Blade & Soul feedbacks

At closed beta i did notice alot of things that felt a little off in my own opinion ofcourse. Now i dont know if some of these are already changed by now.
-As true fan just need to really express this feelings to comment.
As you always welcome constructive feedbacks. Sorry if message abit long. Wanted send it through Blade & Soul Gold PM. Hope take your time and read it. Reach and wish you the best.

Now i dont know if this just people getting used to because some already played chinese/Jap/Kor version that it makes them feel like more 'stick to the original' version kind of audio.

The thing is is there an option for people to switch on those audio ingame whenever they want or be option to use andaudio patch that sync and are consistent which ever audio patch you use? Be it english or other languages. Because having some of asian audio also seems to suits like game of martial arts inviroment true to its nature. Some can feel morerelated to those audio in scenes. BNS Gold Could also be 1 time payment option to unlock those audio which also gives some earning for those voice actors who worked hard to sync and implement voice acting through out the game. Just an opinion. Be it other language audio or not.

But when it comes to english audio. I really do hope you made it really good as both quality(voice acting) and feeling (situations in game) to avoid half-assed/rushed. Like some of the great animation(dragon ball etc. related to martial arts) dubbed but sound so good suited in the scenes. And then about english sub. Seeing some of it back then feelt like even fan english patch creator like anazami at


Blade and Soul character

You should have a email that's sent to the email you created your account with that has the location for the download. Robert Pack I check already, but didnt received it. Can u send me the link plz? My client is stuck on loading screen after character selection.. why? Not just you. Lots of people getting stuck on loading screens at 80% BNS Gold. It was a problem in alpha, too. Hopefully they can figure it out and fix it. gigs and a i7 damn dude over kill haha. Maybe it's your internet or anti virus. Because your comp is good. i sent in s support ticket a few min ago, i have 86.5 mbps download speed right now and still bad fps and im checking norton now to make sure its not like blocking anything.

would really like to have a key to start playing to see Buy Blade and Soul Gold if i want to purchase a founders pack please  I would say it's worth it to buy a founders pack. I went and got the masters one because I am a alt-oholic and wanted te rest of the goodies but honestly it's not needed.  I would say it's worth it to buy a founders pack. I went and got the masters one because I am a alt-oholic and wanted te rest of the goodies but honestly it's not needed.  I think they are i think they are doing "waves" for who all gets codes I can be wrong. Yup they will be giving "waves of people" beta invites. If your not in it now hope you can get in next week.

 i am now using initiate pack, i liked the game but i dun wanna restart my character.. i wish to buy a master pack.. can i do so? any asian playing?? what is the ping to the server?? mind if anyone can help me check?? from singapore here.task manager -> performance -> resource monitor -> network -> tick BnS -> TCP connection -> latency(ms)

How come it takes 3-4 hours to connect to the server..? This beta is way too crowded! Isn't it sad when people have purchased a free to play title.. and yet can't even play, quite amusing.. how do i get my money back?  I have problems with the login. change the password but do not recognize the new password.try many times and I can not enter the game or page.


Blade & Soul good

Gon FM! Thanks! Finally the choice is not "little annoying thing" or "the hoe of the hood"! grin emoticon Now we got "The tough chick, which has no time for your bullpoo". Currently play FM during closed beta. So far I'm enjoying the class. Just wanted to know if possible to switch fire and ice. Players can choose which one they want as the main and the secondary. Make the character designs not so incredibly prepubescent and I may play again, that character creation is simply cringe worthy.  Although the membership package hello giremiyorum these games could not connect to the server, I get an error after entering my username and my password I am waiting for your help.

Yesterday was CBT2 which is now closed. You will have to wait for CBT3 which starts on Nov 24. If you are trying to connect to the beta server using a key from the last beta test, it will not work . You either need a new key, or have purchased a Founder's Pack.& BNS Gold; I have purchased the founder's pack..but cannot download it still. It refuses to install the game at all. It always stops working once it tries to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistribuate. I've purchased the founder pack... Do I need to redownload the client and everything or just patch it Blade and Soul Gold ? The game will be free to play when they will get a release date.

 I hope Blade and Soul Team reads this to fix the download.
When downloading the Beta. <There are NO PAUSE BUTTONS for the download>

Like my house has crappy internet so its a 8hr download. (In 2 cases, my brother turned off my laptop on accident at my half way mark, and i had to redownload back from 0%...) ADD A PAUSE BUTTON for DOWNLOADING! Blade and Soul Team. (I can only run this download at night time.... smh. (2hr to go currently before its done) Got a new beta key, which I applied, but it keeps saying "Failed to connect to server when I'm trying to launch the server. Just wanna get in and play with my friend Buy Blade and Soul Gold , who managed to get in somehow once you closed launcher or your internet d/c and you redownload, it's not from scratch. if you notice, the files size remaining less than before. I had mine finish in 3 days because i only download when i was sleeping so i had to stop downloading once i woke up since if not, my internet will be really slow when playing. I'll be getting on in 2 hours, are our characters reset from the last beta?  Progress is saved through the beta, but will be reset at launch. Blade & Soul good, because I'd like to reach possible cap and go through all the leveling questionaires.


Is Blade & Soul worth is i watched the anime on Hulu is it that great

Is this game worth is i watched the anime on Hulu is it that great ? Just enter to see the whole buncha of stupid questions. Yes that was way sooner than I was expecting I loved doing cbt 2 now I can't wait for full release literally in less than 2 months. I've been subscribed to the newsletter since around 2013, and I signed up for the beta as soon as I was emailed. Here I am, sitting two months before the full release, without a beta key in my email. That's ridiculous. As soon as I saw the pay-to-play post on facebook I knew I wouldn't be friends with the global devs. Finally. I gave up on the Chinese server because the English patch didn't translate side quests and I ended up behind in level. i see. what r the different of those server? game gonna reset anyway so i can switch there BNS Gold.

Your English is not OBT either. I just want to ask, ask! do you know the different from ask and asses? By your English style, I know who try to answer my question yesterday with the same way. I'm not good in English but I will try to fix my grammar as best as I can.
Buy Blade and Soul Gold

Buy BNS gold (gold for Blade and Soul) - guaranteed delivery for the service of BNS gold purchase on T. Closed betas are like this in any/every game. Closed beta is meant for testing the game, and reporting bugs, not for playing and keeping progress. The features of the Master Pack was not an early access pass for you to play, it had closed beta access and many other features you will get once the game begins. They had a closed beta access for the $25/$75 and the $125 founder packs...Not just the $125 pack. Learn to read before you buy.


both CR7 & LM10 will sweat before doing FIFA 16

Vardy needs an inform or you waiting to give him a record breaking card. Mesut is my boy but Vardy is doing a madness. Jamie vardy hands down. .and also jess lingard. i think mahrez will not shine next seaso his performance is limited till this season only. c bcz he scored goal and created many chances. What Vardy has done so far is sometihing both CR7 & LM10 will sweat before doing... The dude is oncourse for a record. Özil because he's almost averaging two assists a game. FIFA 16 coins In my opinion that's world class. Also I'm a Liverpool supporter so I'm not being biased towards Özil. Özil: the most intelligent player in Europe.

Got to say A, Vardy as a striker as really done well considering not being in professional football that long, incredible player. The fact that their is two Leicester players here is unbelievable! I'm an Arsenal özil has been class but probably mahrez goals cheap Aion Kinah and assists. Mahrez because most of the goals vardy scored came from mahrez he got some mad assists. Gomis' 24 offsides is clearly the most impressive state. I'd give it to James vardy is being a real goal predator . Jamie vardy then mahrez then ozil.Vardy has also got assists so overall hes been in more goals Then its mahrez.

Vardy and Mahrez because we all know what Ozil can do A just has to be cuz of his past in the lower leagues. Vardy, he do all for his Liecester. He played with his heart . Might aswell add in the Leicester manager for getting the very best out of these two! A , because if you heard the story about vardy then you will be surprised. A/ Purley because just shows u dont need to be worth Millions to break records. Ozil is the heart of they arsenal team. Vardy and Mahrez have both been class. A, and being a man u fan a dnt wnt him to brake the record ahaha but what a player.


Buy Cheap FFXIV Gils

 I may sound crazy to alot of fans of xiv, but I found the overall experience of xi much less tedious and more enjoyable than xivs grind fest for tomes and gear. The memories will last longer than Buy Cheap FFXIV Gils any drop will /sappytruth. Michael i 100% agree it's sad that people want instant gratification and it ruined these kind of games for me. The community in XI was one of - if not THE best gaming communities I've ever been a part of. So many people always willing to lend a hand and much more patience than anyone in any other game has ever had. I haven't played for a couple of years but I miss it dearly - even recreated my Taru in XIV because I couldn't let go.

Steph Turner, I made my character look pretty much the same as well, I'm still hoping they'll add the haircut she had. This makes me all nostalgic. I actually met my partner in XI, among a bunch of other people from all around FFXIV Gils the world that I try to visit as often as I can. However, as nostalgic as I might be, early XI was incredibly unforgiving, and I would never have the time today to get anywhere in that game.  I do wish there was an option to get primarily grouped up with people from your own server in duty finder, since party finder doesn't seem to be very popular.

I am one of those people, i really tried to play xi but i missed out on its prime, didn't really have the money to pay for the sub continually and had lower then average dial up speeds.  Lucie could be right. It might just be because it was of an earlier time. Both for the genre and us the players. Oddly enough though, the closest thing I got to the same experience I heard was in LoTRO in its prime. Which is also post-WoW, incidentally. It might be something with the franchise. Both Final Fantasy and Lord of the Rings I think naturally attract people who are into the lore and the world itself.

Lucie you didn't happen to play on Caitsith? Sounds like a few friends of mine from back in the day. for people who had the time to spend 5 hours trying to get half a level at 20 it was a blast. looking back at the game now while i have things to do, it wouldnt be so fun waiting an hour to get a group or not being able to do any of the content without getting run through it by higher level guildies.


Final Fantasy and has Chocobos

I was not whining about not being the best. In fact I was one of the best. but my static fell apart and finding another one was difficult. and I know it is an MMO and your experience is different than mine. Or you have very few games to base what a proper community is based on. I have been playing mmo for 16 years. have seen many community and by far FFXIV Gil the most mature community was and will be LOTRO, Vanguard, and FFXI. FFXIV had good players, sure there were a few, but the elitist were boastful, loud and made sure to be seen everywhere they could be hence why I quit, I got tired of dealing with them, and the broken economy and red script failure.

Lmao wow look at everyone offended cause someone doesn't like the game. Maybe people like you are why he quit in the first place? It sure sounds like you guys are the assholes he's talking about lol. Sorry FFXIV, you lose out to Fallout 4 on that day. FF never lose its just you are one of the few ships following the "most popular crap of the moment" NOT THE BEST just must popular.

Yup, Fallout is just a passing fad. It doesn't have huge critical acclaim and a long standing legacy as one of the greatest franchises in video gaming. Not matter. If a lot of fans like Fallout 3, then it was best game. I don't care if they never play 1 and 2. If fans love it, then it's the best. If a lot of fans preordered Fallout 4, and rated 5-stars for it then it's the best.   I love when losers type 4 paragraphs of crap. Noone reads that... It's called knowing how to write and building an argument that actually makes sense/can be taken seriously. Different from yours.  Just because it's named Final Fantasy and has Chocobos and Moogles doesn't mean Buy FFXIV Gil it's the best ever. I'll agree that the devs did a fantastic job on 2.0 and the story is top notch, but let's be real...The content has gotten so predictable that you can anticipate what's coming in a patch before it even shows up. The time between patches is becoming longer and longer while the amount of content per patch is shrinking. Worse yet, they don't give enough to complete to justify the wait times between patches.

The open world is stale, the entire game can be played in a queue, and the same dungeon is mindlessly grinded for months before being replaced with a "new" shinier dungeon that drops a "new" shinier tomestone.Whatever innovation they had at 2.0 has been lost. The game is the same game that was released on Day 1 and has not grown at all. It appeals to new MMO players, but veterans who have been playing MMOs for years are tired of the same old crap.


GW2 Patch download

It'd be nice if we could start making GW2 Gold our Revenants, even if we couldn't play them till the expansion comes out Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold... You can already make your revenants and play with them. how big is the patch? just running in 100kbps connection. My patch is still downloading, but I heard that it's over 3GB for the full patch...  people with slow connections should probably take a nap while it downloads. My connection is 90meg and iv'e been downloading for about 10 mins now. only at 45%. Patch download rate roughly 1 meg. took me about 30 mins to do at 3mbps this morning.

I want Halloween but I also want to run in the jungle. Timing is horrible. Should have just launched HOT on the 1st. Unfortunately I do not have the will power to wait till the first which is why ya should have made us wait another week. You hurt my last feeling. I was saving that feeling in case I ever had a child and now I have no feelings left for my future kid. Geez thnx Obama. Is this HoT as well? Smart bringing them both out at once... squint emoticon

"Due to the weight of players, boxes surrounding the Golem Mark II have collapsed. Workers have carted their remnants away." WTB Faster Internet connection. 3000 ectos or best offer. (Only half joking. Glad I'm able to download this overnight!) hold the launch! i am not home yet !! Tyria needs me!!! As someone who hates change, the new launcher looks pretty decent. Omg I'm so excited!!!! I'm 57% done with the download! Wait.. So.. when is the EXPANSION out..? Wasn't it meant to be out like .. now? Sixteen minutes time! So many things, so little time, such bad pc.

I hope we don't get a repeat of "lost shores" this week when released. Fingers crossed. Please guild wars 2,give me one key,please,i don't have money for buy him this year...please,help me!! I'd be downloading it right now if my system HDD hadn't borked the other day. this install is taking for ever for me. quick question. When do we get the character slot if you pre purchase standard but been registered since beta?


GW2 Matthew Masinelli Agreed

William Goff I'm not disagreeing with you - I think the whole thing wasn't well planned from the start. But in the end they _did_ try to fix the situation. Refunds were offered to those Cheap GW2 Gold who paid before they made the changes, bonus slots were given to veterans. I think after the community's toxicity towards their decisions, whether planned from the beginning or otherwise, they still made amends. And, although I can't speak for all, the majority of the veteran community (and many of the new players just entering the game) are content with their solutions and I feel the game is heading in a good direction.

Matthew Masinelli Agreed. I've been a customer of ArenaNet, Inc. since 2006. Very few complaints. I've been around playing GW2 since launch, but unfortunately for this time i wont be joining HoT 'cause currency exchange rate is waaaaay to high.  where is the countdown timer Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold?? Try to lower the prices and give something significant for the old players and maybe the sales will be better!  I don't find it fine. And last time o checked I'm allowed to have my own opinion as well. A weak argument, you're entitled to your opinion, and to defend it. I'm also entitled to disagree with your opinion. In a day where loads of new games charge in excess of £49.99 for their games, especially on console, £34.99 is reasonable. Standard Edition price is fine, don't be so cheap.

Of course the sales will be better if the price is lowered, that would be the case with most products - but if ArenaNet had a hard time selling their expansion for $50 they would have already lowered it by now. I can't wait.. and I also can't wait to see how well the expansion does..
and I also can't wait to see what comes after the expansion..
and I also cant cantha cantha can cantha cantha can cantha canth.


Craft gather level extra classes

Dont get too excited, 2months of gameplay then you will be back standing in town with your thumb up your asses like normal. I dunno, I'm so far behind, I think if I start again now Buy FFXIV Gil , I'll still have plenty to do after the next two patches. 2 months of gameplay is being generous wink emoticon Probably more like 2 days. Depends, if you havnt cleared alexander savage 4 thats still a goal. I gotta get back in this game, I've missed so much!! All the cool kids are still playing it. ! Ill be back soon enough. smile emoticon I love the game and all the new content is crazy.  I haven't had as much time to play recently so you'll probably catch up to me pretty fast FFXIV Gils . Then you can carry me through the new end game content .

He he yes will do ha ha idk though I havent played in a year I have a ways to go. Ha yeah it took me forever to level cap after the expansion. But I only played like an hour s day. I believe, let me know when you start back up. It will give me a reason to do the older content.  Craft while you wait and make money. There is plenty to do between patches. Like helping new people who just joined. Not everyone wants to spend all day crafting and doing favors. It's not a lot of content for $15/month. Delay another 3 months so I can play fallout 4, thanks. Yay more female inspired clothing to make my character look like a drag queen.... sick of the female looking gear yaaaaawn. So much salt lol no one cares about your Whiney asses. Ppl cry nothing to do yet let's look at the A4s clear rate lol.

 I'm on A2s, and we raid three times a week..still isn't enough to do every day...Just the same 2 dungeons over and over forever. Craft, gather, level extra classes, I'm always able to find things. Dude I'm done leveling. It's been months with no content. Well 3-4 weeks isn't a long wait. After all the work the devs put in this game a few months isn't asking a lot. They needed that vaca.

I'm 60 on my main PLD FFXIV

Been done in game already...go do your dark knight quest. I main DRK, I know... just a more exciting prospect than Derplander. You could also argue that our clone in the DRK quest line was just our darker thoughts given form, not really a separate person like WoD supposedly is. That would be freakin sweet. Warriors of Darkness were in Final Fantasy 3 Buy Cheap FFXIV Gils and were literally just counter opposite you, they fight to shroud everything in darkness you fight for the light of the world, You guys just keep on delivering!! Amazing. Thank you! Welp time to renew my sub. Homework is getting boring anyway.

 Yes Square, I know you very specifically checked to make sure that *I* specifically had cancelled my subscription before deciding to announce this update. You don't have to deny it!!111111 RUDE. Lol they want you regret it..than to re-subscribe and never leave again!!! haha. Uh...we knew about this stuff for 2 months . Colter Cole who is this "we"? i can't believe we didn't notify me of this. we had one job,  i just came back a few weeks ago and i heard this patch was coming out when i came back lol. Colter Cole We should have sent a letter, an email, and at least 5 phone calls and text messages to everyone to let them know. We isn't doing his/her job right clearly. Beth Ford you mean to say that you knew all this time and you didn't even think to FFXIV Gils tell me about it? come on, beth. this is clearly vital information you were keeping from me. D;I just bought this game days ago... im still thinking about continue playing... I stopped at level 59 then taken King on destiny dropped, might need to start this back up.  I'm 60 on my main PLD, I'm 58.5 on my DRK, which now I'm tending toward making this one my new main bec I love the skills sets and animations.. the grinding is what makes people who have limited time to spend to lazy their way out, and I understand them.

My EX-Guild leader has all jobs including crafters and gatherers to 60, so it's doable, having the freedom to spend our time in the game.


FIFA 16 from the Playstation for PS4

Any issues for fifa 15 now..till yesterday i cant play in my android..showing update avial..i try to upday from play store there is no update ..please help me. Yes Same Here I guess without Updating the game wont open play fifa 16 Android FIFA 16 coins or else EA is indirectly telling ua to ditch 15 and download 16 . But ea 16 i cant download in my android.. its avail in ebox only .this is realy rediculs bro..i almost 97% acheived all challenges...why there doing like this .  Bro i have same problem you have any answer about update or wait 16. Mohammed Fawzi no idea bro..i go to ea help but automated reply 9nly. 22 September Fifa 16  is gone launch for android and i guess our players will be reset dont update Fifa 15 just download Fifa 16.

Aditya Bangera but what happend our fup15 squad?..just two days before i bougt cr7 and messi. You will get them back if u login ! I just hope it happens! I have 87 rating 100 Chemistry squad My 6 months of Hardwork. Aditya Bangera in fifa16 login ur telling?..am squad having 88 rating and 100 chem...all top rated barca and real man players in my squad withof my 8 month hardwork. Ahah yeah I want to go get it! Just when haha. Haha maybe how much is the access ?. Dunno like 4:99 or something a month, but game comes out Thursday. Yeah could go midnight release even though I start at . Ahaha yeah could do, and when has that ever stopped us haha. Fifa 16 android FIFA 16 PC Coins , release date?

how long until the iphone ut come out. Hello, when will be available for iPhone #FIFA16 ?? Guys with preorders get it on wendsday. Open Preload amkkkk. When someone gets their game in North America can you check to see if the Russian Commentary option is available. Still can't find the answer to this question anywhere. Im sorry WHEN HAS MESSI DONE A RAINBOW FLICK. Good morning ! I pre-ordered the FIFA 16 from the Playstation for PS4, may I ask if you know when to start coming down because he wrote that this automatic download starts 09 . 15 . 21 but nothing . . . Thanks !


Savage Blade Rage of Halone

GL on your new character! The story is amazing! Don't skip any cutscenes! And if I may make a recommendation and switch the audio to the Japanese voices, because the English voice acting kinda took me out of it. They spoke too slow and it was weird . Good thing i mark my priorities but since DPS don't freaking see them for some unknown reason ufff oh cheap FFXIV gil well anywho go go kev smile emoticon you can do it.

DRK tank here and i know the hard work of a tank when dps decide let's all attack one different from the tank  FFXIV gil  (NOT fun!) thank god for unleash... Tanking as a paladin is a little tricky at your level, Kevin, but flash is your best friend, don't be scared to use it.

You'll receive a stance change skill called Shield Oath at 35 (or maybe 40? Can't remember.) And that makes PLD tanking easy days! What most people are saying, at those levels all the way til you unlock pld and get sword oath, its alot better and easier to rely on using flash alot, and just use fast blade > riot blade to get mp back yo use more flashes for 3 or more mobs, 2 or less just rely on the normal hate rotation. Once you hit 40 pld for shield oath it gets easier, but rely on flash more. Things like Savage Blade and Rage of Halone have an additional effect where they increase enmity, so the general idea is to combo them. Attack your target with Fast Blade > Savage Blade > Rage of Halone.  it's a funny choice of name but a lot of people missed that when they first started haha.

But at the start of an encounter with multiple enemies, like in a dungeon for example, it's best to use flash once or twice, then you can start with the 'Fast blade combo'.


FFXIV ps2 devkits

I thought this was a great idea untill I read it will be released in japan only FFXIV Gils but they want NA to help submit screen shots for it. Server merge and free to Play for ffxiv members. I would probably be much faster to come back if it were F2p for 14 members. Thats what i hate of SE, they cant even offer a discount to motivate old players to come back. Merge big yes!!! Free to play....no thanks.....(mules mules...

Need to label some servers na or jp. Unless its jp prime time on Odin anyway there's only about 550 people online. 90ish of them bazaaring in upper jeuno alone. Would be nice to see 1500+ online in na hours. Another server merge would be awesome imo. Oorrrr how about they keep 360 support and drop ps2 and port it to ps3 and put out the game as a digital download on each ones market place and they might bring back buy cheap FFXIV Gil alot more of their members cause lets face it we all know ps2 support is whats kills this game.

Only way I'd come back is no monthly fee. They already did drop PS2 support. And they aren't gonna port it to PS3 when they've already announced that they're not doing anymore new content once the current expansion is finished later this year. Also, a lot of people don't seem to realize that them "dropping support" for PS2 and 360 doesn't mean you can't play it on those systems anymore. It just means if you have some sort of problem when playing on those systems, they aren't going to help you with it. Also game is over 10 years old and build on ps2 devkits. They cant simply port it but have to redo the code which basically cost same as a new game. I would support a name change, long-term graphics upgrade project, and same game. Maybe just Final Fantasy Online and merging XI and XIV. It would be a multi-year project, but it could be configured while the other two games continue to receive their regular updates.

I would love to just drop in but I cant even get past the playonline screen... better start updating now so you can login by then. Love it makes being in the military a little easier being able to bring a little piece of home with me.


FFXIV Mathew Stallard

The a1 rage is hella funny. I honestly see eliteism in ffxiv is just having a static. So hard to find a group id want to hang around that can raid. Ramsey George that is true buy FFXIV Gil... I was helping my friend static out yesterday and their dynamic was very different, in a bad way. Comparing to my static, that group got angry a lot, they yell at each other a lot, it was very tense and made me feel uncomfortable. I wouldnt have enjoyed it if I was cheap FFXIV Gil in that static.

A good static is hard to find, but not only in terms of skills, but also group dynamic and personalities, without one or the other, the group will end in failure. I just left a static because we (they) were taking 40 minutes to clear A1 and wiping to trash in A2 3 times in a row. :') I just love having to use HG on trash because I haven't received a heal in like 5s! I have heard a lot of horror stories like yours Mathew Stallard. Best case scenario is they listen to your criticism and get better, others become defensive and want to wipe again and again to hold onto their pride.

Using last night as an example again, I took aggro in Ravana Ex during seeing left/right phrase. The tank yelled at me for not watching my aggro, we told him to use flash during that phrase but instead he insisted that it's solely my fault. While my tank from my own static has no problem keeping aggro during the same phrase even if I go ham.

If a static is not working out, its best to leave and one that fits your style better, I wish you luck! I Don't have much time to play, or read about about new content in detail. I always do eventually, but with the little time I do have...I would rather actually play the game than read about it.

I work full time, I'm a mom, and I teach yoga on the side. I literally dream of having several days of nothing to do, just so I can catch up on this game. But that is not reality.

There is nothing wrong with elitists. Many have been a great help to me. The problem is the elitist assholes who look down at folks who may not have the time to play often, or for whatever reason, can't achieve the skills someone else has.


FFXIV Log system

FFXIV   Seven, Personal Log system
Within the sub-hunting log, crafting log, gathering log, every job has its own log, such as hunting log you finish LEVEL3 of swordsmen, and turn into magic can also redo (play the blame will be slightly different)
1.hunting log
At the edge of the map, the name of the same offense flag signal wave shows that the monster is in your hunting log, and you have not brush enough to see the brush on the right

10 can unlock LEVLE2 of LOG (provided that the LEVEL1 the all clear a), 20 LEVEL3
2.crafting log
According to log the contents of each kind of production once even completed, each 5 one level, as long as the clear finish to the next level of things, no class levels to unlock, this is a different place and a hunting log

Production occupation required to do things a lot of raw materials can be purchased in professional associations, while some need to be synthesized by the base material available. Finally, there is a special kind of consumer goods --crystal crystal, this thing with different attributes, each do one thing must consume a certain amount of crystal, consumption is very large.
The main way to get Crystal: 1. Acquisition professional collectors 2. 3. Daguai task was (1.0 Major Output Crystal Method, seemingly version 2.0 Daguai the crystal is very small ... not too much attention or not ??)
3.gathering log
Nothing to say, according to the things inside to adopt it. . . .
It is worth mentioning that the production and acquisition of occupation also has its own supporting equipment, not your arms get a correspond directly open out OK, that may be the beginning of further lines, the latter would be more uncomfortable.
Production Department of Occupational focus on property control
Department of Occupational focus on property acquisition gathering


Microsoft wanted players to pay their subscription fee

It's not exactly the cross-platform thing. They were fine with it on XI, the real problem was Microsoft wanted players to pay their subscription fee through Xbox Live for a flat fee (and require Xbox Live on top of the XIV sub), and Square didn't want to give up their two-tiered subscription plan FFXIV Gils

Microsoft wanted more money and to control the sub services, Square a said no because sub services FFXIV Gils were to be the same on every platform. The only thing I've heard is cross-platform yoshida Never brought up the payments , I don't believe you had to pay for live to play xi and Microsoft recently opened up cross platform with windows so it may come out soon now. It really depends on if Microsoft will let the game run on a third parties network now. Its cus of the restrictions on the xbox live system, why square said this wouldn't work with this mmo. no idea, :< but yes i dont see it coming to xbox anytime soon. it wouldn't be possible to let the game play cross with xbox and just pc gamers because the pc is already cross with ps3/ps4. so it's let xbox player play with all 3 or not at all. and how old is final fantasy 11 lmao. ms changed the policy so Xbox can not play cross with ps3 ps4. but wanted it for just Xbox and PC and like i said that would not be possible because the ps3 and 4 already share same servers as PC. so they either let Xbox share servers or don't have to game. Might look nice next to my postie moogle and my white and black Mage chocobos.

Lucky you.. I want that post moogle. Their no longer available. I want the standard one now but it's constantly sold out. Just Pre-ordered the Emerald one! Did you pay for it now or was it like heavensward where they charged you later on? You will be charged for it a few days before it's shipped out. At least that's what my confirmation E-mail said.


ffxiv rediculous jobs

Ffxiv is a disappointment. This game is still fucking awesome. You can't really say it's a disappointment if you haven't played through the storylines. Heavensward story and zones blew Chains of Promathia away. LMFAO really? The MMO that actually brought SE back to life... give me a break.. what a stupid comment. FFXIV is fun but I had more fun with FFXI back in the day. After they stop releasing content for FFXI it would be nice if they just bundled it into the standard FFXIV sub so I could play cheap FFXIV gil both. A Vita port would be awesome but I know it will never happen.

I used to love holding Lu Shang's rod tight in my grasp for hours on end... Please make it free to play after initial purchase. Elder scrolls online did and that's what i will be playing until then.  Buy a PC and quit complaining. Another person in the world that bitches... Confederate flag this, American flag that. Blacks whites. Stfu.. Why reply  FFXIV gil if your not gonna enjoy and play. You are actually bitching about somone else bitching, which in itself is both ironic and rediculous. Well done you. Good job you, get a PC or shut it. Plain and simple.  How do you assume i am typing now? Yes it is a PC... At no point have i said i do not own a PC, i just said i wanted to play on the x360... that is my choice, so quite why you are trying to be insulting is beyond me... especially when you talk about your flags etc... pots and kettles.

You do know I'm just screwing around right? I'm an avid 360 player and am also not thrilled of their choice. But all good things eventually come to an end. No offense, but I'm too busy enjoying Heavensward to come back. Hopefully someday they will bundle FFXI into the standard sub of FFXIV so I can play both. Maybe after the content ends. ffxiv jobs make me want to puke when i play them :X. FFXIV smn = wtf?


FFXIV in-game collection

Don't invest in this game! you will never be able to get through the log in, "Lobby server connection has encountered an error!" With AFK players you will never even get actual play time! how long untill the server's come back up eu ? The real plushes would look so good cheap FFXIV gil  in my collection! I will be buying both as soon as they are available!  What's with Jolteon and Vaporeon? i actually want the plushie! and the minion! That's a not so subtle reference towards Kirby's Squeak Squad. If the jewel on their head lights up everytime you cuddle them...then you got yourself a deal.

Carby's Squeak Squad? Did they steal that from the game title "Kirby's Squeak Squad|"? Yay! I wonder if they come as a set  buy FFXIV gil ??

And how was that lala summoning two minions at once?? those carbuncles in the picture aren't real. I think theyre actually in-game plushies or something... I think. Real carbuncles glow and jump, but these look totally stagnant. They are minions. They are just vanity pets. Anyone can have one but the only way to get one is to by a real carbuncle plush from square enix store. I wanna know how he has two summoned at once as well! Minions are currently only available one at a time. I know they aren't real carbuncles. When you order the plushies you get an in-game carbuncle plushie minion. My question stemmed from the fact that you can't have more than one minion summoned at a time.

Borderline copyright infringement blog title? I like it! My god.. I MUST HAVE *throws money at screen* ..kicks boyfriend out've the bed with all the plushies xD.  Final Fantasy VII - The Ever Green Video Game.