WoW's garrisons

Will we be able to go straight to our house like a wayshrine or will we be using one closeby, then walking? Definitely awesome but I would prefer non instanced housing. Want to know the prices everything will cost. In game and crown store. Definitely not my cup of tea, but if you dig this game, check out the link to meet others that do too.  Will materials used for crafting furniture affect the colour of the furniture? Will we be able to dye furniture? And another little rant... Why have housing with no storage in it? Sounds incomplete and rushed to me. I'd rather have a new zone to explore than a house... But I'm sure this will entertain for a few hrs...

 Price ranges would be good, how the customization will work too. Will this require a new professional skill line or will it be like skyrim? They've said it'll use existing skill lines Buy Blade and Soul Gold - Woodworking, Clothier, etc.  I'm curious how much you'll nerf the destro staff ultimates. 45k damage and I'm wearing 7 heavy is kind of crazy.  I've never been hit with a 45k destro ULT. I also wear all heavy. Cheap Blade and Soul Gold The most I've been hit with is 15k. Maybe the traits on your armor should be changed. Why would anyone change their traits if they can do that kind of damage?

I read it as He's taking 45k damage with 7 heavy. Destro ult is rather obnoxious, I usually where full heavy set as well and get hit for 30k and higher. Stupid. The move just needs to be deleted or have its cost drastically increased at least. Storage is there storage? Chests? armor racks? Can we make all of our furniture out of sweetrolls? They've said you get an apartment in an inn free after completing the tutorial, and then after that houses can be bought with in-game gold or Crowns.  Will we buy homes or earn them?

so you copied garrison from WoW and put it in your game basically? What are you talking about? You couldn't even place a bed in WoW's garrisons. Garrisons weren't even housing; garrisons were instanced quest hubs. Will there be a garden to plant herbs? They've said that's not something that currently exists with it but that they'd like to add it at some point in the future. For a sec I thought that was piper form fallout 4. How will crafting furniture work?  They've said that it'll use existing skill lines, and that some things will use more than one skill: for instance they said a bed might use both Blacksmithing and Clothier.


Legendary Soulshield Stats Bugged in F2

 Can u pls Fix this damn DC suddenly when doing the fcking 24 man dng? Just Sonia, bns is bad for your health! MASS DC and cant event reconnect! fack this game, fvk this game very trash 100% pls delete ur game bitch. Data error hahaha! exploded! Server down again?? when will u fix this lag and D/C ?? come on ncsoft make this game good make people want to play it ill throw money at you . Fix your damn server... Or just shut it down! Is the game down again? why I always DC when I enter the portal? Cheap Blade and Soul Gold any solution? Any manual patch? I cant update through launcher..

why login page on client wont send verification code on my email? server still crashing_ soon very soon ppl can Log in. Were to buy load for blade and soul premiere items??? Looks like I'm not playing tonight.  Give us an Australia server please. indecent European servers! bye! dc server?....what happened bug? I couldnt connect to the server too!  the server its down Maria...bns i hope we get reward from this! Thats just perfect! i thought it was my net acting up but damn Blade and Soul Gold .... sigh .

i tought that 2...server is going so badly these days!...my pt failed on stage 5 turtle.. The entitlement is strong with this one.Make the game easy and you will have 3 millions back that kill the bots, even your Core abilities need grinding in this game INSANE! and stupid, people with money works.  how do you even, same times today it cached yet again hooow? Hi, in a future update can we get the option to be notified offline when people on our friends list log into the game? That would be great, thanks.

Can you guys fix the Legendary Soulshield Stats Bugged in F2? thanks. always dced at crucial times please fix this as soon as possible.  Rip servers lol hope the DC is better by tomo. Server maintenance? OMG no opem account. and after 40 minutes you can log in then 5 minutes dc again sigh. NCSOFT.



We have the codes/tokens, but we cannot obtain the outfits until after the EU Fan Fest . Really I didn't know that, what a annoyance. I just hope I can find out where to buy the live steam tickers for Tokyo and Frankfurt, cant find them anywhere.  They will announce it right before the fanfest, just like the american one. Don't expect anything until late january. Ah never knew that either lol when I got the email about the American fan fest the live tickets were already for sale Cheap FFXIV Gil . Must keep a look out then for the Tokyo on to as I gotta have lulu as well as yuna.

Well you'll eventually get them, but all this is is just excitement over something we will all go crazy about then eventually get bored of. Trust me, you can wait. To be fair, that wasn`t really surprising as they did the same with the mog outfit at the previous fanfest. Angela Johnson Oh I dont know about that, I tend to miss out of events like these due to myself forgetting about them. I didn't miss the first one but If I miss the other two I would be rather upset with myself. Can't run around in game dressed a Yuna without the little mini me following behind XD.

Hi mog is one my favorite characters in the whole series of final fantasy. No blackfriday deal? i hope you do a great blackfriday deal for new and old users , No blackfriday deal? i hope you do a great blackfriday deal for new and old users  *mortgages house for tickets, flights, hotel* ...nah. go catch the moogle xD there shall be no killing of the moogles lmao.

I want moogle slippers so bad!! Buy FFXIV Gil Moogle are so cute . Im having a problem downloading the patches to my PC, anyone have any info on that? I've tried looking up things on the web but still not working.
I know I've downloaded at least 3gb of 13 but each time I get that error, it resets the download back to 0gb/13gb and still says im downloading a patch from 5/26/2015.I've also been trying since Monday early afternoon to get this downloaded...and still isn't done.


Opening to FFVIII

I am not a fan of finale fantasy. Never have been. This one will be my first. I'm getting it causes it's an action rpg. I can't get into the point and click battles. As long as they continue the way this one is I'm in. you really limit the amount of fun you could be having with that shallow view.  I played all main final fantasy games and 7 will always be my favourite. And thats just due to the fact that the first FF you played will always have a special place in your heart. This really made me cry because all of the emotions presented in this video :') I understand what it really feels :')

Square, FFXV has leaked out in Peru, Buy FFXIV Gil just make the release date earlier now pls. Played Final Fantasy Tatics, FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX, FFX, FFXII, FFXIII and part 2. My most favorite of all time is part Seven and Tactics. Sophie Cho this is a part of me too. final fantasy is amazing. Amazing this is kinda inspiring. I suck at art but sometimes I wish I could go into the game development field. I need to eat like 47 donuts so I go into a diabetic coma. I feel like that would make this game come out faster.

Opening to FFVIII and that was 9yr old me hooked to the franchise. Loved them all minus the 3 I won't name on PS3 haha. Saw this on conan .. wow .. square soft really brings the level down after they released XI many years ago ..  Final fantasy x Tidus playing think it was blitz ball. I watched the original version and it almost made me cry! Cheap FFXIV Gil hahaha with this one i lost it! hahaha, This series represent so much to many of us that it's so touching and emotional to share and listen stories about it!. i have no doubt that FFXV will create new memories for all of us! I can't wait! cheers Square Enix :D XI days.

 I wish they interviewed us! My first time experiencing the series was watching you play FFVIII (and not getting a turn!) then deciding to start FFIX one night at Mudge St? And it all went from there!   Should of pre-ordered FF15 when it was first available! That's how I got the "Big Bang theme"  I also wanna know this too as well as if angler,gourmand,travel,and phtotography sets will be avail too. You can buy the season pass separately from either Best Buy or GameStop. You can buy the season pass separately from either Best Buy or GameStop . I think the hard copy personally just because of the steel book case and the classic ff cover art. I think the hard copy personally just because of the steel book case and the classic ff cover art..


Blade&Soul NCSOFT Pumpkin Carving Contest

Check out the winning entries for the NCSOFT Pumpkin Carving Contest!  Blade&Soul , Hi can i ask a favor mam/sir? Can you please send the (Schedule Maintenance date/time) here? Thank you!  Blade & Soul pls post in your facebook when ul have maintenance and when its finished thannks. Greetings! We have addressed this issue on our forums. Blade and Soul Gold Feel free to join the conversation there: Blade & Soul but just tell me, will bns get banned in uae? just say yes or no please!!!

Mohammed Rumaithi If you check that forum, a community manager have posted that UAE will not be banned. There is some kind of network issue which affected the logging in process. Hello admin,
I want to ask and want to give a little advice.I represent the Indonesian gamers are disappointed,because they can not play this game.My suggestion, why not bring this game to Indonesia.I think this game is so nice and fun to be played.thanks, maybe this is all I can say.

 LOL wtf dead hajoon afflicted by black lotus curse with gost fire above his head and surrounded by lotus blossoms... so good but so bad . Who is the sick guy who made that Hajoon? Omg, Buy Blade and Soul Gold my day its over now. that hajoon pumpkin was evil hajoon was b&s fans Glenn lmao. Who is the sick guy who made that Hajoon? Omg, my day its over now. Now server is up or not yet because it's have different time zone HELP!!Read the damn letter cricket, I need to die here. im new here, i just download the game few hours ago n i cant wait to play di s game :D, carry me master.

Blade & Soul are you guys gonna do christmas events like halloween this year? hi goodmorning, still maintenance? it says "Login Failed. Please try again in a few minutes. (42)" same message since yesterday. Sorry, can smb help me? I've been hacked and they chanched my email on NCsoft, and I can't log in. Where I shoul write to recover my account?


FFXV looks amazing

Also, his shirt represents his lineage and over the course of the trailer his shirt becomes more tattered untill eventually it's gone and he losses his powers, and that represents the struggle he has over who he is. The trailer gives the impression that he's locked inside his own head and has to fight through his own demons before being able to confront the one thats taken hold of his body; but I guess we'll have to see how it actually plays out.

The trailer is a what-if could happen,FFXIV Gil hence the name "omen" This was awesome. Kingsglaive was awesome too. The graphics blew my mind. I seem to remember at the big reveal event they said something about giving a royal Audi away? Whatever happened to that? I really want it now that I've seen the movie haha!  Its still going on you have to pre order the game from the Square Enix online store to enter one of the give aways. Stop teasing. Please release the game!!! We have been good fans! To atain perfection, patience is required, patience young one! XD I used to think that this game was like spoilers all over.

Only now I realised that we have only 10 minutes of story based videos and only gameplay.  It's coming lol. Just got the email for the money being taken out for my deluxe addition, Buy FFXIV Gil it's coming don't worry. Its has a date. They are not gonna release it any time before it so calm down your comment is pointless. I know you don't really care about final fantasy but at least watch for the inferred story and the cinematic direction. Ten years waiting for this game but I swear even if it were just for that trailer it was totally worth it.

No mames. I preordered two copies now. This game looks amazing. What if the king sent his son away with "friends" knowingly that noctis probably killed Luna but doesn't know it, either in the past or future. So he tries to prevent it but end the end you are playing the bad guy all along.


BNS Rumble in the Realm community tournaments are open

I also heard that the scammer was bragging about his accomplishment on faction chat and many people were praising him for it. It was really upsetting not just the former leader (whom is currently working on getting the clan back) but other former clan members as well.  Greetings! We are sorry to hear about this situation. Blade and Soul Gold If you already contacted our support team, they may take up to 72 hours before giving an answer.

 Blade & Soul That is a lot of hard work put into collecting all those things we need in our clans. I hope they figure it out for you. The person doing this needs to be banned form the dgame. This company needs to do something about it. iam having game guard issue need help i cant even load game web too. Hello! Sorry to hear about your issues. Please check the link below for possible solutions. Should none of them work, please submit a ticket to our Support.

 stupid game 3 hours trying to get my gun in Brighstone lynblade ruins and nothing, I prefer to go to revelations or ArcheAge to be wasting time like this in a fucking gun.  Jerome Fabregas Lota im playing now in revelations KR, waiting for the CBT,  RO has KR server??? I thought it's only available on CN.  Why does my daily dash say I get 5 Spins Buy Blade and Soul Gold but I only really get 3?

Registration for the Rumble in the Realm community tournaments are open until October 13! One simple question: Are you guys planning to create some rides? Cause I am tired of walking accross the map... the dragon "bla bla" jump doesn't seem complete, and seldom see any in map, and yet, it doesn't bring us to certain place that we want to go. Please create some cool rides... at least a bicycle... And i thinking of not come back the reason is the lág and the optimization, the lág is near 300 Ping and my Internet is really fast... Same time i am running in map then everything dissapear and my vídeo card is gtx 750 with 4gb.


use the Dragon Pulse at the end of Silverfrost Citadel

We've uploaded yesterday's stream with Silkwood, Gummy Senpai, iShugiTV & xSoonkyu for your viewing pleasure. I'm sorry but I couldn't find anyone to talk to you here about getting hacked and having my profile blocked for what you said selling so I'm just wondering if I ever will get my profile back and if the guy I sold my items, my my character was named nagato and I was level 25, email i use to login is I would appreciate if you could tell me if the guy sold my awakened blight hongmoon dagger, earrings and ring. I spent 10 days getting to level 25 with basically non-stop play and I would like to know if I still have my items and if the guy didn't sell them.

Please look for : Buy Blade and Soul Gold HadrWhelky; Homey Chron; Grap Pactup; Tofollao Blenness for Bots. I hope you consider my request, it is annoying to work hard in the game to join someone unfairly money. Sorry for posting here but I had no way to get justice. I see this kind of thing several times on the same map is sad. Obs: American/ Server Gunma. hey pls do something about party system in dungeon...too many afk and cant kick em out of party...

Hey I've been trying to go to Jiwan Peak for the story for awhile now. Blade and Soul Gold Everytime I use the Dragon Pulse at the end of Silverfrost Citadel, I get the to loading screen and it freezes up and says I've been disconnected from the server. It's happened 4 times at the same spot now so I'm pretty sure it's not a coincidence. Is there anything I can do to fix that or is it the game? Upload your Video And Guides Now Live!! Once again releasing shitty same outfits with different color.

Hey I've been trying to go to Jiwan Peak for the story for awhile now. Everytime I use the Dragon Pulse at the end of Silverfrost Citadel, I get the to loading screen and it freezes up and says I've been disconnected from the server. It's happened 4 times at the same spot now so I'm pretty sure it's not a coincidence. Is there anything I can do to fix that or is it the game?


BNS is better than Diablo 3 or wow

Understandably NCsoft can't just change the pin for whoever asks for it. That would give scammers more tools to hijack accounts. I hold my thumbs up that there's some way the support staff can help you, but understand that if they can't it's because of account security reasons.  Yea they reset it for me. Its all back to normal now. Buy Blade and Soul Gold I think you should remove this comment lol.

Oh ya, sea/oce players, , discard your hope . It was sweet talk only . How about fixing the optimize for game, because fps keep dropping so bad. I see that spell caster outfit in wardrobe....I want that and bewitched now please O_o. Bye BNS waiting so long for Sea/Oce server...Space Hulk Deathwing is coming November at Steam.. Good game been playing this for months. And im enjoying it... When you first launch the client it asks you to create a 6 digit pin. What may have happened is that while attempting to insert an obsolete pin you ended up creating a new one by accident. So when I renew my premium I start back at rank 1 all over again?? Im not buying a year in advance. I should still be able to have my rank. do you think we care? Revelation online is coming!! GG BNS.

played this game like a mad man since launch. Then they released SSP. game went havoc. @.@ bots+ridiculous upgrade mats. I rather they update the story line, China and Korean is like 3 chapters ahead. WHY DINT YOU FIX THE Whirlwind Valley "Force Disconnection? still here DAM NCSOFT sigh.  They cant fix that they can only punish, Blade and Soul Gold witch they have. Trying to do now, loss of rank, and timeouts if force disc.

Since when we need to wait for the next update of the storyline?
Dont get me wrong I do like the game but the storyline is the best thing in the game. For second i was thinking this was Diablo 3 or wow lol. Dream for a sea sever is dead..... this game suck full of kids im glad i played the china bns. Stopped playing since you ignore the community ^-^


I've got Windows on a Mac because of work,

If they did anything for PC, it tends to be when they're targeting NA/EU, hence the PSP games for PCs. In Korea, they've been purely focused on Windows, although lately they've been shifting to mobile development, with some companies abandoning PC development to only make mobile games.
You can "not lose hope" for as long as you want, but it just won't happen, be realistic.

I've got Windows on a Mac because of work, and as I know gaming companies outside of NA/EU don't give a flying Blade and Soul Gold ! about Macs. Get an OEM version (aimed at PC developers, not the end user, but some stores still sell them to the public) of Windows. They're about half the price, but still 100% authentic Windows, you just don't get to use Microsoft tech support, as you're suppose to use the PC maker's tech support when running OEM versions.

Companies are going to do things based on where they see the money being, as Korea is the one making the decisions, and they clearly don't see the money in anything outside of Windows, and mobile, a Mac version won't happen. Then as I keep saying, as they can't even be bothered to fix the Windows client, they sure as heck won't make a Mac client too, especially when this region is shedding players steady, as this is the only region that people would want a Mac version for.

If you refuse to get Windows, Buy Blade and Soul Gold then you're only other option would be something like Cider, or Wineskin which will apply a wrapper to Windows programs so they should run on a Mac, just not especially well, and some may not work properly at all. Although waiting for NCSoft to make a Mac version is a waste of time, you'll just have to do something yourself.


Blade & Soul makes upgrading a problem

 Blade & Soul it's not really the cost that makes upgrading a problem, it's how it all works. First there's important materials we need, in some defined end-game content, which leveling players can't do. Clearly the idea is that leveling players are to buy those items from the end-game players, so said end-game players feel rewarded for doing that content.

Problem is those end-game players need those items too, and lots of them, especially with the insane content release schedule you're going with, resulting in the in-game supply not really being sufficient for the demand. Those items then get priced based on the earning potential of end-game players, not the leveling player, Buy Blade and Soul Gold and the end-game players see it as their money making cash cow, so want the prices to stay high, and complain if anything happens to reduce their value. For leveling players such items are out of reach of all but the hardcore grinders, and wallet warriors since you don't shy from putting such items into the cash shop, and heavily cash shop influenced events, like the trove event. Plus aside from paying for those materials, we're suppose to pay the upgrade fee as well. When we can farm the items we need, and just have the upgrade fee to worry about, the money we get as a leveling character would be enough, it's when you also expect us to buy things from others that things get messed up.

After that, there's the upgrades themselves, which at times, are actually downgrades as immediately after going through a breakthrough/evolution stage, our equipment has lower stats than it had before. It wouldn't be until we are at about the next breakthrough/evolution stage that there's much of a bonus, and even then, it may not seem like much. Honestly, a bit of streamlining by removing some of those stages would be a good idea.

Then there's the required weapon, which we need the right one of for our class (nine currently, with more likely to come), and often can't be traded, even within our account. With other games you can have multiple ways of getting a single piece of equipment, Blade and Soul Gold or roughly equivalent equipment. Get it as a drop, craft it, farm tokens to trade with a NPC, or buy it from another player, as usually it only binds to a character after it's equipped. Due to how things work in other games, even failing to get what you wanted can be a net positive, and be used to get what you wanted in the end. Here, there's often really only one way, and when we don't get the weapon we need it's pretty much useless to us, making it a complete loss, and highly discouraging. If they could at *least* be traded within our account (along with other things, like sealed soul shields, equipment XP gems, etc...), it'd really help with playing alts, but nope, no can do. Selling the ones we didn't want to others could even help fund upgrades, but we of course can't do that either, as they're character bound. Soul shields can be even worse, I've had about ten, or more of every other piece before getting even one of the one I wanted, and with them having random stats, it may still not give me what I wanted. We can't trade those either, and can't do much with unwanted ones, but grind them for powder that I tend to have plenty of.


BnS has swimsuits in game

This is literaly one of the worst outfits in they could've picked, everything is "metal" and i know its gonna look terrible, parts dont fit together (alice in wonderland and naruto shoes?? what?).. Buy Blade and Soul Gold Sadly there are better entries but they werent picked because they are either way too lazy to make complicated ones, or its because there werent enough designs on those for every race.

Alice theme is fine. Same as Ebony Ledbetter Moore, I think it would have been better if it's done in oriental style to show creativity. Guys, you're forgetting that BnS has swimsuits. It also had Strange Allure, Class Act, Dark Angel, Ivory Bird, Luciole, My Angel, White Rosetta. All of those outfits dont fit with BnS theme at all lol, so the "doesnt fit theme" argument is invalid.

Alice theme is the worst theme... If you are male you will always look like a pussy. And EEEEEEEEEEEEVERY game have that shitty theme. When will you do something trully cool? Idk, Heavy metal outfit, all with a leather jacket, and the weapons can be music instruments, Blade and Soul Gold or something like TRON, with neons and that... I dont fckin know, but come on, there are a lot of cool stuff...

Congratz to the winner! In my opinion it was the best entry from those 11 posted designs. The most important pro of the winner was the presentation, it was easy to see details. The other were interesting, but the presentation was to busy. Looking forward to see the costume in game, hope you'll keep the details as well.


FFXIV new events

it really is only 5 days. you just have a month to redeem it. Alex Hernicz nah, it starts a 120 hour counter the moment you log in. You have a 30 day window to do it, technically you'd need to log in at least five days before it ends to take advantage of the offer to its fullest. Five days including the day on which users first log in. FFXIV Gil This period ends on the fifth day at 11:59 p.m. (local time).

it seems to mean it counts time you log in on a new day, as a day. you could login 5 not consecutive days in that month long period. its just a very strange choice of how to give free days. I actually plan to play as long as possible and I encourage Square Enix to please host free logins more often and have them last a extra day longer. People complaining about this needs to know, not everyone can afford to pay to play.

I haven't had internet in over a year, so it goes without saying Buy FFXIV Gil I was and am still unable to pay to play. So events like this are greatly encouraged and appreciated. This is the only way I can hang out with some of my friends who only play games on other platforms. I, myself only can play on PS3 since I do not have the money to buy any other platform. Tho I have a PC desktop, unfortunately it is unable to find my wifi signal. Needless to say, if you got the money to play, then play, you have no legit reason to complain about f2p. And you tend to forget, that would benefit you as well.

Already had two solo attempts in the Palace. It's good to be back home. I figured I'd play around with the WoW pre Legion patch or do the SWTOR DvL event, but now I have something better to do.


BNS SEA servers

You are smarter than the BNS staff. When will they have SEA servers? NA FPS drops. I'm from the Philippines. SEA/OCEANIC Server please,.. people from Asia playing this game has Ping Disadvantage on pvp.When will they have SEA servers? NA FPS drops. I'm from the Philippines. E vc falando que não ta vazio o server. Vão unificar agora pq Blade & Soul Gold os server tão vazio pra caralho ai o povo chegou no ponto de precisar de ajuda das pessoas dos outros servers.

And you think merging 4 Ceru dominant servers (Group 2) together is a good thing? Group 3 is also 4 Crimson dominant servers? Who actually planned this? Really?  Mushin full of ceru , and old man chu full of crimson , Fazhar MPv It isn't too bad for NA, but for EU this is literally the list:
Windrest = Crimson Legion
Wild Springs = Crimson Legion
Highland Gate = Crimson Legion
Cardinal Gates = Cerulean Order
Hao District = Cerulean Order
Greenhollow = Cerulean Order
Spirit's Rest = Cerulean Order

This is going by who dominates at Soulstone Plains the majority of the time in the specific servers Buy Blade and Soul Gold ; since that is the main faction based area and requires good gear + lots of you to compete with the opposing faction. They have literally bundled All Ceruleans together. All Crimsons together.It makes little to no sense to me.


Blade and Soul green dungeons cross server

Why removed the green dungeons cross server? what you hope to gain from this? hindering up of new players. Thanks for the update. Its really fun to get new stuff. Keep up the good work.  i already patch twice what happening with this errors!.  Turn off Antivirus before patch. Blade and Soul Gold  I thought they were giving away another character slot Blade and Soul Gold with the intro of this class, was I wrong about that?

No you weren't - you get another free slot. Grab it from the Hongmoon store. Why give Chi consumption skill (V) at low lvl and cant even use it because not enough Chi level?Cheap Blade and Soul gold Or I do something wrong. All the people complaining about P2W are too lazy to grind, to upgrade their weps/accessories. Buy Blade and Soul Gold However the cost to upgrade from Oathbreaker onwards is WAY too high.

loveing the new class the stance shift is pretty insane! Will we have a new level up challenge like Warlock patch?  Te regalan un slot para crearlo, parece. Lucas el Soul Fighter te lo voy a describir con una palabra: ROTO!!

PL0x BUY SERVERS so peoples won't have high ping in game, its really cheap it seems like you hosting bns servers in Africa.  GM can contact ppl in game to tell something about ppl account? Miss our Producer's Letter Q&A stream with Senior Producer Nico Coutant, Director of Community Omeed Dariani and Assistant Producer Jonathan Lien?


buy multiple plots upon FFXIV 3.3 release

Limit the amount of plots an individual can buy. You better believe that the top 5% richest players are going to buy multiple plots upon 3.3 release. A per server, per account limit would be a very welcome addition.  I have 2 plot but since they are for rp i dont feel bad. I know some doing that to be able to resell them Buy FFXIV Gil at high price that's lame.

  House was bought and paid for with money earned with non refundable time... If they had added an eminent domain clause prior to introducing the housing rather than after people wasted time farming for it, they could have avoided wasting their time. What they are doing is theft, especially when they can just add additional wards at will....  I agree and I really can't see what's so hard to understand in that simple fact. I sure wouldn't have wasted millions & time on this.

I just want a bigger house. FFXIV Gil Or an option to expand my house from a small to a medium. I like the location. I just wish it was a medium. Small was the only one avaible on leviathan.  I don't like to be pressured to pay sorry. I'm not a trainned monkey.  The houses and wards are just numbers in a massive database, until they are used by SE to manipulate people, which SE is notorious for. I still have all of my XI equipment, and am pissed that SE is simply going to close the servers forever, rather than offer up the code to the private server community...

I like the location. I just wish it was a medium. Small was the only one avaible on leviathan. Also your community is garbage.Can you please limit the purchase of land to 1 per person. I'm getting sick and tired see an FC/player having multiple houses across all three districts. Then maybe you should clean up your Facebook and unlike this page if it is no longer relevant to you. Just because you leave, it doesn't mean the fame will stop.


FFXIV new summons Content is good

I remember the cataclysm heroic dungeons were way more fun than the ffxiv's "hard cough cough easy" dungeons because you couldnt storm through trash without CC and boss mechanics actually 1 shot you if you failed them unlike ffxiv dungeons which are very forgiving. Please release it already, the game is awesome but i got bored sometimes. june? goddamit FFXIV Gil...i'm bored with anti-tower and lost city hard, hurry it up dammit. Get a real job. No but seriously, I want to cross class my gladiator to summoner.  They're working on a new glamour or pet system for the current summons first then they'll be working on new summons.

HW is out for over a year now and theirs only 2 raids and 1 24 man. Once you get through m4s there is literally zero to do. And a large percentage of the more hardcore players are at that point. And to tell people not to run through and kill content just because it takes them so long to push more out is a sorry reasoning as to why hardcore players have nothing to do.

Content is good, there is no hardcore or casual in ffxiv. They are one in the same, as anyone can do it when they are geared. Kill 4 bosses, farm it Buy FFXIV Gil for a month or 2, move on till the patch after next for any content that requires you to actually pay attention. They are doing way better than most mmos out right now. Still within 4 months of every major patch, they are doing amazing work. At least we are not doing Alex for a year.

However, the people that make those handy tutorials(MrHappy, MTQ, and the likes) are the hardcore. They push thru at min ilvl to clear the fights at their hardest state.  Tell the hardcore Raiders they have nothing to do until earliest December.. That's ridiculous.     this standard or even fast for pay to play game. Dont burn out on playing this game, people want everything immediately and they forgot the enjoy the game. Plus, bigger staff does not mean good result, speed with low effectiveness mean poor contents.


how to get soulstone in Blade and Soul

Yeah they're annoying, duh. Do they ruin the game? Not for me. I just don't do the SSP often. I don't like the PvP so it's irrelevant about those bots. If you're looking for things to be upset about, Blade and Soul Gold you'll find them. If you let them upset you, that's your own problem, don't expect a company that owes you nothing to fix all your woes over night.Bots are actually ruining the economy. Maybe not for you because you might not bother with the market or arenas. But the price of certain items aren't worth selling because bots are farming the crap and you have bots ruining the pvp experience for some people due to so many of them being there.

People are complaining about not enough to do and here is someone saying it is too fast... Take it easy what is the rush far out what an ending hope you fing a better game then peace. If you're complaining about p2w look at perfect world international. Pls lol. Same reasons. The second reason is you spend ridiculous amount of gold for upgrading, npcs, teleport, repair, uncharm, almost everything inside the game! Your every movement inside the game costs money!

End game upgrading is crazy expensive, but it's to be expected. Meh the economy is whatever. If you need money just do dailies for it, they can't effect that. I have no problem making money, my issue is just that I always want to make or have more. buy Blade and Soul Gold You can make 10-15gold from dailies alone. Alex Sanchez what class are u and how much ap u got?

How does that explain a lot? I worked to keep up, and still trying to keep up. Everything was more expensive when I was leveling. Paid 8-10 gold per moonwater Trans stone and 30 silver per soulstone. This game is getting boring, i only login to open trasure trove, but now it's gone and there is no daily dash anymore so..... oh well, i'll be playing tree of savior and black desert now. ugh enough with the new content. just fix the game already please. unless we haven't caught up to the Korean versions, in which case, giterdun.


Grand Harvest Square Daily Event

What kind of trash clan forces your members to donate? If you truly enjoyed your clan you would donate out of your own free will. Regardless what you release, you must know that 50% of your playerbase has left due to bots and your unbelivable ignorance ncsoft ... such a great game ruined by such a crappy publisher. Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Half of my guild were like "fk it" and left.
Destroyer farm trains everywhere on EU. Them Chinese botters are real. cheap Blade & Soul Gold

Quit NA/EU for half a month and been playing china version by Tencent for half a month. No bots, no gold sellers, nothing. They can actually ban everything so even gold sellers didnt sell gold for china anymore. only Ncsoft version is full of bots and gold sellers (check Seagm, the site doesnt even sell gold on China). I wouldnt mind the china version as long as I can get translation.... I havent had much trouble with my link up to the game, seems pretty smooth... but no bots etc that would be great is the warlock nerfed there?

You should really be listening to the community. This update was far far to soon after the warlock was released. Give us some time please! Another thing bots. Bots. Everywhere bots. Mail system sucks, we "SHOULD" be able to mail to alts, but its "bugged". Also the soulstones plains, the lag is horrible, Blade and Soul Gold I cant even see the thing I'm killing, and then I die.. Please fix these things before the next mini update.. Please please give more time, and improve the gold.. Gold is everything in this game..

I keep stuff cos I need it, like soulstones and moonwater transformation stones, I keep them. Also I said "10gold +" 10gold is the minimum . . Just saying.. Grand Harvest Square Daily Event is a nightmare...So many people game client crash during or after event..Sometimes you dont lag.. sometimes you do and when you do, oh boy... lol... God help you.. sometimes even when you dont lag you just spontaneously crash..


Blade & Soul High quality outfit pouch transmute

I heard that a Vietnamese player was chat-blocked when he said "Is anyone from Vietnam?". I know Vietnam's reputations are bad but there are still people who are polite, who want to play in peace, like me. I had waited for more than 7 years to play BnS; we don't deserve that.  That's the last quest for now in our version. buy Blade and Soul Gold Next patch hopefully we will get to proceed to chapter 33.

yes we do "deserve" that. If someone answered to the question above, much of VNese players will begin to communicate in their foreign language, which disturb other ppl a lot (VNese players' behaviour in thousands of international games has been reported as suck for a long time). So why don't we found a guild for VNese players only, we'll correct members' behaviours ourselves and we'll only have conversations inside that guild, I mean, polite people. But fine, OK, we DO deserve that.

You know, ur High quality outfit pouch transmute is very misleading and should have a note on it that u have a chance of someone turning all those mats into 1 High quality fabric instead of the outfit pack.... are you aware of the issue that many players are being disconnected from server and game crash/close during load screens teleports and back to character selection lobby? I don't know if it's just me, but my game stalls. When I attack it delays and stalls.. Blade & Soul Gold is anyone else having the same problem?

I been playing it for about a month it's been fine.. It started after the update.. I'm assuming it's probably my internet. There was a huge accident nearby so it's probably what's causing it. I only posted this because I asked people in my faction.. and some said it's happening to them too. I would love to claim this, but haven't been able to even get the installer downloaded and I have been trying since January.


Blade & Soul Carlos Calatayud

The game is wonderful. its sad that NCwest lied to and deceived the playerbase who have waited years for the game. some of us have gone back to playing the Korean version, dealing with bots is better than bots, gold sellers, greifing, censorship, terrible voice overs, and 3 week content cycles at 45 in a level 50 game. Raymond Villanueva Blade & Soul Gold The Taiwanese version is in Taiwanese. SEA version needs to be in English with support of the other languages spoken.

Plus a server in Singapore would still help lower latency as it will be basically central of all of SEA and will help Oceania as well. Though a server in Australia and Singapore would be ideal. Anyway those petitions always are useless.

The goal is too far, i dont think there will be any SEA server soon. but i really wish they release it. its too painful playing fast paced game with 200-280ping. Buy Blade and Soul Gold Carlos Calatayud Maybe so but it is always worth a try.

NCsoft wouldn't make the same mistake as to have another sea server again seeing how l2sea ended! and neither will most others who played in that server.They aren't going to make a sea server if they aren't going to make any profit off of it.

lel ive just stopped playing this game.. have no time for blade and soul - this game won't give me a distinction in art and design at uni...  If your talking about art, bns has the best art style in any mmo. FFS, please ban all those stupid dg door exploiter. they're worse then bots, gold seller, afk, hacker, and master loot ninja.
i reported more then 100 player each day, and i still see them around and doing the exploit.i'm getting tired running the dg half-way, leaving an exploit group to a find a legit group and found i'm in another exploit group.


Blade and Soul warlock

Yes, already not so many ppl chatting like before to refresh the channel,.... And atleast a half of them are game service smile emoticon but they are nice people, once they saw u got problem in clan channel, they whispering for solution. Is there anything you can do with the Naryu Silver coins other then them being crafting materials Buy Blade and Soul Gold ? I have like 80 of the bloody things, Know you can trade Soulstones for coins

Some bug on my warlock missing quest from hajoon in jadestone and my hongmoon coin from my main not show on warlock,please help me. So in order to get the soul for +10 atk power we must first be able to beat Junghado?

Right now is 6.01am and i tried to find solution for 4909 error after i updated the game which that time is 10.04pm..most of us that cant login might still looking for fix/solution..sad isnt it ? :') wasted hours just to fix its not what players job ^^ this what we deserve as a player? wasted time with fixing not playing :')  the thing is, not all players are experiencing this error and not "most of us". there are alot of players are playing the game..give them time regarding the error, or maybe it's not from their end..

trash game? lol! haha Blade & Soul Gold cause you can't play the game? hahahaha! nice one.. and let my premium membership rotted while they fixing the error for this week or next week or next month ? i also want to lvl up my chara..theres not few of us still cant login the game..theres many squint emoticon just because we cant login , then u guys who can login just laugh and doesnt understand what we feel..not even helping..i wish u get the error same like us so u will know how it feel.


Square is selling a previously FFXIV event exclusive item

I just wanted the hair style mostly lol. Though that look would be fitting for machinist. Too bad there isn't a matching weapon. I still got extra event items sitting in my retainer  been rocking the bandana since the begining. Thanks for bring the clothing back my new character dosent have the outfit. Not everyone as around for the events.. unfortunately my old account got hacked that had this stuff, and i haven't seen an event for it so yes id gladly pay to have the stuff again! Stop being FFXIV Gil inconsiderate..

It's not being inconsiderate. When you're around for an events and the rewards for it are advertised as being unavailable after the event ends, it's motivation to actually complete the event. A keepsake for your support of the game that you can show off to your friends and say, "Looks at this cool stuff Square puts in the game. Bet you want to play for what comes next?" Your account got hacked? Ok, that sucks. Square should have restored the account with everything you had on it when you reported it. But for everyone else that completed it and still has access to it, I consider this a slap in the face.

I know it's not hard. I'm not angry at this news or her comment. I'm just disappointed that Square is selling a previously event exclusive item.  baby every single day Sqenix makes me want this more and more cheap FFXIV Gil . Use this code: VVZTQZ93 to get your free 14 days trial!!! register it on mog station!

This set of attire is designed for male characters.
* This item will be distributed to a single character on the selected account. this was written in MogStation , but idk if will be able of use that "attire".


Blade & Soul NA did a really Good Job on decreasing bots and spammers.

Sometimes it happened to me too, but it doesnt really bother me. Check task manager, end the launcher process if it's there. Then start again.

Close the game in the manager and open again... Bugs with software or network... We hit 2 million players! Thank you, and if you haven’t played yet it’s not too late. I must say Blade & Soul NA did a really Good Job on decreasing bots and spammers. Im just getting like two a day now. Maybe give BNS a month or two and all of spammers and bots gone.Blade and Soul Gold smile emoticon.

there are entire channels full of bots farming terrors at moonwater, why you think there are so many keys on the shop. the thing is you don′t see them, but they wont be gone.Same here. I dont stop sending spammers and bots to be banned Buy Blade and Soul Gold . Hopefully if everyone like 1/4 of 2M will report spammers and bots to BNS NA, this will probably come to an end. Think positive guys. We can do this.

Thanks B&S for Report and Block option. I simply use it to clear the chat, but at the same time enjoying doing it. Roughly 10 reports per login, hope soon there won't be any left. Yea that ill be awesome. I can do it all day with 10silver each bot you successfully reported and banned. Not bad after all. Come bots and make us rich. ^o^.

In areas where there is a crapload of people i even turn off "view players" this reduces a lot for me at least.. Not sure if youve tried it already, just trying to give some advice! smile emoticon (i bought a computer recently that should handle pretty much any game out there).


BnS team

If you can, try to find someone you know who has it and copy the whole folder and replace. Is anyone from the BnS team ever going to address the complaint from premium members that we're losing out on time that we've paid for because of all these server crashes and downtime? Would be nice to get some kind of response instead of the usual "we're working on it" or "that's not my department" BS.

What is wrong with that retarded launcher thou? E02018 during most of the patching process means Buy Blade and Soul Gold i have to sit here staring at an 8.5 Gb download. And now that i finished downloading, there's a random 85 bytes of 'repair files' that doesn't want to get downloaded. Sooooo when do i get to play this game?

I got same problem and untill now i cant log in to the game ,, please if u fix it can u tell me. Why is the game still buggy as heck, every time you guys have released an update, I cannot into the game. It worked all through headstart and the first week of the game. Then you started "fixing things" and now my client won't launch at all Cheap Blade & Soul Gold. From the 27th to the 29th, there were rendering problems, and now I don't even make it into game before it crashes.

Help me! when I evolveing a ring, i see a notice "An upgraded item cannot be restored once it is used as offering. Please input Use to use it as an offering" .plesse tell me, what's "Use"? thanks you so much! Blade & Soul the gold spammers are back in full force, took them much longer this time but they're back. Has anyone considered IP banning these losers?


pay to win blade and soul

Because many young players thrive on the "pay to win"- model of play- where in that they decide that spending actual money in an attempt to benefit in a virtual world has become the new norm as opposed to skill chasing and just doing the "get good" part of the game. Their hope is to go into the game one step above the next, realistically this doesn't work as often as these players would hope.

It's really sad that because of things like these, the game will eventually die slowly Blade and Soul Gold .The gameplay is great Blade and Soul Buy Gold .There is no better mmo with fighting mechanics, at least now that i know of.They should sort things like that fast, or many people will leave the game in a month or so.

Chinese: "Pay and win, you know how it works!"

Taiwan: "It has bots everywhere and you might not understand our language. Come and hangout anyway we don´t mind!"

West release: "After all this time with our fans support and dedication from everyone to localize this game we are proud to announce that.... we learned a few things from Trion and.... ITS CASH WHALES TIMEEEEE!!!" There not gonna make profit they stated that they don't have a base of operation there so it will cost more to get one started then they will make from the game. ay NCSoft has TRIED an Oceanic server before and it was a massive WASTE. The population kept flocking to the NA servers and complaining because their Oceanic server was dead. You're not going to get one so there's no use in bombarding them with this again and again.


lack of Blade and Soul PvE/PvP and RP extensions next to server names

 Could you guys there do something about the lack of PvE/PvP and RP extensions next to server names please. As you will find players of these play types don't generally like to mingle with each other.  I have a friend that has a laptop i3 5th gen 2.0 ghz with 4gb ram, and 2gb intel HD graphics 5500, windows 10...will she run the game Blade and Soul Gold ??? with low settings of course.. download link shows only 215.55mb(how come soo small)and when finished nothing to update olso as i know the server still not runinnn yet kiki emoticon..some said its 8gb++..

Max you'll play with decent fps is low. Even then you will max hit 40-50 fps. Ram/CPU/Graphics card are all waaaay too low to play on medium. yeah that's what I'm thinking, I'm just hoping the she can play it on low settings.. I had almost the same perfomerance on 1st beta week and it was terrible experience to play tbh. You can look up "Can i run this"? And select Blade n Soul (beta). If u want smooth performance must check the combat setting.

All low still lag when your Gpu overheat. well she run the game Heroes of Newerth with high graphics with no laggy..so I guess she can run this with low settings??? the download link shows only 215.55mb(how come soo small)and when finished nothing to update olso as i know the server still not runinnn yet kiki emoticon..some said its 8gb++.

Servers won't be up until the 19th or the 15th for those with founders packs. Blade & Buy Blade and Soul Gold ; Soul do you mind to have a torrent option to download the client?  Going to play it but I have a feeling it's going to fail and end up a dead mmo with hardly anyone playing. The hype for the game is gone because it should've been out two years ago. The founder's pack didn't sit to well for a lot of people because it's basically like buying a season pass. Buy to win is also not a very good thing.


BnS will be open beta in Jan 19

So this mean BnS will be open beta in Jan 19 or just only be close beta?  This is the date for the full release. Closed beta has already ended and there was never an open beta. And this will be F2P for everyone? Whooo ! Wow some people just dont listen or are too lazy to log into the bns site.

 I downloaded Closed beta is it possible to update it when you launch the game or I will have ti download it again?  Read what the page says. We have to unistall the CBT client and download the OBT client. launch guide=get a founder pack for early access. What about GTX 900 amd above. Did u fix the fps problems Blade & Buy Blade and Soul Gold ; Soul.

I hav the same problem before with my GTX 980 on windows 10. I read some forums and they told me to switch back to windows 7. I did and solved my problem on crashing and fps problem. This is just my experience I dont know if it will work on your computer. try searching on some forums regarding BNS on windows 10. I know it will run on windows 10 but there are a lot of bugs to be fixed and BNSNA might take quite a bit of time fixing and releasing patches.

Download link for new client not available...But it says we can start downloading it already.. My goal is to be max level before official launch. 15 for people that have bought the founders pack, 19 for the rest Buy Blade and Soul Gold . 20~22h from 1 to 45 if you know how to powerlevel and leveled characters before.  That's more like a 4 day headstart but I'll take it. 10 more days and counting. Excited!!