buy FFXIV Stormblood with it's "job actions

Presenting the new job action trailer! Which action are you most excited to try out? FFXIV had one final chance to get me hyped and ready to buy Stormblood with it's "job actions" video...It failed, so no buy which means I'm retiring from the game.It's too different from 1.0 (Which despite it's flaws did offer actual adventuring and teamwork), it's too simple and is constantly lacking in any adventuring outside the box development wise.  Bye faded gandalf! Good bye, no one will miss you. Cheap FFXIV Gil Jeremy Based these decisions off of the key notes and videos and information since US Fan Fest. UI looks interesting but really nothing at all that makes me go "Wow I wanna pay for that".Probably pick up expansion in 6 months to try it out because its just gonna be the same repeat of the last 4 years.

Legion was and is 10x the expansion that HW was. Nothing innovative, nothing outside the box. Just the same thing with a different skin. Jeremy As Cody says, not to mention the fact the the development cycles that we've had since 2.0 launched have basically made the same stuff EVERY time, with the odd small different things.I've been playing the game since 2010 and yeah, it's pretty damn stale now and it doesn't appear to be changing for the better come June onwards. Anton Barbieri People will just lunge at you and justify LoV and Khloe as "new innovative content" and all the glamours and promotions. London St.Andrews It's not the casuals ruining the game, it's more the devs only catering towards one crowd because they create easy work.

 New nin action creates a box you stand in that lets you cast jutsu with one hand sign each. I'm conflicted on this because I main nin for the mobility (drg rotation is too rigid and i have to be in the mood to deal with mnk positioning). The real question is whether you can leave the aoe marker and return to it or if you lose it when you move. FFXIV Gil Reeeaaallly looking forward to Samurai. If nin is slippin I could have a new main.  I main ninja and I agree with you. I'm liking Red Mage though.  It looks like it wears off after the third jutsu. I can't remember the signs but let's say you were to cast Huton you cast the first sign, throw fuma, second sign, raiton, third sign, huton and then it goes away. And if that's the way it works the mobility should just be stopped for a moment to get all three out. Also if that's the case I'm just as excited for my NIN as I am my WAR.

I thought it was some sort of shield! Thanks for the explanation! I was hoping ninja gets shadow clones or something. Yeah a clone would be cool. I was hoping for a new jutsu that could add a hand sign for 4 total and combines abilities. Like fuma throws the same single target shuriken but with katon fire around it for added aoe explosion. Fire frog is pretty sweet though! The ground aoe could be really cool if you can choose the same jutsu all 3 times. Hitting a crowd with fireball / kassatsu / fireball / new skill / fireball fireball fireball. I could dig that. It would be nice if the nin could have the toad as a summoning companion instead, together with a snake and a slug.


BNS Grand Phoenix Costume Sweepstakes

The Grand Phoenix Costume Sweepstakes winners have been chosen! If you see your name on this list you'll be contacted this week with details on how to obtain your Grand Phoenix bundle. Thanks to everyone that participated! isn't supposed to be there a code in my account today?, i've sign up my email months ago and there's not any code .   Sign up BY today, not receive code today.  when do i get the code then? The newsletter rewards will be sent to your NC Account tomorrow. Buy Blade and Soul Gold  Still haven't received mine!   I like the winners are from all over the world and to Ncsoft and staff at Blade & Soul thank you. For me you gave us a lot of goodies and you do listen I know it takes time because you cant program over night ha ha keep the good work and I wish there was type of housing or a Clan area like in Revelation that would help Clans gather and meet up just a thought.

There already is a way where clannies can group up. It's called the summon function. Has to be rank 11. this game is FUCKING AWESOME~!! ILOVE THE STORY LINE! ifeel the onePiece Bleach Naruto ETC BEST GAME EVER!!!!! South American discriminating in all events. Ty ncsoft, u have more latin's playing ur games and can't participate. Unfair ,.. If I'm wrong someone tells me pls. What are you talking about i see winners from south america listed here.   I saw a guy's char wearing it in Musin's Tower last night . Just more RNG from Blade & Soul and getting Soulstone Crystals are quite difficult . ss crystal is one of the basic mats.. its about the easiest to come by.. Vince Verrette Could you tell me how to get more ?

Welp... Another day that i tried... Blade & Soul Gold Good for the winners =) maybe next time i won something else that an outfit... At least a pet? Ha, as i expected. No love for Romania. (SoulChroma, cardinal gates-in case you change your mind) (whale donations are accepted.) xD. Sadly, I see no one from Romania won something.Somehow, I'm disappointed! Well we may have luck next time mate. Is this suppose to be NA and EU region only -.- Oh well. Yep, just like the two regions the game is in. North America and Europe. Wait... Did I missed this? When? Oh well. Grats to those who win. Wait, when was this event announced? or how was i supposed to enter and participate?

 IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: I just attempted to make an account and before even getting in the game. I've been locked do to suspicious activity. Now, I'm not sure how I can do ANYTHING suspicious given I haven't even been in game. I sent an email to the address it had given me but have heard nothing back. Can SOMEONE please explain to me what's going on? its just a freaking outfit with a emotes.. hahahahah i aint gonna buy that :D haha.Not a single asian won. Blade and Soul NA/EU lol were basically , refugees here . Maintenance in progress??? Never heard of it. How long will it take? B&S please priv me. Of course no Danish winner, sigh. Haha omg no Single Asian won...so sad.Not even in Dublin, Ireland lmfao. welp join everything and gained nothing . Congrats to the peeps.


FFXIV has great music and story

I use to love this game but it has way to many account issues! I'd like to keep something I've paid for without fights tooth and nail for it annually it seems.  Very well deserved!! I love the game so far, I'm still getting the hang of most things but the game is really enjoyable for me and the game deserves all the awards and fame it's getting from the fans! "Evolving Game" What does that even mean? They have Hitman in the same category.  You guys did an amazing job with Heavensward, FFXIV Gil and I've never experienced the like! You certainly deserve it!  Can only guess they mean games with an ever changing world/content?

 The last Hitman has weekly unique missions. I like how the overworld in this game doesn't have level synch like in ESO: One Tamriel. We need more to do ingame . Not grinding the whole day. Adding palast lvl 1-200 was great and i would love to see more like this . "Evolving"? I'm sorry... What does that even mean...?  Hi FINAL FANTASY XIV, im from vietnam, and i want to buy full version FFXIV ONLINE (i played in japanese server - trial version), but the problem is: when i access square enix online store - in step 2, i cant find my country to fullfill the information. Is there anyway to buy game? Please help me.
Thanks you.

Oh those disillusioned luciferian brits and their parlor tricks and the jews with their capitalist views.  And XIV gets more awards than XV? FFXIV has great music and story though. Cheap FFXIV Gil  fix the large but empty and stale maps, cash shop double dipping and i'll agree. Yeah XV is so weak. Im just glad i played XIV til the mid part of Heavensward and all i can say is that the game is so good to play especially the music.  fix the large but empty and stale maps, cash shop double dipping and i'll agree, You deserve it.

You all locked my account out for some reason I haven't been on forever and don't remember what email address I used don't understand why I got locked out.  Lol cant believe someone wants ffxiv to have an action battle setup like nier has. Will never happen. Its an mmo not an actiom game sheesh,  Please evolve the battle system in Stormblood. Make it more like Nier Automata. Can anyone help me please? In 2015 i download FFXIV (Free trial) in my ps4, And registred an account in, but i didnt played the game. Now, i downloaded again and the ID of the first account is in the ID log in bar and i cant even select the bar to Change the account id. I registred the New account in the same email of the first account (is this even possible?) Please, any adm help me, because this is anoying.Nice work guys!


I was fan of Lineage 2

I dropped so much money on trove but I have never seen sacred oil...I've resorted to just making it with the materials given. Where is my damn aquamarine at?! Its been... 2 trove season looking for it lmao. This time last year we released our eighth class, the Warlock! Check out these photos from our Unlock the Lock event!NCSoft destroys all games. I was fan of Lineage 2, they destroy it. I played Aion online, this game they destroy to. For B&S i was waiting 5+ years, and they destroy the game to. Blade and Soul Gold Come on in your company governed pink woman candys? L2 Eternal you will destroy to? Im disopointed. Me to, dont know if we will wait few years like for Lineage 2: Eternal.

I will be happy when they dont do lots of usles updates destroying game, and making it Pay To Win. Game is good when it have 1 month. If game have few months they do lots of updates destroying game and restrictions for players. Never seen that much Bots in game like in NCSOFT. what do you by destory ? like they closed the game ? or what. Lineage 2 Ethernal was cancelled mate. Pay to Win? Really? Try to play AION in Gameforge.. Dont rush" and "800+ nexus 6 man" doesnt really go together giggle that's why I quit, I only like PvP and PvP balance. The game was originally for PvP.. kinda killed it when they shifted :C.

THAT's a TRUE pay to win company... this game is good, people complains about gears but they not forcing you to spend for those gears, plus this game is designed for pve players if you know what i mean. Buy Blade and Soul Gold just a simple tip for yall folks, don't rush it. don't force it and take it easy. if you don't just quit because you're just gonna get stress about this game instead of enjoying it.this game is not meant international if we want to play our characters in full potential. i believe that this game is designed to play for region. this is why theres other BNS on Asia, like Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China.Just played this game for a week and I found this game is somewhat interesting (beside the ping and low fps on low end computers), idk why people just keep complaining.

 I stopped playing just because ping and gameguard :\ yes amazing game but bad servers and useless rootkit gameguard.  If you guys have ping problems then just use wtf fast ?? problem solved. Quit because the endgame is very elitist. You don't have high gear, no content for you.


FFX Aurons outfit

ichael Patmore The process man, watch from start to finish dude. ik kreeg gwn kippenvel van het einde xD. Why is it that it kinda remembles FFX Aurons outfit. Wish I had something like this, it would be awesome. Next make the Red Mage Chocobo Sword \o/.  Yoshi P is worth it - the whole FFXIV team work so hard. Amazing work on that costume! Cheap FFXIV Gil Amazing This Samurai Costume For Stormblood Okay.  What's the instrumental called? Love the DD music. Check out this gallery with some of the finest moments of the European #FFXIVFanFest2017, amazing cosplay and fantastic activities!

Final Fantasy has affected my life since I was a little boy. I remember receiving for my birthday the first Final Fantasy on Nintendo when I was barely able to speak and read English. I played Mystic Quest and throughout the years I was granted the opportunity to experience Final Fantasy II, III and so on. I always look at my life and reflect Cecil's and Edgar's personality.. and sometimes I reflect the life of Cloud. These heroes with all of the others, the amazing storyline have marked my existance and loyalty to the Final Fantasy world. I daily listen to all of the game soundtracks from Final Fantasy 2-3-7-8 and 9. My dream in school was to become a game developper and join "SquareSoft" at the time and add to the creativity of the series. That is why I play FFIV. I am Paladar Alexander on the Excalibur server. Believe in the dream.

I had a blast in Frankfurt! I hope there will be another FanFest in the future!  I really think we need Yoshi P's samurai outfit as a glamour. It is absolutely beautiful. If you'll be playing SAM in SB you will xP. I am very much looking forward to red mage and samurai xD Spending the past fees days getting up to date with everything. Will someone help me? Buy FFXIV Gil I have final fantasy xiv-the complete experience-on ps4. I have a enough space, I changed the dns server to Google on my ps4, and I still keep getting unable to download patch files. What am I doing wrong? I had this issue when I switched from PS to PC; if the DNS solution doesn't work, message me and i'll walk you through some other options.
Xusuje Jxst if you're there contact me. Walk me through step by step, okay? Can't wait for PAX East!! finally I can meet Yoshi-P.


I don't have the source, but I do remember reading in an article that samurai's fighting style would be most similar to monk's stances without all the positionals. That's going to be sick as hell then!  is it to much to ask for this kind of armor?   I'm sure this will be added, lord knows so many want the classic style samurai armor. Cheap FFXIV Gil I think Yoshi's view of samurai is more a Kenshin Himura style Samurai. technically they have headgear like that during those certain seasonal events. The worst part is when your all done and sword fight the couch and the sword breaks or theirs a stain after the party you can't get off lmao.

I think it's fucking GREAT and the amount of passion that goes into his game is admirable and should be a goal for ALL Game designers, artist, producers and so on. Be proud and take passion into your creation instead of making a dumbass cash cow.  wish they would have shown a slow close up of the outfit after it was completed, all of the work and detail that looked like was put into the costume is inspiring. The fact that Yoshi did this shows how passionate he is about the game. Jan as someone who appreciates costume design, this might be of interest! Fantastic! I'd love to do something like this.

They should make it so that you could buy Aurons outfit heck everyone would pay to have that. Gisele, além de ser o melhor diretor, ainda é o melhor cosplayer! And it would only cost 20k to buy it for regular folks Buy FFXIV Gil.....  I just started getting into EVE Online.... Fkcin' hell, I'm not ready for Samurai in FFXIV. This is REALLY AMAZING in a way it remember me of Oron outfit in FFX.I think we need to buy a workshop...Check out Maul Cosplay and Maja Felicitas in Defcon Unlimited! They do very talented (and hot) cosplays. Maul is actually the guy who made Yoshi-P's katana for this cosplay. The fact it says samurai costume and not auron costume niggles me..but it does look great. The costume to be included as a paid extra from the mog station (SE logic).  I would buy it along with the black mage outfit.

Maybe if he spent more time working on a new tank job vs a DPS costume.  look alike a lot of work for something he'll only wear once to bad he didn't so a Red Mage one at one of the others.  Don't worry guys. It's still blue mage. Wow, Ciska! Dit vind ik toch wel heel gaaf hoor.  I don't know much about Defcon Unlimited, but I knew as soon as I saw Maul, it was going to look badass. ichael Patmore The process man, watch from start to finish dude.


FFXIV literally prints money

Well have fun and waste your hard earn money then this is a complete waste of money if it was $7 for both emotes then thats $3.50 putting it alittle cheaper then minions the way it should be.  If it's a waste of money don't complain about it :P I'm a university student, I haven't bought the emote, I kinda want it, but since I don't have money to spare at the moment I dont. But I'm not bitching around everywhere am I now?  It's because we pay a sub which should cover stuff like this. XIV literally prints money and it feels incredibly cheap when they ask for extra money for an emote.People in Latin America only make .50 cents to a dollar an hour. Cheap FFXIV Gil That's barley anything :x.

 Courtney Pineda, then I doubt anyone in Latin America would be able to play this game at all, so such a comparison to the notion of someone like that complaining about the price of optional stuff, as opposed to people who either work a full time steady job with somewhat decent hours and pay,,with a mind of their own to make the adult decision to buy this game, either because they like Final Fantasy, or MMORPGs in general, only THEN deciding to but a totally optional thing for the game that COULD'VE but WASN'T made free in some minor patch....You get my bloody point? If you got the money but don't wanna spend it, shut the hell up about it.

It's like complaining about the state of government, but you're far too above everyone to even vote. If you don't vote, you don't get to fucking complain!!! eah yeah, so lets buy the game, Cheap FFXIV Gil pay the subscriptions, pay the cash shop pay pay pay. Isn't enought? Is that REALLY NECESSARY FOR THR GAME TO SURVIVE A CASH SHOP OF ITENS WE CAN NOOOOOTTT HAAAVEEE INN THE GAAAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE????? I'm thinking of leaving now. It's bullshit.Giacomo Nazario Bez Fontana Go for it, you're not obliged to stay.  Some people really don't understand what "optional" means, do they?  What exactly is the sub fee and money payed for dlc put into if they slap together emotes to sell them in a cash shop, something small like this should be free.Why should it be free? They already give you lot of free stuff in game?

We just received new glamour, new emote free today. You want more? And do you know how much hosting server cost? The staff that survey the game, that came on if there is a sudden bug, the developping, etc. They need cash shop or it will be a downfall.Monika Carette Girard FF11 didn't had a cash shop so get out of here with that bullshit and the sub was the same prices or around there.....