the year off! 14 Red Mages will never know the rigors and glory that was being a FFXI RDM. The endless haste/refresh/dispel/dia cycles. Having to baby sit a Blackmage party in dynamis. Soloing notorious monsters. Converting, chainspell raising people, and then blood pants kiting at like 10hp while the alliance recovers. Those were the days. Lol, those were days, training mobs, especially gobbies in the jungle. Getting to Norg on foot was a gobbie night mare.


WoW's garrisons

Will we be able to go straight to our house like a wayshrine or will we be using one closeby, then walking? Definitely awesome but I would prefer non instanced housing. Want to know the prices everything will cost. In game and crown store. Definitely not my cup of tea, but if you dig this game, check out the link to meet others that do too.  Will materials used for crafting furniture affect the colour of the furniture? Will we be able to dye furniture? And another little rant... Why have housing with no storage in it? Sounds incomplete and rushed to me. I'd rather have a new zone to explore than a house... But I'm sure this will entertain for a few hrs...

 Price ranges would be good, how the customization will work too. Will this require a new professional skill line or will it be like skyrim? They've said it'll use existing skill lines Buy Blade and Soul Gold - Woodworking, Clothier, etc.  I'm curious how much you'll nerf the destro staff ultimates. 45k damage and I'm wearing 7 heavy is kind of crazy.  I've never been hit with a 45k destro ULT. I also wear all heavy. Cheap Blade and Soul Gold The most I've been hit with is 15k. Maybe the traits on your armor should be changed. Why would anyone change their traits if they can do that kind of damage?

I read it as He's taking 45k damage with 7 heavy. Destro ult is rather obnoxious, I usually where full heavy set as well and get hit for 30k and higher. Stupid. The move just needs to be deleted or have its cost drastically increased at least. Storage is there storage? Chests? armor racks? Can we make all of our furniture out of sweetrolls? They've said you get an apartment in an inn free after completing the tutorial, and then after that houses can be bought with in-game gold or Crowns.  Will we buy homes or earn them?

so you copied garrison from WoW and put it in your game basically? What are you talking about? You couldn't even place a bed in WoW's garrisons. Garrisons weren't even housing; garrisons were instanced quest hubs. Will there be a garden to plant herbs? They've said that's not something that currently exists with it but that they'd like to add it at some point in the future. For a sec I thought that was piper form fallout 4. How will crafting furniture work?  They've said that it'll use existing skill lines, and that some things will use more than one skill: for instance they said a bed might use both Blacksmithing and Clothier.