transfer Pink items between our own characters

Can we get the mgrap fixes please
It certainly would be cool to have some of the new early 2015 reworks. I think a lot of people are wanting those.
Yes male grappler DFO gold there under rated class and they could us there rework the kdnf got they are a good
 class just mana is an issue and so is there damage it's a bit lacking ATM I'm afraid I think the rework would really help
 us Juggernauts
Hello NeoPle, is there not anyway to transfer Pink items between our own characters? I dropped the unique lightsaber
 from the boss on Ghent outskirt with my thief and it is untradeable. I would have loved to at least give it to my future
Question, i use the "Mecha Tau" in dungeon and i kill my friend 3 times XD, is supposed that to happen?? 
And i use all my gold in the legacy pots now i m poor priest and no legacy items. And Ty for the good work and game
I'm live right now for day 2 of the 6 days I will be streaming for Nepal I will be streaming till 8:00 EST. come and
 enjoy I will be playing the games that made me...
Uncheck your "Deny"s in your edited .etc file and you should be good.
Your DNF_AHK file sounds interesting, buy DFO gold AHK is considered as a third party program isn't it?
 Also, are you playing from an ip banned country?
How long does it take for the player request? It takes quite a while.
Well at least it ain't a year,but ya like Bastien said.. ask the community. They are a pretty decent group overall


DFO gold buying

well...that probably explains why. yesterday i seen some people saying i been hacked and all their items and gold have dissappeared. welp..sorry to those players but...you shoulda never bought gold, there are many ways to make lota of money in dfo "lots" but also. good morning everybody! Not everyone that got hacked, bought gold. There was a mention of a password list from another game, that was used to hack into accounts in DFO.
 DFO Gold
Buying Gold is stupid. I'd rather make it myself and actually have fun with making it myself, I've never buy Dungeon Fighter Gold and I'm never going to.

Yes please can you answer that? This tool does not impact the game right? Just enable players to play with gamepads to enjoy the game even more. you realize the game itself has natural gamepad support though correct, so xpadder is really just unecessary space on your hard drive.


how to level dragooin in FFXIV

Those feels. Why did it make me relive the most heart-wrenching part of the ending in higher quality graphics?  Interesting, not one mention of the Scions in this trailer. I guess they're story explained would be a much bigger spoiler.&FFXIV Gil; I'm glad Dragoons are finally getting some kind of story arc. I need for that soloist in the beginning of the video to do better, though.

 I never put mine down. I started as dragoon, and dragoon has been my main the whole time. Though I do also play paladin, and leveling warrior. I also intend to level dark knight as soon as the game goes live. I started as a goon but buy FFXIV Gil soon realised that they had a bad stigma when I started getting insta-kicked at the start of hard mode primals (back when they were hard) so I picked up bard. since then dragoons have been buffed a lot, but I've not spent much time since then playing a dragoon.

I think I am gonna go back to dragoon and get to a lvl60 meta build before I even consider the new classes.

Why? I mean, are Dragoons getting any special buff/ability compared to other jobs just beacuse they are featured on the opening movie?


FFXI comes back

Sort of but we dont kno for sure but he did use enfire on his sword in that small clip so im hoping an keepin fingers crossed.  With how FF14 is set up, I don't see how Red Mage would fit to buy FFXIV Gil.
It would be a easy solo class to get from 1-50.

But what of endgame? Surely, people would want a Paladin or Warrior over a Red mage. People would groan at the sight of a Red Mage being primary healer instead of a Scholar or White Mage since their heals couldn't compare. Really the only thing going for them in endgame is just to act as dps.If they are going to add a Red Mage FFXIV Gil... they'll probably do the same thing they did to Bard.Archer, gave it 4 songs.. slapped the name on it and there you go.

 If you read the interview, he hinted that red mage is coming next.  THF was in, but they sold it and renamed it Rogue. Plays a ton like it until you unlock NIN at level 30. I do agree that RDM and BLU should be in the game. I don't think we'll ever see red mage in the game... at least not the way it was played and used in FFXI. I loved them back in FFXI. But who knows, maybe they will finally, one day, release dual-purpose class just like a Red Mage was, (Dps/Healer, acting more like a "support" class than a pure healer or pure dps class, just like I was expecting the DRK to be tank/dps and not just tank  .. Who knows, it might change for the best someday !


Heavensward opening movie

Letter from the Producer LIVE XX airs Saturday FFXIV Gil (3:30a (PDT) / 6:30a (EDT)/10:30 (GMT)! See the world premiere of Heavensward opening movie and more!

I need to know more about Astrologians!   so is that 11:30 UK? it mentions GMT but we're now in BST so dont know if thats an error or if the time is really meant to be GMT...my brain hurts. What are they announcing ?

Showing expansion movie maybe talk about new jobs maybe some new abilities (i hope) Going to show Drgs new LB and Heavensward content.  all the jobs are getting a new animation for their T3 limit break. Same effect, different animation. And the Dragoon LB preview is in a couple days I think they said.

Getting up early on a Saturday......... i can try  for Australians thats in 12 hours so 830pm sydney time.   Its better to buy FFXIV Gil wait at least 2 years or more to play. This game lack of content sucks and having to wait 3 months for a 2-3 hour content update is killing this game.


hate DFO FP system

Gear is still a factor in arena a lvl 1 char will have roughly 33% the stats of someone at lvl 25 and 15% of someones stats at lvl 70. It's so that people can get a good grasp of a class by 35 and they don't feel discouraged to buy DFO Gold PVP when they're 15 and get destroyed.

No but I want to play with my friends. The rest of it doesn't have to be open. Just an informal thing. Please don't ever change the game because of the radicals that hate the FP system DFO Gold. Please continue to do what you think ( and most likely will know ) is best for the game. I trust you guys to make this game work, and it will.

Honestly, no harm done. Even though you've quit DFO, you still took the announcement better than some of these other FP haters. Much respect.

 I personally like the Fatigue system, because it doesn't make me just sit on the game 24/7. Keep up the great work!


Long live DFO

I actually have a few friends that I met on DFO. There are so many people that I would never have in my life if not for this game. I even got my Dad to play this. This game is good. Long live DFO.

I'm Lv. 67 and I take so long to burn all of my FP.
Newcomers will come to understand later on FP takes a while to burn. they have to get to 55 first then learn grinding smaller ghent maps takes time. DFO itself has used this system in every version since its creation. The only reason we had the blitz system was due to Nexon, and that ultimately destroyed the game. I'm not a huge fan of the system either, but I'm not entirely against it. If this was a game breaker for you DFO Gold, it should have been a game breaker for you awhile ago

Thank you for making this announcement. Now I can stop making posts letting people know that it's been clarified that Fatigue is here to stay. lol. Several of us can finally stop posting it. Good train of thought, make the game less appealing for new players when it's already prone to failure. after 10 days of FP i will say : i like it to buy Dungeon Fighter Gold. and i was the first to scream about it.


DFO xp version is available

 Is it not a problem with your version of internet explorer actually? Because it should work now with your fucking xp. you guys act like changing your computer's os is super easy, not everyone has a machine thats super strong or up to date, xp is what I have to work with, if they don't wanna support it, then they should say that; otherwise fix this bullshit cause nobody uses ie DFO Gold, its gonna be discontinued anyway! Maybe it will stay that way too. We already have enough complainers in the game as it is.

it has nothing to do with the OS. its because of IE. I don't think ANYONE supports XP anymore. Even Microsoft dropped support last April. Windows XP release date is from 2001, Windows 7 is from 2009... You should really get an update. Neople actually added XP to the list of things that DFO supports. lol. Sadly, some people still have trouble getting some cooperation from it all.

 I'm betting you're getting the black launcher screen of death whenever you try to start it, so click the client after it's fully loaded and hit tab about five times so you get the entire log in screen, try to log in and if it crashes without bringing up the anti-hack goblin then the problem is either not enough RAM or your processors holding you back buy DFO Gold. Will 2x exp be available all day all weekend? last times were hard on us European players.


more people should work for DFO

I am actually not conerned about the initial release. That's doing fine, save for some grammer errors I saw (a personal thing) and a temporary mishap concerning changing classes. The positions I want them to hire, are community advisors and bug fixers, so that when they add new content, it is perfect before they go public. Also has the benefit of being always useful.

I can't really say that it's "bitching". But rather, it's an expression of concern for the 10 employees that were designated to work on this project. Even if keeping a game running is easier than initially launching it, I'd assume it's a lot of work for as few as 10 people, especially for an MMO. I agree that some extra hands should be hired for the job, so that the team may have an easier time handling this project.

Although it is only beta, i really dont think ten people is enough for this huge mmo. It's very easy to say "go get 20 more employees!". The implications of that are so gigantic I wouldn't even know where to buy DFO Gold and begin. Even one single implication would be the workload during release will of course be by far the most taxing period for the staff, but as things stabilize there may not be a need for so many extra employees, each of which needs a realistic payroll along with DFO Gold other benefits.


love Dragon Quest

Never actually tried this series. Is it any good, or any specific way it stands out from other jrpg? Yes can't wait love Dragon Quest, my favorite RPG hands down. Way better then Final fantasy or Chrono Trigger!!! Awesome news!!! Soooooo happy! Thank you s-e! Now star ocean the second story and ff7 and you'll be gods.& FFXIV Gil; I got excited but then I saw PS4. Are we not getting the PS3 version? What is this Sorcery?! Square bringing Dragon Quest to PURESUSTATION again?

I saw dragon quest and was excited. Sadly I am not excited for this game at all though.  I'd rather have it on Steam but at least I can use my PS4 for cheap FFXIV Gil something other than Netflix. Now we just need another Dragon Quest Heroes game *Cough* *Cough Rocket Slime 3 *Cough* Cough*

Great news, i will definitely have a look once its published in Germany  Just knew Dragon Quest VIII on PS 2 (yes, we didnt get that many DQ Games here...) and loved to see Yangus and Jessica beeing part of the game.