i didn't drop Barbarian

This is one of the reasons (probably the main one) i didn't drop Barb. Kudos to you, really.

I play this build with Revenge, though, with the 10% crit rune. While the proc rate isn't really incredible, when i'm at low crit ratio (45% with WOTB) it really helps me surviving. I'm in inferno act 1, playing mace 'n board. Nice gear.

What's about going with a high block chance shield + helm of command, though? Basically the items a melee barb would get  cheap d3 gold? Being as tanky as they are but being ranged? Max survivability?

Really ? That's wierd, You shouldn't getting hit often with this build so revenge shouldn't proc often enough. Have you tried Furious Charge with Dreadnought rune as a heal and a IFG ?

/e I can understand Revenge works for act 1, but for later acts you can't really tank as many hits so it's really not worth it. Hey, the shield gives you 1k + armor, which is the difference between getting D3 items for sale 1 shot or 2-3 shot. You can also get 10% crit from the shield, so if you get that and 100+ str you cut some of the DPS loss.

I don't understand why you even use a shield at all.  In what way is it even helping you survive more?  Does it have a lot of vitality?  I mean normally when i think of shield i think of revenge build diablo 3 account .  Why not just equip another 1H and just dps faster.

Also would you mind giving me a screenshot of all your gear pieces, I'd like to see the stats so I know where to follow.


lodestones were developed by the wizards tower

I agree about the lore not lining up with some of these. According to a recent quest the lodestones were developed by the wizards tower. I would think that the lodestones should only be in places where the wizards tower itself could access.

Lore-wise the inhabitants of certain locations might not want a lodestone. And the wizards tower people might have difficulty getting cheap runescape gold to other locations, as well, to install one.

In the past we used multiple quests to access the wide-ranging tele's (fairy ring quests)- can't you just create a range of quests, that match the extreme reward with some difficulty and lore?

What did I ever say about walking. I explicitly stated *regular teleports* are made useless by this.

It is not as if teleporting is being introduced to buy runescape account the game. We already have it. But now all the requirements for teleporting are being removed, and thats just silly.

I dont think people will be camping lodestones, how many people camp that ardougne/edgeville lever teleport in deep wildy? No one, excpet during peng hunting. And even if people would be camping that lodestone, maybe it will put some life to EOC pking


stat priority for barbarians

I would say that stat priority for barbarians is as follows:

Weapon DMG (probably best stat for all classes in Diablo III accounts, almost all abilities have their damage based on it) > % Chance to Block (best stat for shields) > % Life (depends what % it is of course, as an example I would say that you just NEED to have helm with socket as barbarian) > All Resistances (until caps for each act that I mentioned before) > Vitality=Strength (you need to balance those stats around so that you are able to both survive and kill stuff, if you have for example twice more vitality than strength then you are doing something wrong) > Fire resistance=Physical resistance > Armor > Attack Speed % > Life on Hit > Life regen.

Keep in mind that it is hard to state the definite stat priority. Everything depends on the build you chose and how you play. As an example, your life on hit will be useless if you don’t have decent amount of attack speed to buy Diablo 3 items. On the other hand, a lot of attack speed without some life on hit stat on your gear might prove to be a lot weaker.

I would say that you need at least 40k+ HP in later inferno acts (act 2 and above that is, you might be able to do the first act with 35k+ or something a bit lower). Once in act 3 and 4, you should have somewhere around 40-50k HP (maybe even more, up to 60k - if you stack more vitality along with % life).

As for damage, as I said before - stacking ONLY defensive stats and buying items with only Diablo 3 account buy vitality on them is bad. You need some STR (it also gives armor!) and you need some DMG. In act 1, something like 5k damage should be enough but later on if you will be below 8-9k dmg, then you will be having problems for sure. You need to have AT LEAST 8-9k damage for act 2 and 3, preferably more. So if  you see that your target is simply not dying, try to get a new weapon with more dps or even replace some vit with str (or even play around with your build and replace some defensive ability with offensive one).

Also remember, that having some life on hit is nice and helps a lot. It is sometimes better to lose 100 DPS on your weapon at a cost of getting 200-300 life on hit stat. I would say that for acts from II to IV you will need somewhere around 500-1k life on hit. If you can't get your hands on weapon with loh then try to buy some rings or amulets with it (decent weapons with life on hit tend to get really, really expensive).

At this moment in time, % AS is undoubtedly the best DPS stat for all classes (especially barbs that are stacking LOH). If you stack attack speed on every possible piece of gear, your dps increases like mad. So why not stack it? Well... because it will get nerfed to the ground soon (it was already confirmed by Blizzard in one of blue posts). It is insanely OP indeed... for now. I suggest getting % AS just on your neck and one ring. Focus on str/vit/+all resists on other pieces of gear. That way you will avoid DRs once patch hits.


wait for a fully orchestrated RS3

A good thing in your opinion. Personally, I don't want to interact with random players because I have no choice in the matter so, for me, it's a bad thing.

Anyway ----- this is, in fact, a very good idea to compensate for an original bit of poor aforethought and will doubtless save a lot of time and hassle. I wanna to say something at the Jagex Mods, why is my artical at working, where i was stuned, its not fair again, i say what i think is to buy runescape accounts, and you stunned me, and now to the update,it s not bad the idea.

Well, this thread/fc is a real good idea, like the fact that pieces can't be traded for money, and that only 2 Djinn lamps can be rubbed. And it is somehow related to Al Kharid lore so... not bad for a SOF update.

Mandatory: still, you're basically selling XP again... ;) I hope you make good use of this money and can't wait for a fully orchestrated RS3. I was in the chat for about an hour and a half last night on rs gold buy my personal account and it was nearly full - so nice to see it being used! I was just really pleased to see everyone helping each other get the pieces they need. Warmed this old J-Mod's heart, so it did.

Well, it was a good idea.

Perhaps you guys should make a more general FC like 'Tradezone' or something very *general* like that. This way next time you guys do a similar event like this, you could just refer people to the same place? And people will know where to go based on prior events as well.


Char sheet dps is a very innacurate measurement

Secondly, the round numbers are no breakpoints (they might be situationally).
Consider this. I could reach 100k dps by stacking extreme amounts of AS but low weapon dmg, while you reach it by balancing your stats, or having high dps weapons. We have the same dps on single target, but you will one shot trash on mp1, while i won't.

Other example is low dps OH as a WW barb Diablo 3 account selling.

So there are many stat combinations to reach certain dps, and while its the same number on paper, its different in a real situation.

To the point – the goal of stacking dps stats should be to have enough dps to make your run smooth. Be it 1-shotting mobs, having high APS for buy Diablo 3 items breakpoints, being able to kill Kulle before enrage etc. Obviosuly MP plays a role here.

Char sheet dps is a very innacurate measurement for this, so don't hunt any dps stats just for the sake of dps, rather increase it for a reason and with a plan.
You have to put your gear to the test by doing your regular run and decide what is it that you need/want more of d3 gold.

Anyway, the biggest dps loss is dying.

If you like to be efficient, you cannot die. Kiting is also decreasing your dps output and so you can think of defenses as a form of dps to an extent. Therefor you have to keep your defenses high by stacking enough EHP.


I got more excited to see the Diablo 3

I got more excited to see the Diablo 3 font in your picture than any other content in your post.

I would pay through the nose for a HD collection of Diablo, Diablo 2/Diablo 2: LOD. Please make this happen Blizzard!

Make the game more dark and gritty, bring back some of the KEY FEATURES that made Diablo 2 so unique and great, and expand the loot pool a tad, I feel like there just aren't enough 'usable' legendaries, or no selection I should say. Everyone aims for the same cookie cutter specs/EQ . Hardly any room for character innovation considering you can't add sell Diablo 3 account your own stats as you level. Oh and release and expansion with a storyline that is better than something my 2 week old daughter could write.

 I'm sure the hate bandwagon really bothers Blizz while it sleeps on its pile of money and high review scores. The graphics are actually NOT what makes Diablo 1 and 2 fun games. Idiot.Just make a really outdated skill tree where you are forced to waste skill points and we'll be happy Diablo 3 account sale. DUUUUUUURRRRRRR! The skill tree isn't the problem. The itemization is.

Can i get in on this? I only keep Diablo 3 on my facebook friends list so I can throw a random insult Blizzards way every time they decide to remind me that this overhyped letdown of a game still gets talked about. Your game is invalid, who the hell had time for an argument!!!


I wear full dragon and with dragon claws in my runescape account

Alright, its one thing when you give away the lesser-wanted items to members each month... But when you release items that were ALREADY free items which have been redeemed by a majority of members, that's just not right.. I feel like I'm not being acknowledged as one of the many who got the items because I was a member during the sizzling summer. It feels like Jagex's motto is "Do our offer to get these limited time bonuses... Okay, we're releasing  runescape account the bonuses for free now so you really didn't have to do anything in the first place."
Does these animations work when I have the dragon claws equiped?
I wear full dragon and with dragon claws it looks like massive hands but with most animations it uses my normal hands. sell runescape accounts :(

The newest animation keep my dragon claws equiped and that really looks badass ^^
I would buy them if they keep my dragon claws equiped (makes skilling so much more fun)

This is SGS, not SOF

Go home caeser,you're drunk.


Defensive attributes analysis for D3

1, Block Value: after being hit in the role, depending on your level of block rate will determine whether or parry. If it is determined to block, then the system will determine the damage reduction, the last block value by subtracting the value of the damage has. For example, after you hit BOSS, by not parry when the hurt is ultimately 5000, assuming that your block value is 3706-4706 and the system randomly to a maximum value 4706 cheap D3 items, then the damage this time you are 294.

2, parry chance: parry parry chance naturally affect the probability of occurrence. This value is not affected character attributes, decided by the equipment and skills.

3, dodge chance: Dodge chance of being hit affect whether the role of judge. Monsters to fight over, the system according to your dodge chance, to determine whether you are hit, if judged not hit, which is dodge. Dodge chance by the property provides agility and articles, agile dodge the impact on the calculation method is slightly weird, is calculated according to the number of different magnitude:

0-100 agility every point within this range provides agile dodge chance is 0.1%;

100-500 agility every point within this range provides agile dodge chance is 0.025%;

500-1000 agile every point within this range provides agile dodge chance is 0.02%;

1000-8000 agile every point within this range provides agile dodge chance is 0.01%.

4, Damage Reduction: Damage reduction provided by the armor, for all damage reduction effects are. It is calculated: Armor reduce injury rate = Armor / (Armor +50 × enemy level), the panel displays the value of its enemies by injury level is your current access level.

5, physics, freezing cold, fire, electric shock, toxins, Arcane / sacred elements such as Resistance: Resistance to All where to buy Diablo 3 account Elements include physical resistance, resistant to the role of harm reduction algorithms are: resistance by injury rate = Resistance / ( Resist +5 * enemy level), the value of harm reduction methods with the same level of the panel properties enemy is your current level value. Influential intellectual confrontational, 1:00 the whole point of intelligence provided 0.1 Elemental Resistance    diablo 3 account sell.

6, the control field relief: often blame on the role of control skills, such as frozen, imprisonment, coma, deceleration, control field relief can reduce the duration of the skill. If you are on the front panel control field reduction is 25%, it is assumed that the original detention time is 2 seconds, and now it becomes a 2 × (1-25%) = 1.5 seconds.

7, Damage Reduction: This value is provided by the equipment, for example, there are certain equipment: Damage reduction 5% of the property described, then the algorithm and its role is to make Ranged Damage by 5%, the actual damage is caused by the original 95% diablo 3 gold.

8 Melee Damage Reduction: This value is similar with remote damage reduction, provided by the equipment directly to the melee damage for waiver.


How about some news on expansion of Diablo 3

 How about some news on expansion for pc

 I've had enough of this. You make fun of your own B movie writing... Good job D3 team. Removed.
Nerfing a game for the PC, just so you can pimp it out to console players. Only from Blizzavision. Blizzard games are getting to be just as bad as every other "Shovel It Out The Door" game company out  diablo 3 account sell there.
 Is it the same items on the same league that has been around for over a year? SUPER EXCITING!!!!

Luke Fowler Oh…you HAD to remind me of that bit in Act II.

David Potts I do honestly wish this game was better buy diablo 3 items .. I was so excited

Adrien Biggar diablo 3 is poo

Goran Lovrić never miss a chance to cmizz on blizz

Jimmy Viksten Hoping for a win

Carolanne Atwood sweet

Sádecký Marek they take money from PC gamers and now they try Console players!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Shomaker Corporate POS game.... And a year later they are still struggling to make up from its failure. I guess until the investors see the promised return on the RMAH the blizzard will keep diablo 3 accounts pushing this game.

Chris Bailey Now if Blizzard could make it where i did not have to buy the PS3 version and just use my SN form the Mac/PC version as a code on PSN to download the game.

Collin Page So what's the deal with the PS4 version? Separate purchase to the ps3 version?

Marius Lønstad Go home Diablo, you are drunk..

Jan Michael Ting Flop of the century!


D3 needs a Ladder system

difference bein this game needs rejuvinating already, now if I had my guess id say there will be a ladder but itl be a year or so after the expansion comes out.... because we'll get a reset of sorts from the expansion most likely at least in terms of having new items/classes in the economy then theyl input a ladder once that blows up... but they could use one already to tied people over till the expansion comes outfar too long from now diablo 3 account buy

because the droprates can be much higher in a ladder-system. i want a treasure hunt and not a flipping game. doubt that blizzard can fix itemization without a laddersystem... if bis items drop  Diablo 3 item in a "fair" manner the ah will be flooded after a certain amount of time...

800+ h without a single bis drop is frustrating... in d2 u could find stuff like sojs, highrunes (in the last days), ik armor... once or twice a week (3-4 hours of playtime a day)

No game based on an ever expanding economy will last forever without resets. In the case of MMOs, they get kind of a soft reset because of their expansions, new powerful items come out and all the old stuff is worthless, so the economy kinda refreshes itself a bit every now and then diablo 3 items buy.

In the case of Diablo, it's a bit more complicated, since its a loot based game, so it needs full resets to last for long, like D2. There's nothing new here to invent or new ideas to bring on the table, everything is there they just need to implement it.


Your Online Games Blogspot: Blizzard Entertainment news

Your Online Games Blogspot: Blizzard Entertainment news: World of Warcraft from Blizzard Entertainment to earn a lot of money at the same time, this game is also hidden in a giant developed over a...

Blizzard Entertainment news

World of Warcraft from Blizzard Entertainment to earn a lot of money at the same time, this game is also hidden in a giant developed over a period of time has not been announced massively multiplayer online (MMO) role-playing game. However, a series of related messages contact, GamesBeat (Venturebeat electronic games market annual event) realize Blizzard has decided press the reset button Diablo 3 account selling  .

This originally had 100 developers, code-named "Titan" of MMO games, cut 70 jobs, Blizzard employees will be transferred to these other jobs. Currently, the core team will re-start the development of the Titans diablo 3 accounts, and publish at least postponed to 2016.

We have confirmation from Blizzard, I hope they plan on the current situation Titans released an official explanation diablo3 item.

World of Warcraft Blizzard in recent years has brought about one billion revenue, tens of millions of players around the world. But the game in the first quarter of 2013 fell by 1.3 million users, currently just over 8 million. Contrast peak 12 million the number of users, number of users last year, about 10 million. A sharp decline in the number of users, which means Blizzard really should seriously consider as soon as possible to its new online games.


What does demon hunter lack in skills

lack of strong range of skills.

Demon Hunter does not bring much to the team's advantage, relying only hurt his early days, but now the situation is ...... Barbarian whirlwind with size as patron, anger enough to Garmaul ancestors Maul, resident eight fold panel hurt you ...... ah

Monks have a wide range of skills by injury, but also strongly against flu than savages, belonging to the group will bring a career. Cabalist fight against groups of the troupe frozen position, as well as by the cannon in Royal France blessing his teammates completely permanent 
sell diablo 3 account.

Bear shamans do have to push flow, coupled with enhanced fire 1.08 bat, even 10PP can in an instant spike monster. What are some Demon Hunter? Lost much of occupational injuries, the team gain even more of a joke.

Blizzard want to make Demon hunters using traps to attack the monster, rather than simply attack with bows and arrows, the idea right.

But you put all the Demon Hunter can only be made ​​with the trap output, I can only say, "You are not the head irrigation water is mud 
buy d3 items. "

Archer is the essence of Demon Hunter, without the bow and arrow can be called Demon Hunter Demon Hunter do? I think change is called sappers more practical.

So you saw a 1.08 strengthen bursts, and before the revision compared with the four-fold increase, but the Demon Hunter players need is this yet?

We are missing something you must know: "a strong range of skills." You might say bomb tied mallet or spiked traps, but the former is not enough power, the latter in front of other occupations also play 
diablo 3 account sale sand.

"You hate the player kite monster, but you can not close the output players are all confused, then melee and ranged differences lie"?

Vector design element is quite good, electric ball vector owned AOE effect at low PP were quite good, but in the high MP 
diablo3 accountit?

Injury to one is a flawed, monster blood of millions of difficulty watching you blow hit 10 million, the 20 universal see it? Can not see.


Community Commentary: Pics or It Didn't Happen

It appears the first thing I was doing in Diablo III was Searching for the archives of my beloved dude, Kulle in the Oasis, my most favorite, lush place. Here's a screen shot of a unique shaman demon, one of many shots of unique demons.
Blizzard do you not realize that screenshots are taken via 3RD PARTY SORFTWARE!

So why are you condoning the use of 3rd party software by mentioning this thread.

If you will not provide a list of approved 3rd party software but say we can't use it then tell us look at this thread that people use 3rd cheap diablo 3 gold party software to take screenshots about the game.......

Your actions defy all logic I do not care how cool the thread is but I do care about you guys sitting on the fence and putting your legs on either side all the while handing out bans only to those worth enough in your eyes buy d3 items.....

Sorry that is the first thing I thought when I read this topic. Diablo 3 items.. ANSWERS!

 I hate to be a downer but come on things like this anger me and just shows that blizzard feels like the rules they make for us are to be broken but will ban people for breaking the rules and not ban others for breaking the rules.

They remind me of a crooked cop busting kids for smoking weed then turning around and smoke's it himself.


I was a D3 hater

I was a D3 hater but I think slowly its getting better. When they release an expansion with a necro then it be worthy of the name Diablo.
I just simply don't understand ppl who complains about a game when it is released, of course the game includes bugs etc... that's why we get patches and so on, same thing with WoW, it got better and better with patches but these last expansions has just screwed the whole game. D3 is simply getting better and better all the time, just give it some time ffs. Haters gonna hate d3 account!

well i dont know about US servers ... the EU are pretty much DEAD .... last time when i was on , 2 weeks ago for few minutes, and logging in for few days str8 to actually see how many people are playing , there wasnt more than 30 people online, the EU forums is dead as well ....i think we have reached the point of people just ' don't care at all about blizzard games anymore ' , they failed hard.... for anyone who thinks this game needs expansion, he's wrong, because they need major fixing to this game to be done buy diablo 3 items, and than maybe add an  diablo 3 accounts for sale expansion... but knowing people, i bet 90% will buy expansion no matter what.I might buy SC2LoTV, and that secret MMO of their depending what will be, only time will tell.... but that mmo is not coming for another 5+ years AT LEAST ....so all in all, wow i still a nice milking cow  we could go on and on about fails for days about this company it makes no difference, people will buy their crap stories, awesome trailers and fail delivered products over and over again