Legendary Soulshield Stats Bugged in F2

 Can u pls Fix this damn DC suddenly when doing the fcking 24 man dng? Just Sonia, bns is bad for your health! MASS DC and cant event reconnect! fack this game, fvk this game very trash 100% pls delete ur game bitch. Data error hahaha! exploded! Server down again?? when will u fix this lag and D/C ?? come on ncsoft make this game good make people want to play it ill throw money at you . Fix your damn server... Or just shut it down! Is the game down again? why I always DC when I enter the portal? Cheap Blade and Soul Gold any solution? Any manual patch? I cant update through launcher..

why login page on client wont send verification code on my email? server still crashing_ soon very soon ppl can Log in. Were to buy load for blade and soul premiere items??? Looks like I'm not playing tonight.  Give us an Australia server please. indecent European servers! bye! dc server?....what happened bug? I couldnt connect to the server too!  the server its down Maria...bns i hope we get reward from this! Thats just perfect! i thought it was my net acting up but damn Blade and Soul Gold .... sigh .

i tought that 2...server is going so badly these days!...my pt failed on stage 5 turtle.. The entitlement is strong with this one.Make the game easy and you will have 3 millions back that kill the bots, even your Core abilities need grinding in this game INSANE! and stupid, people with money works.  how do you even, same times today it cached yet again hooow? Hi, in a future update can we get the option to be notified offline when people on our friends list log into the game? That would be great, thanks.

Can you guys fix the Legendary Soulshield Stats Bugged in F2? thanks. always dced at crucial times please fix this as soon as possible.  Rip servers lol hope the DC is better by tomo. Server maintenance? OMG no opem account. and after 40 minutes you can log in then 5 minutes dc again sigh. NCSOFT.



We have the codes/tokens, but we cannot obtain the outfits until after the EU Fan Fest . Really I didn't know that, what a annoyance. I just hope I can find out where to buy the live steam tickers for Tokyo and Frankfurt, cant find them anywhere.  They will announce it right before the fanfest, just like the american one. Don't expect anything until late january. Ah never knew that either lol when I got the email about the American fan fest the live tickets were already for sale Cheap FFXIV Gil . Must keep a look out then for the Tokyo on to as I gotta have lulu as well as yuna.

Well you'll eventually get them, but all this is is just excitement over something we will all go crazy about then eventually get bored of. Trust me, you can wait. To be fair, that wasn`t really surprising as they did the same with the mog outfit at the previous fanfest. Angela Johnson Oh I dont know about that, I tend to miss out of events like these due to myself forgetting about them. I didn't miss the first one but If I miss the other two I would be rather upset with myself. Can't run around in game dressed a Yuna without the little mini me following behind XD.

Hi mog is one my favorite characters in the whole series of final fantasy. No blackfriday deal? i hope you do a great blackfriday deal for new and old users , No blackfriday deal? i hope you do a great blackfriday deal for new and old users  *mortgages house for tickets, flights, hotel* ...nah. go catch the moogle xD there shall be no killing of the moogles lmao.

I want moogle slippers so bad!! Buy FFXIV Gil Moogle are so cute . Im having a problem downloading the patches to my PC, anyone have any info on that? I've tried looking up things on the web but still not working.
I know I've downloaded at least 3gb of 13 but each time I get that error, it resets the download back to 0gb/13gb and still says im downloading a patch from 5/26/2015.I've also been trying since Monday early afternoon to get this downloaded...and still isn't done.


Opening to FFVIII

I am not a fan of finale fantasy. Never have been. This one will be my first. I'm getting it causes it's an action rpg. I can't get into the point and click battles. As long as they continue the way this one is I'm in. you really limit the amount of fun you could be having with that shallow view.  I played all main final fantasy games and 7 will always be my favourite. And thats just due to the fact that the first FF you played will always have a special place in your heart. This really made me cry because all of the emotions presented in this video :') I understand what it really feels :')

Square, FFXV has leaked out in Peru, Buy FFXIV Gil just make the release date earlier now pls. Played Final Fantasy Tatics, FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX, FFX, FFXII, FFXIII and part 2. My most favorite of all time is part Seven and Tactics. Sophie Cho this is a part of me too. final fantasy is amazing. Amazing this is kinda inspiring. I suck at art but sometimes I wish I could go into the game development field. I need to eat like 47 donuts so I go into a diabetic coma. I feel like that would make this game come out faster.

Opening to FFVIII and that was 9yr old me hooked to the franchise. Loved them all minus the 3 I won't name on PS3 haha. Saw this on conan .. wow .. square soft really brings the level down after they released XI many years ago ..  Final fantasy x Tidus playing think it was blitz ball. I watched the original version and it almost made me cry! Cheap FFXIV Gil hahaha with this one i lost it! hahaha, This series represent so much to many of us that it's so touching and emotional to share and listen stories about it!. i have no doubt that FFXV will create new memories for all of us! I can't wait! cheers Square Enix :D XI days.

 I wish they interviewed us! My first time experiencing the series was watching you play FFVIII (and not getting a turn!) then deciding to start FFIX one night at Mudge St? And it all went from there!   Should of pre-ordered FF15 when it was first available! That's how I got the "Big Bang theme"  I also wanna know this too as well as if angler,gourmand,travel,and phtotography sets will be avail too. You can buy the season pass separately from either Best Buy or GameStop. You can buy the season pass separately from either Best Buy or GameStop . I think the hard copy personally just because of the steel book case and the classic ff cover art. I think the hard copy personally just because of the steel book case and the classic ff cover art..


Blade&Soul NCSOFT Pumpkin Carving Contest

Check out the winning entries for the NCSOFT Pumpkin Carving Contest!  Blade&Soul , Hi can i ask a favor mam/sir? Can you please send the (Schedule Maintenance date/time) here? Thank you!  Blade & Soul pls post in your facebook when ul have maintenance and when its finished thannks. Greetings! We have addressed this issue on our forums. Blade and Soul Gold Feel free to join the conversation there: Blade & Soul but just tell me, will bns get banned in uae? just say yes or no please!!!

Mohammed Rumaithi If you check that forum, a community manager have posted that UAE will not be banned. There is some kind of network issue which affected the logging in process. Hello admin,
I want to ask and want to give a little advice.I represent the Indonesian gamers are disappointed,because they can not play this game.My suggestion, why not bring this game to Indonesia.I think this game is so nice and fun to be played.thanks, maybe this is all I can say.

 LOL wtf dead hajoon afflicted by black lotus curse with gost fire above his head and surrounded by lotus blossoms... so good but so bad . Who is the sick guy who made that Hajoon? Omg, Buy Blade and Soul Gold my day its over now. that hajoon pumpkin was evil hajoon was b&s fans Glenn lmao. Who is the sick guy who made that Hajoon? Omg, my day its over now. Now server is up or not yet because it's have different time zone HELP!!Read the damn letter cricket, I need to die here. im new here, i just download the game few hours ago n i cant wait to play di s game :D, carry me master.

Blade & Soul are you guys gonna do christmas events like halloween this year? hi goodmorning, still maintenance? it says "Login Failed. Please try again in a few minutes. (42)" same message since yesterday. Sorry, can smb help me? I've been hacked and they chanched my email on NCsoft, and I can't log in. Where I shoul write to recover my account?